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Good luck finding a new portable generator anytime soon

If you are in the market for a new generator for your next camping trip, get in line.

Severe weather during the first few months of 2021 has caused a severe run on the sale of both whole-house and portable generators like those used in many RVs. A new report by an outfit called Fior Markets estimates that the global portable generator market, which was $1.8 billion in 2020, will grow to $3.04 billion by 2028.

In the U.S., it all started with the February ice storm in Texas that left 4.5 million households without power. That led to a nationwide generator shortage.

Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of generator manufacturer Generac, recently said, “We can’t make them fast enough, and we’re doing everything we can to supply more product in the market.” According to the company, demand for generators has been high since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Summer heat waves and the prospect of an active hurricane season is also driving up demand.

The best advice is to keep checking with your local box stores for portable generator units. You may get lucky.


Mike Gast
Mike Gast
Mike Gast was the vice president of Communications for Kampgrounds of America Inc. for 20 years before retiring in 2021. He also enjoyed a long newspaper career, working as a writer and editor at newspapers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, and Montana. He and his wife, Lori Lyon, now own and operate the Imi Ola Group marketing company, focusing on the outdoor industry.



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Richard Hughes (@guest_135565)
2 years ago

Costco has generators on sale now.

Dr. Michael (@guest_135515)
2 years ago

If you are in the market for a new generator for your next camping trip, get in line

Seriously? I hope you are referring to the check-out line because we have them stacked to the celling at Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply, Sam’s, and even Ace Hardware.
May I suggest a little research before publishing.

Tom Horn (@guest_135442)
2 years ago

Mostly Misinformation. I can buy all the gens I want today at a decent price in central US

Ron Barbour (@guest_135440)
2 years ago

Menards had a bunch sitting on the floor last week.

Chris Mead (@guest_135395)
2 years ago

I have mine in my RV but with all the deemphasis by the govt in a stable grid (I.e.) new capacity is nonexistent, I wouldn’t be caught without a generator.

Ray (@guest_135336)
2 years ago

OK, so a lot of people bought a generator. They ought to do a piece on what else needs to happen in order to effectively use that generator in the event of a power failure of long duration. A generator looks pretty just sitting there, but it doesn’t mean squat if you are not prepared to use it and use it correctly.

Tom Horn (@guest_135443)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ray

You got that right

H Goff (@guest_135303)
2 years ago

This is just a journalistic scare piece. I just got on Amazon and every Champion generator they list is ready to ship – no unavailable units. Great going!

Last edited 2 years ago by H Goff
Roger V (@guest_135329)
2 years ago
Reply to  H Goff

Maybe that tell us something about Champion Generators! I’ll stick with my 3K watt Honda inverter gennie. Ive used it for 17 years now with not one hiccup. And the news about Generac home generators is true. We’ve had one on contract for 3 months now and are being told it’ll finally arrive and be installed in November – a 7 month backlog.

H Goff (@guest_135456)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger V

Well we have a 3.4k champion w/wireless on/off and its worked great so far. I would have bought a Honda if they had wireless….

LER (@guest_135354)
2 years ago
Reply to  H Goff

Agree. The supply chain is experiencing some stress. Name your product and there is probably a delay.

chris (@guest_135355)
2 years ago
Reply to  H Goff

It’s likely the cheap loud ones are in short supply.

ReneeG (@guest_135399)
2 years ago
Reply to  H Goff

Not so. We just checked D&B and Sportsman’s Warehouse yesterday. They’re either out of Honda eu2200i or out of the Hondas with the 30amp outlet. In addition, we’re on a waiting list for an eu300i Handi.

Dan (@guest_135293)
2 years ago

We bought a 2200 watt Honda inverter generator about a month ago and just plain love it. It’s light-weight, quiet, and easy to start. As a plus, it will run the AC in our motor home from one of its 20 amp outlets, without a whimper. We’ve seen the number of nearby power failures around here increase, followed by reports of deteriorating grid issues, so we bought one just in case. It certainly won’t power our house, but it will keep the some appliances going and we won’t be sitting in the dark wondering when. I discovered an additional use for it, too. I put it and my electric hedge trimmer in a cart and pull it down a line of evergreens that have over grown in our front yard. Sure beats 500-600 feet of extension cord. And don’t think for minute I wouldn’t love to swap out our nasty green Belch-Fire Micro Quiet in our motor home for a lovely red truly quiet Honda. It cost about the same as our last repair of the Onan boat anchor.

ReneeG (@guest_135400)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dan

Honda’s are the best. Spendy, but worth the investment.

friz (@guest_135292)
2 years ago

“Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of generator manufacturer Generac” He may be churning like a stock broker pushing stocks. Over the weekend I have been at Lowes and Home Depot. Both had generators in the store. I am skeptical.

Roger V (@guest_135331)
2 years ago
Reply to  friz

There is no comparison between the low powered construction generators you see in Home Depot and a full scale automatic 11–14K Generac home generator. Apples to oranges. Our Generac is on contract now – takes 6 to 7 months to get one, but it’ll run our entire home including furnace, AC,…the works.

MrDisaster (@guest_135435)
2 years ago
Reply to  friz

Most retailers probably have large numbers of generators in their warehouses. They have to be ready for demand during the hurricane season. The manufacturers might not be able to resupply them timely.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_135288)
2 years ago

Holy smoke! I never thought I’d be referring to my generators as “investment pieces”.

Bob p (@guest_135285)
2 years ago

I guess my SIL and I were lucky, we ordered Pulsar inverter 4500W generator through Walmart for $699 and got it in 8 days.

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