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Gifts that NO RVer wants this Christmas

This is the absolute reverse of a Christmas wish list. It’s a list featuring “please don’t buy me this” items. You have a couple of weeks to circulate this list before Christmas. So, without further delay, here are the gifts no RVer wants this Christmas.

Solafeet foot tanner

Photo credit: SkyMall

What is the Solafeet Foot Tanner?! At first glance I thought, “I’d love to have toasty feet in the RV during the coldest months of winter.” But after looking into this product, I realized that it’s not meant to warm your feet. It tans them. Eh, no thank you. I’ll just keep my flip-flop-striped feet near my portable heater if it’s all the same to you. (Not to mention that the FDA has some serious warnings about this product.)

Essential oil diffuser

You can control this essential oil diffuser with your phone! However, I still don’t want it. Besides taking up valuable space in our RV, I’m afraid the essential oil scents would quickly overwhelm our rig. Do you agree?

S’mores maker

I’m all for convenience, but really? This s’mores maker has terrific reviews, but still. I’m not sure it would hold together as we bounce down some of the highways we travel on in our RV. Plus, haven’t these people heard of a campfire?

Portable golf club cleaner

I admit I’m not a golfer, but I still think this should be on the “please don’t buy me this” list. This golf club cleaner comes with a free towel. Couldn’t you just use the towel to clean off the club? Or maybe use a rag of your own and save twenty bucks?

Talking toilet paper roll dispenser

I understand that it might be funny to record a message or your own musical rendition of “Jingle Bells” on this unique device. But who would hear it? We rarely welcome fellow RVers in to use our loo and I’m pretty sure my husband would quickly tire of this. Just give me the $18 cash instead.

Grass-topped flip flops

Okaaay. But why not just step outside your RV door instead? Not to mention these look a little ridiculous

OCD cutting board

If you’re the person who must have everything “just so,” this OCD cutting board may not make your “please don’t buy me this” list. For everyone else, “You’re welcome.”

Personalized BBQ branding iron

What could possibly go wrong with this personalized BBQ branding iron? I’m worried that I might bite down on a dislodged letter and be forced to leave the BBQ to find a dentist!

Can you add anything to my “please don’t buy me this” list? Do so in the comments below.



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MJ Dorn
1 month ago

Thank you for making me laugh out loud. I love the OCD cutting board. Happy Holidays!

1 month ago

Not that I want the portable golf club washer & towel, but many courses I’ve been to have those already at every tee right along with the ball washer.

Carol Clyde
1 month ago

Beware of the essential oils diffuser. Use with extreme care. The oils/chemicals can make your fur buddy/pet very sick or even kill them when inhaled. This can also happen with those plug-in air fresheners that automatically spray the fragrance.
The OCD cutting mat looks like the self-healing mat used by quilters/sewers, just relabeled.

Glenda Alexander
1 month ago

I would add to the list anything that goes on the wall. How much wall space do the “donors” think we have in an RV?

1 month ago

Very funny stuff- I just now have some items to give.

Val Catena
1 month ago

I’ve added the OCD cutting board to my wishlist! Next I’ll need a regular appointment with anxiety therapist because my eyesight is not good enough to stay within the lines! LOL

RV Staff
1 month ago
Reply to  Val Catena

😆 Good one, Val. Maybe some new glasses would be less expensive than a therapist? Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

Karen Green
1 month ago

I’m not showing my husband the turf flip flops, ’cause he’ll want those for sure.
But, we do carry a diffuser for essential oils. You can add healing oils for allergies, relaxing, oils, and scents to help cancel cooking odors, etc. It does not overwhelm the space and adds some humidity in dry areas and to counter heat and a/c dryness. We also can add citronella in the mix to chase the mosquitoes away!
I vote for a diffuser!

Larry Lucas
1 month ago

When we first started RV’ing several years ago, I told my wife there were two things that I NEVER wanted and those two still top my list today. First, I did not want, nor would ever use, one of those RV Map Decals that folks color-in the States they had traveled to. Secondly and most importantly, I did not want one of those Good Sam vests that some folks put patches, pins, refrigerator magnets and other miscellaneous useless stuff on. Nothing against all the folks who like one or both of these items, it’s just not for me nor my lifestyle…

Cookie P
1 month ago

I was expecting RV related gifts that RVers didn’t want.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cookie P

You never cut vegetables or go use the bathroom in your rv? 🙂

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