Should Camping World sell semi-automatic weapons?


First, no matter what your feelings about firearms — please understand that this story is not pro- or anti-gun. So please keep your comments civil. Those that are not will be deleted immediately. Thank you.

By Chuck Woodbury
Last week, like many of you, I was horrified to learn of the terrible massacre on innocent people in New Zealand. The horrible crime was committed by a mentally ill man who used two semi-automatic weapons to mow down and kill 50 Muslims and wound dozens more who were praying in two Christchurch mosques.

I have spent time in New Zealand, I loved the people, and so perhaps feel a little more pain than others who have never visited.

Later that day, I picked up a week’s worth of mail, which included the 2019 Camping World Master catalog. As you may know, Camping World is owned by Good Sam Enterprises, which also owns the Good Sam Club. Even though I do not shop at Camping World, I enjoy paging through its catalogue to get ideas about what I might need for my RV.

A little background before proceeding
Good Sam Enterprises, which includes Camping World and the Good Sam Club, is run by CEO Marcus Lemonis, who I admit I do not admire. To me, he’s all about making money for himself, with little regard to the ethics of how he makes it.

Lemonis built Camping World on the mailing list of the Good Sam Club. If it were not for those members he would never have come to dominate the RV retail industry. He used you and me to build his business — “marketing tools” he once called us.

As he was building Camping World into a retailing giant — it now sells one out of five RVs in America — the Good Sam Club was marginalized to where it’s become little more than a Camping World discount club.

But what really struck me this time as I read the Camping World catalogue came on pages 212 and 213, where I was surprised to see semi-automatic weapons for sale. In addition, eight handguns and three SIG devices were offered, the latter of which serve, among other things, as silencers.

Should Camping World sell semi-automatic weapons?

This is Marcus Lemonis at work. I fully respect that he can sell whatever he wants at Camping World or his other stores (as long they are legal), including at his Gander Outdoors, where the firearms in the catalog are actually sold. But I do not believe that the business of the Good Sam Club, as many of us perceive it, should have anything, even remotely, to do with the selling of semi-automatic weapons. Recently, even Walmart stopped them.

My point here is not to discuss the pros and cons of guns or the right to bear arms, but to simply state that as a member of the Good Sam Club, I find it wrong that my membership is in any way supporting the sale of firearms. There are plenty of sporting goods stores and gun shops to do that. Good Sam via Marcus Lemonis, I believe, does not need to get into that business.

Again, your respectful, intelligent comments are invited. But no angry, hothead, name-calling stuff, please. But first, please take this brief survey. Do you agree or disagree with what I have written?


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We aren’t members of Good Sam and we don’t shop at Camping World but if they chose to sell firearms I don’t have a problem with it. There are over 22,000 laws (federal, state, county & city) regulating the sale, possession & use firearms and ammunition in this country. If Camping World wants to join that paperwork nightmare, more power to them.


as a member of the Good Sam Club, I find it wrong that my membership is in any way supporting the sale of firearms.

Simple: cancel your membership

Mark C McCabe

This week alone, the 5,000,000+ NRA members shot nobody. Many of these members enjoy RV’ing in addition to firearm sportsmanship and personal protection activities. My opinion is that if you do not like firearms or would like to repeal the second amendment (and possibly the first), simply ignore the catalog pages that show pictures of the guns for sale and concentrate on the remainder of the catalog. We all have the right to disregard and not participate in any activity we choose to. We do not have the right to prohibit others from selling legal products, or to prohibit customers… Read more »

Kevin in MN

You have perfectly framed all the reasons I support women’s right to safe, sanctioned abortion and family planning services. Those who don’t want one need not have one but others have no right to infringe upon a women’s decision about her body.


Kevin, This is a discussion about weapons. It is not yours to hijack for your personal opinions about something that is not related at all. BUT, since you brought it up I believe if you could ask the baby that is being MURDERED they would prefer to live.


Kevin, using your logic, if those innocent worshipers at the mosque didn’t want to be shot, they shouldn’t have attended their place of worship. Just like if an innocent baby didn’t want to be aborted the baby shouldn’t have chosen to be conceived. Think about it. Neither one of these arguments makes sense. Abortion is the taking of an innocent life.


Chuck, As much as you dislike Markus, I don’t understand why you are still a member of the Good Sam Club. Being a member you are condoning his business practice. I could care less what he sells or advertises in his magazine.

Dawn McCarthy

I would like to point out that the individual involved in the New Zealand Mosque massacre is in fact not insane. He is a terrorist with ties to neo Nazi and white supremacist movements. This was a well planned and orchestrated terrorist attack. To say he was crazy somehow lessens his culpability.


I come from a family of hunters and I firmly believe in the right to own guns. But that right, like ALL rights should be tempered by common sense. Not EVERYONE should have the right to own EVERY gun. But that isn’t even the question here. The question is whether Camping World can advertise guns? Clearly, they are entitled to do so. If they want to advertise sex toys, they can do that too! But customers are also entitled to express their dissatisfaction.

Mike C

As camping and outdoor activities such as hunting go hand in hand I see the rationale to do so. If anyone has problems with it then they should not buy these items and the owners may re-evaluate the feasibility and profitability of these items. I do not like people limiting my choice and forcing their beliefs on me. I understand they may a differing opinion but that is the beauty of our country- we can disagree but remain friends.

Michael S

Respectfully, you are a “member” of the Good Sam Club, not an owner or partner in the business.

You never explain why you believe “I do not believe that the business of the Good Sam Club, as many of us perceive it, should have anything, even remotely, to do with the selling of semi-automatic weapons.”

Why? They are legal. So, a business is selling a legal product to make money. Why shouldn’t they advertise them?

Please put that in your next newsletter.

Michael Dees

Well as a life time NRA member, I understand the “enthusiastic” and predictable defense of firearms in a forum like this comprised of many older and traditional folks like myself. I also understand how someone opposed to semi-auto firearms AND with a very strong (and justified) enmity to CW would find the combination due to the assumption of their irresponsibly alarming. In any case, I have to support their right although I personally would not do bussiness with them


Let up guys….. Its an article of Q’s and A’s. Food for thought!

Bill Harvey

I’m not a Camping World fan either. My wife and I have been camping for over 30 years and still love it.
I’m also a proud member of the NRA, and support the right of any honest citizen to own and carry arms, as we do when we travel.
Bill Harvey

Captn John

Chuck’s dislike of ML is really off the chart. I’m not a fan either but give him credit for being business minded. I’ve read nearly every comment here and find many are made by ill informed or those unable to comprehend. NO automatic guns are sold or legally held in this country without a very difficult to receive permit. Silencers fall under the same laws. I have a concealed carry permit valid in 36 states. I refrain from visiting the liberal enclaves where I’m not welcome as able to protect myself and family. I’ll even feel obligated to protect those… Read more »

TJ Ferrell

I don’t like it when people say someone doesn’t “need” something; it’s not your place to say what someone needs or doesn’t need. No one is forcing you to purchase a firearm.


I had an incident where, If I had not been armed and trained, My wife and I would have had to face dire consequences from several drunken individuals. I just thank God that I didn’t have to actually pull the trigger. I don’t miss and it would have been a lot of paperwork.


Geeee, a lot of folks are “fired up” about this gun sales article. I for one, can’t thank Mr. Lemonis enough for making it finally clear to me that a semi-automatic weapon belongs in any RV. Just like a refrigerator, a recliner and a crapper. Only the combination of a March 22, 2019 article titled “The RoVing Naturalist” ( ) and this CampingWorld Gun article made this crystal clear to me. Just like many other RVer’s, we’ve been fighting a loosing battle against mice, rats, squirrels, ants and other “intruders”. “Chemical weapons” were not always successful to fully eradicate… Read more »


You say that you don’t like Marcus Lemonis Yet you look thru the Camping World catalog. I’m sure you are picking and choosing what you like in the catalog. I don’t know why you should single out guns. You relate it to the shooting incident in New Zealand and do mention the the man was mentally ill. What does that have to do with us sane gun owners that like guns. Maybe we like looking at them in the catalog.

David Kiefer

You gotta be kidding !!!!


so which part of Glenn’s post strikes you as funny? go do a little research and you will see that he is right.


I was a little shocked to see your opinion. It appears to be anti-gun but if you say it isn’t, so be it. As an avid gun collector, I like seeing advertisements about all types of guns anywhere I can. It seems appropriate to see them in any catalogue regarding outdoorsy stuff, like camping. I say don’t look at the pagers that contain items you have no interest in. I don’t look at items that don’t intertest me and don’t complain about them being there either.


Gander Outdoors and Overtons are advertising in Camping World. You don’t buy these firearms from Camping World. I go to CW to look around. I buy from Amazon. PLEASE DON’T CALL A RIFLE, SHOTGUN OR HANDGUN A “WEAPON”. Weapons are for killing people. If you want to kill people join the military.

Solar Steve

Guns are the one thing designed to kill otherwise healthy living beings. They are destructive, even as a defense they do more harm than that which they defend against. Why are guns legal when other harms, like bomb materials are not?

jane shure

What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand???


apparently you have never been raped and wished there was some way to stop it.


Bomb Materials are legal, it is what you intend on doing with the materials that is not.

Mitchell R Hawks

You forgot abortions, one thing designed solely for the purpose of ending the life of a human being

Patti Lounsbury

I agree with you, Chuck and I also want to add, for those who don’t seem to get it, that what you wrote was an editorial. An opinion, with a request for responses that would also be opinions. That’s all kinda part of that Freedom of Speech thing, you know? Unfortunately it seems that many of those folks who disagree seem to get kind of aggressive at the very idea that someone could have an opinion different than their own. Me? Well, I don’t hunt or own guns but am okay with those who legally do either. However, I don’t… Read more »

Ed D.

You say that you are an advocate of free speech and then go on to say that you don’t wish to see guns in a CW catalog. It appears that you really do NOT believe in free speech, unless it is your own.

Edward Price

You spend a lot of your time complaining about the intrusiveness of government into your camping and RV hobby, yet you call for “censorship by extended association.” So I’ll ask you this; YOU are making this day’s bread promulgating a proposition that I have no desire to support. Thus, should I express myself by withdrawing my support from your publication?

Ralph Pnney

Hi Chuck, I’m wondering if you have ever spent time in the shooting sports, at least to the extent that would give you a basic understanding. I invite you to do so much f you have not to gain a better perspective. We have a people/mental health problem today, not a weapons problem. I’d venture to say only responsible, law abiding citizens and not criminals that would be purchasing through Gander Outdoors. These are not the people you need to be concerned with. If it ever turns out our paths cross, I would be happy to treat you to some… Read more »

Michael Wayne Priest

Chuck has gone silent!

Steve Lawrence

I believe the same as others stated; If you don’t like their business practices, shop elsewhere. I had that option when purchasing my RV last year. I saw through their deception and went to another dealer and was treated the way I wanted to be treated. That is how “we” can deal with businesses we do or don’t respect. I purchase my firearms the same way. I make my decision on what to purchase and then I find a dealer that provides the services I want. If a dealer goes out of business because the majority of consumers shop elsewhere,… Read more »

John & Mercedes

IMHO…Marcus Lemmons is a rat and a master manipulator! The name of this article should have been “How far will Marcus Lemmons go to save Camping World” This to me is so transparent and easy to see! You have to think like a rat…Marcus Lemmons needs to bring back those he told not to shop at his stores. I personally think that most will see right thru his latest con-job and it won’t work! I’m buying my weapons somewhere else 🙂


Why don’t you go camping down around the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona borders you might get two for one. Get your RV jacked and get shot. When the SHTF you will pay double to be parked next to a member of Family Trailer Trash Association.


RV Staff

Hey, Zippo. You asked last night to be “digitally removed.” I assumed you meant from our mailing list for newsletters. I couldn’t find you on our list of contacts, and explained how you can easily Unsubscribe. So, why are you still submitting comments if you don’t even want to receive our newsletters? (Unless I misunderstood your comment to “digitally remove” you, in which case I apologize.) —Diane at


Please digitally remove me also. This country had something happen Friday that proved it was a total waste of time, energy and was mentally exhausting.

RV Staff

I tried to “digitally remove” you, Zippo, but I can’t find you in our contacts. You can go to the bottom of the email notification you received for the newsletter and click on the Unsubscribe option. If that wasn’t what you were requesting, please let us know. (I couldn’t figure out what else you were talking about.) —Diane at


What happened Friday that so affected you?


True it is camping world and not hunting world. And for a select few camping and hunting go hand-in-hand. But for the most part I think people that camp or go rving, hunting is not a part of that perceived lifestyle. I have read that some rvers do keep loaded weapons in their RVs for protection.
so generally speaking, rvers maybe more likely to have weapons then a lot of us realize.
Personally I know that the owner of camping world is guilty of a lot of bad business practices and I hope that he gets what he deserves.

Ralph Pinney

Hi Kerry,
I agree that Marcus is a low life. The kind of person that makes you count your fingers after shaking hands.
The use of firearms goes way beyond hunting. As a full time RV’r my chance of a hunting opportunity are pretty slim. However, in nearly any medium to large city we stay near will provide multiple opportunities to practice and possibly engage in competitive shooting.


If you sit around the campfire at my Good Sam Chapter campout, probably 30% to 50% of the chapter members will be armed. Many RVers in any campground are armed, you just didn’t know it before now.

If that scares you, then you probably should sell your RV and lock yourself in your home.


This is absolutely true.


It seems that the editor of this newsletter has taken his genuine concern about a company’s practices and crossed over to where it has become a vendetta. The basic rule of capitalism says that a corporation should, and in fact must by law do that which provides maximum profits for the shareholders. If that means selling screwdrivers, hammers, widgets, or firearms, then that is what the management should sell.

If Camping World (Good Sam Enterprises) fails, the Good Sam Club will likely go down with them, I would hate to see that happen.

Angela Krause

So if Camping World wanted to legally sell OxyContin, it should because that would provide maximum profit for the shareholders? That argument makes no sense. When does common sense or morality enter the equation? Just because men can do something, doesn’t mean they should. Greed will be the downfall of this society.


Are you seriously implying that because I am an avid gun collector as my father and grandfather were, that we are immoral and have little or no common sense? I beg to differ.


Mr. Woodbury,

I know you wrote, “…please understand that this story is not pro- or anti-gun” But it seems a large percentage of those commenting interpret what you wrote as anti-gun

It’s not just those that disagree with you either. Many who agree with you seem to think you support their anti-gun views.

When an editorial draws praise from one side and condemnation from the other, maybe it’s not nearly as neutral as the writer intended.

michael suchinski

its not up to me to say who can sell guns and who cant. if you dont like it, dont be a member of sams club and stop buying at camping world.


Mr. Woodbury, I disagree with what you have written, and have no problem with Camping World having listed a sampling of semi-automatic firearms in their catalog. Marcus Lemonis, the CEO, RUNS these businesses. He RUNS these business to make money. As long as he is doing this within the bounds of the law, then more power to him. This is free enterprise at work. He has taken advantage of a medium available at little or no cost. His intent is to draw customers from one business who have a cross interest in another one. This is, from a business standpoint,… Read more »

Seann Fox

Well check taking your logic to the next step are they going to start banning alcohol how many people are killed by drunk drivers cirrhosis of the liver and other serious diseases like that from drinking so is that the next thing on the agenda is to who he drove drunk and killed five people we better been booze

Solar Steve

Neither alcohol or cars are designed to kill people, in fact there are great efforts to make them safer. Guns are designed and intended to kill.

jane shure

You are forgetting guns saves between 500000 to 2 million lives a year.


Where do you get those stats? We have the highest rate of gun related deaths in the world. Stat.( Except for war zones.)

Claud Addicott

Where do you get you stats, Keyman?

The U.S. isn’t even in the top ten:


Hypocrisy I believe; You kept stating that your post was neight pro nor anti gun yet you couldn’t resist inserting your personal belief as to where guns should and should not be sold. I truly despise Lemonis for what he and his henchmen (women) have done to the Good Sam Club, BUT it is his company and his company does include Gander Outdoors and they are an outdoors store and I don’t blame him for getting the most exposure out for a company he owns, case in point is Camping World itself. If just the mere thought of someone wanting… Read more »

Thomas Leahy

Sounds like we are finding you to be a real snowflake. Not what I expected. If more evidence appears I’ll unsubscribe. Suspect many thousands more will accompany me.

Mary Krager

Against Free Speech, Leahy? Someone who is against Joe Blow having a gun is NOT a “snowflake”.

Claud Addicott

Against Free Speech, Mary?

Chuck expressed his opinion, and Thomas expressed his opinion of that opinion. Sounds like free speech to me.

Richard Hubert

Chuck I agree with what you have written. But as others noted you ask 2 different questions – one on the last line of your article, and then another, totally different question in your survey immediately below it. You can understand the confusion. As for gun advertisements in Camping World sales flyers I find it a bit odd as am not, as I am not sure that RVers are the best target audience for those items. Each state has their own requirements for gun ownership, and it is much harder for traveling RVers to own and transport firearms – since… Read more »

marc duggins

Marcus owns it and makes his business decisions. You are free to take your business elsewhere if you dont like his business decisions. If enough customers do the same, he’ll make adjustments.
Your politics are obviously not his, or mine for that matter.


You ended the essay with the question: Do you agree or disagree with what I have written? I quickly clicked on “I have no problem with it at all” Then I noticed you changed the question in the actual survey. Fortunately you have a way for us to change our answer. I changed to “I don’t like it” This is something for you to consider in future polls to minimize the chance you might inadvertently skew the results. (political pollsters are good at that.) Now, where can I get those “see thru undies” for my wife? 🙂

Dennis Jones

Don’t fall for anti-2nd amendment BS. Stay with your excellent RV coverage


If you don’t want to buy one, move along. No harm or foul! You, anti-gun folks, want to get your britches in a wrinkle at everything. It is my rite given to me by the people that created this great country. And for the very same reason, that people like you want to push your ideas onto everyone else. Just like the King of Britain did to us way back then. Move along, little doggie. Nothing to see here!

Michael Wayne Priest

Thats your opinion and you own it,chuck! My opinion of you has gone down the tubes! Should not have made a stance against our 2nd ammendment! I will not subscribe to your newsletter after 10yrs of doing so. MAGA!

Dennis H Gregory

So, don’t shop there. Problems related to gun ownership are virtually never associated with “responsible” gun ownership. Go back and apply that word “responsible”, to every instance of a gun-related tragedy and you will find that an individual was not being so, in some manner; mentally disturbed, no trigger locks or gun safe, terrorist, etc. We will never hear about the thousands of lives saved every day by responsible gun ownership, because those stories don’t sell newspapers or compel you to watch TV. If you think taking guns away from “responsible” gun enthusiasts will keep them out of the hands… Read more »

Evans Givan

I certainly respect your right to your opinion. But I don’t subscribe to this newsletter about RV’s to hear or read your snowflake attitude about other subjects. So, go ahead and remove me, too.


I think everyone needs to keep in mind that Good Sam inc. recently bought Gander Mountain which you now see as Gander Outdoors, which was and is a full spectrum sporting goods store that sells guns. To me this is just a way to expand the reach for the sporting goods store. If you don’t like it, don’t look or go else where. Where as I have bought at Comping World, to me this is just expanding the ability of CW to provide a full range of products to a broad spectrum of customers. There are many campers who are… Read more »


Absolutely – Gander Mountain is, among other things, a hunters store. Although I am not sure why Good Sam would have bought it, that’s beside the point. Gander Mountain ads now relate to Good Sam and vice versa. I would posit that probably 85-90% of RVers are armed, just that some of them do not advertise that fact.


I never like being used by a business in a way my providing of information never intended.


I have been Shooting Semi Automatic weapons since I was 10 yrs old. I have taking safety lessons and have permitt to carry. If are appalled by people that enjoy a sport, and chose to protect themselves and their love ones, than you can call me what you like. But will never call me a unprepared victim. Futhermore name calling instead of posting a legitimate rebuttal says volume about your character.

Hapily Retired

Since when is it wrong to make a business decision that could result in increased funds? Isn’t that the purpose of any business ? CEO of Camping world is attempting to increase business by selling a legal item. Many of the items they sell, I feel, are not needed. What if they should attempt to sell Bibles of Korans should I be offended ?


Maybe they should change the name to “Yosemite Sam” like the cartoon character who always carried two six-shooters in his hands.

Don France

I agree with the point to ban assault & military grade semi-automatic weapons, period! There are (just like in Australia & NZ) exceptions, but they are precisely and clearly defined so as not to hobble specific cases that help deal with specific problems.


Can you please explain what ” assault & military grade semi-automatic weapons” are?


Please explain your definition of military grade semi automatic weapons – You look at the weapon and based on how it looks, it’s bad – right? Based on your philosophy we should ban sports cars because they kill more people because of the speed they go.

Bad people do bad things – regardless of the tool!


I use my AR-15 to hunt varmints. I want a fast shooting firearm so I don’t let a wounded critter get away. I keep it, and (almost) all of my firearms locked in a safe bolted to a concrete floor. I probably know more about firearms than 90% of the population and for sure more than 99% of the politicians. I don’t need the government telling me what kind of tool to use.

jane shure

You do not know the difference between an M 16 and a AR 15. There is a world of difference between the 2. I highly doubt you can define what an assault rifle is.


And just what are assault and military grade semi automatic weapons – real description vs your opinion?


Chuck, stick to RV related stuff or you’ll loose half of your readership. Stay out of the politically charged discussions!

Michael D.

I totally agree



Ken Hein

Personally I am not a fan of CW since the CEO decided to make political stance on who is not welcome in his stores. Thank God we have the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech protected by the 2nd Amendment! Bad people do horrible things with bombs, cars, trucks, knives, and a multitude of other tools and yes weapons. The criminal is responsible for their unconscionable behavior, the tool they choose to commit their crimes doesn’t change the fact that they should be held accountable for their crimes.


They also own gander outdoors that use to be gander mountain about a year ago and those last few pages were from gander outdoors

Mike Forsyth

Before Lemonis bought Gander mountain, they were a large retailer of weapons and accessories. When he folded Gander, he cut off a large supplier to the outdoorsman. I wouldn’t put anything past this opportunist.


They werent that big of a supplier, or they wouldnt have had to fold.

Robert Miller

I will not shop there anyway but it has nothing to do with the fire arms.

EG Willy

Everyone has a choice….to buy from an entity or not. If you don’t want or like guns or rifles, don’t visit that store or department that sells them. Avoid them. But those who want to condemn and confiscate all weapons need to mind their own business. You have no right to tell me what to do or buy, anymore than I have to harass you. For those that say purchasing a handgun in California is easy, have never bought one in this state. Go visit a gun store and find out what you have to do to walk out with… Read more »


I live in Alaska. I will not go into the woods without a firearm. I’ve owned firearms for 56 years and I have never shot anybody, but I’ve had to shoot two bears in self defense. One came into my tent at night. What would you have done?


She would have told him that this is a gun free zone, so you must just leave. I have no way to defend myself Mr. Bear (bad guy) so just leave me alone.

RV Staff

Jim, this reminds me of my mom’s reaction when I got a .357 Magnum S&W for self-protection at my 18 acres of remote mountain property that I share with black bears, mountain lions, etc. (Actually, they’re letting me enjoy their habitat occasionally.) Anyway, she saw my gun and, with a look of horror on her face, asked, “You’re not going to put bullets in it, are you?!” Uhh, no, Mom. I’ll just tell them to have a seat while I load my gun — as they’re charging at me. (BTW — I also have bear spray, and two 6’8″ sons… Read more »


Dang Diane, could I borrow one or both to help me pack out my Moose?

RV Staff

Sure, MikeJ. 😆 Yep, they’re pretty handy to have around. My Marine lives next door to me, and I feel very safe with him so close by. They’re my two big (well-armed) Teddy bears, but I feel safe with them nearby when we’re at our mountain property with the black bears, etc. I’m not quite the 6’2″ I used to be (gravity has taken its toll), but you should see the looks we get when we walk into a restaurant — me in between my two big “bodyguards”. (I used to feel tall, but not since they’ve grown up!) 😀… Read more »


Love this!

RV Staff

😀 Thanks, Magee. —Diane at

jane shure

I supposed she thinks he should put up a sign saying this is a bear free zone and expect the bear to read.


I used to live in Alaska and owned a 30-06 for bear protection. No one needs a semi-
Automatic weapon to kill a bear. The trouble with these semi-automatics is that an angry or mentally ill person can kill so many more people in a short amount of time.


My ‘Camp’ gun is a 12ga shotgun with an 18 ½ inch barrel. And yes, I sleep with it, and I get a good nights sleep.

Mary Krager

I don’t want to camp near anybody who has a gun, thinking it makes them so superior and powerful; pathetic.


Mary, When you pull into a CG, do you knock on doors of your RV neighbors asking if they are armed? You have no idea! You crack me up! Maybe, just maybe, you should think of selling your RV and stay in your sanctuary City as I bet you would be shocked at how many of your fellow campers are armed. I carry concealed and nobody knows. Even my own granddaughter didn’t know until one day I went into a bank and had to leave it in the car.

jane shure

I still remember the Oklahoma city bombing. If my memory serves me right more people died in that short moment than a gun could do.

jane shure

What rock have you live under? Semi auto guns has been around since the early 1900s. Do the math and you will find that is over 100 years. What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand.



John S

Will not renew my membership

B.K. Laius

Mr. Lemonis is doing a disservice to the good people who work for him. He is running two large corporations into the ground. Camping Wold Holdings stock is currently worth 75% less than it was in January of this year, and Gander Outdoors stores are struggling because they are not sending product to most stores in an effort to show a profit for his shareholders, who are currently suing Mr. Lemonis for fraud. All this while self promoting his tv show. He purchased Gander Mnt. and is slowly closing stores while he transfers his products (all brands are now Lemonis’… Read more »

Bill Mullinax

I see no reason a person would shop at Camping World to buy a weapon. A better option might be to close Camping World. It would end all the constant complaints about the lack of Customer Service they do not provide or care about. Having had numerous problems with Camping World, one lasting a year, I decided to move on. I use Colorado Custom Mobile Service out of Loveland, CO. They’re honest, dependable and have reasonable pricing. They do not waste any time during the work.

Steve Rushto

I Have owned many weapons in my life….both of my children are in law enforcement…I think they would say that until such time mental illness is recognized and treated, all of the laws regarding fireams will be useless…After 40 years of “The war on Drugs”, they are ever more present today than then.Society should realize that until criminals are truly punished with regard to their crimes, no change will be seen…Rational people(the huge majority)will not break the laws with weapons…


I agree with Steve, guns are part of our culture and not the cause of any crime. However, I am a veteran and my brother a retired police officer, my nephew a decorated detective, and we see no place for assault style weapons in civilian hands. In the fervor to “make money”, our legislators have let us down, allowing many mentally ill to acquire these weapons, while cutting budgets to help these folks. A combination of bad ideas resulting in needless death.


Bob, Does the “LOOK” of the weapon scare you that much? Please describe an “assault style weapon”
I love all this hoopla over the way a gun looks, does that make it any more dangerous?
I am sixty three years young, been handling guns for over fifty five of them, NEVER had nor heard of any gun hurting anyone no matter how “SCARY” THEY LOOK.
If you would, please tell me about the gun that hurt someone.


Are you kidding me? What are guns used for? I love to shoot for fun and competition. But assault rifles are really mean’t for hunting or target. They are for killing people!


According to Thomas Jefferson, (you might have heard of him) citizens need weapons to protect against their own government. We ousted the king’s men with the most advanced weapons of the time. If we someday must defend ourselves from an out of control government, we will again need the most advanced weapons.


Probably the very most important thing we need defense against.


Umm.. there is no such thing as a “silencer”. You are referring to a suppressor, right? Important to know the details of what you are writing about…


What’s next a “GUN Sam’s Club”?

Bob Brown

You are probably around more licensed concealed carry holders everywhere you go, than you would ever imagine. This is due to the fact that the majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens


As a fellow member of the most law – abiding demographic in the US, I too carry to protect, not to harm. Keep carryin’!


Very profound, non-emotional response. Nice to know what you think of off-duty police officer campers …. who may be gun-toting good ol’ girls as well.


Guns are to easily attainable in this country. I’m a veteran and I’ve fired M-16 and these weapons have no purpose in civilian hands. Semi-automatic weapons should be restricted and assault type rifles should be banned. If you want to fire them go to a gun range and rent them.
That said, until reasonable control over these weapons is law, Camping World has the right to sell them.

Tim Ecklund

Thats about the stupi#$%@t reason i ever heard of, and the weapons we civilians buy are not M16s. They are not assault weapons as they are not fully automatic. Guns dont kill people just as cars dont kill people. People do the killing not the object!

RV Staff

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, Tim, not to mention our right to freedom of speech. But you don’t need to be rude about it. —Diane at


Diane, You are sorta right, but some times people are that…ah oblivious to reason and common sense you must smack them upside the head to get their attention.

RV Staff

Thank you for your polite observation, Jim. See? It is possible to get your point across without being rude. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane at


That would be assault. Gonna go get my AR for protection. Yikes!

jane shure

I guess he would ban the cars because drunk drivers kills more people than guns.


And driving is a privilege not a right!


As a veteran you should know that the purpose of the 2A was for the citizens to be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government should the need arise. Would you want the militia armed with single action six shooters?


After the Gov’t declares martial law any militia would be crushed. There is always someone with a bigger _______! And they have it.


I missed your condemnation of Lee Morgan’s name calling mentioned above.

Brian Clarke

As a Good Sam member, you are outraged because 1 arm of your club is selling automatic weapons. You are also a member of the United States, which allow the sale of such weapons and yet I don’t ever recall an article of your outrage on these sales in the US. Although I don’t agree with selling these types of weapons, Camping World has just as much right to sell these weapons as any sporting goods store as long as your government allows. They did before the Christchurch crises and probably will continue. As was stated in other comments, if… Read more »


Brian – they are SEMI automatic – we need to make sure people know the difference.


I have no problem with the second amendment. Chuck, it appears that many of your readers have NO PROBLEM with the FIRST AMENDMENT – unless YOU are the one using it. As I read thru ALL of the comments, I have gone back to your article a couple of times to re-read. It appears that a lot of people passed their READING exam but failed the COMPREHENSION part of the exam. You do not deserve many of the comments, because they were evidently talking about something other than what was in your article.

George O

Thank you Kelly for posting what I am thinking as I read the comments. Most of them are guilty of the same thing they accuse Chuck of, stating his opinion. I agree with the premise of “free enterprise”, however, some good taste should be used. Making a buck how ever one can is what the criminals do.
Chuck, keep up the good work. Most who can read and comprehend will not abandon you over something like this article.

Claud Addicott

Please tell me where, in these comments, anyone violated the 1st Amendment (included below, in case you’ve never actually read it).

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


Sir, You freely admit you do NOT shop at Campimgworld yet you critize their marketing decision to include legally obtainable items (guns) in their catalog. So, to clarify, you want a company you never buy from to delete an item to keep a NON-BUYER happy? Trying to force an individual or business to delete ads is censorship plain and simple. I would think a person who considers himself a journalist would be against censorship. Let’s look at this another way. Are you going to remove items (ads) from your weekly letter because a person reading the letter for the first… Read more »

John Hartmangruber

I have a very simple but conservative answer to your letter.
I hope this is civil enough to not be censored.
If you don’t like a product, don’t buy it.
If you are angered the Good Sam Club is making money off a product you don’t like, cancel your membership.
There are many things advertised in the media that I simply won’t buy but I don’t feel I have any right to dictate what others may see or want.
I don’t like diet Coke so I don’t buy it. Should I be able to stop it’s advertisement? Absolutely not!

Rich D

Just as someone owning a pop up trailer has no need for some of the items made for Class A motorhomes, the catalog has to offer items which it’s clientele may be interested in purchasing. A sale means profit. That is the way business should be run.

Jim Wade

If you don’t want to buy a gun, don’t. Let me make that same decision.
If his reputation is correct, he will overprice the guns as well as other products. No problem!

Traveling to Florida

When Traveling Safety is a Key Issue.
Now’ Remember you were looking at a Catalog, if you do not like what you see, turn the page.
Keep it simple, enjoy what you have.

I enjoyed reading all these comments.
Let this be a learning session.
Keep you hands on the Steering Wheel and Focus on where you are headed…….

Tim H Lecluse

Sir I wish it was not a need that make the sale of guns nessesary but your own staff has been subject of attemps of hijacking. We as rv’ers cannot trust the police to not shoot us or shake us down while out on the road. The new attitude of ” I’ll kill whoever i have to so I can go home tonight” and the commendations receivved for siezing weapons from innocent rv owners who have no idea of what laws are in the area make this a sad step nessary. We must be ready to defend ourselves at all… Read more »

RV Staff

Tim, who are you referring to when you say, “… but your own staff has been subject of attemps[sic] of hijacking”? Or was that a typo and you were actually referring to “your” staff? Thanks. —Diane at

Terri Hawke

I joined the Good Sam Club and shopped at Camping World because they catered to RVers. When I saw my catalog I was disgusted. I’m not against responsible gun ownership. I am against this company and club expanding to sell guns. My grandparents were part of the Good Sam Club when groups actually camped together. The club and store just crossed my boundary. I will not be renewing my membership.


There are still many chapters camping together and many states having rallies. If you are not participating, that is your fault. Your grandparent’s Good Sam Club is still here and active.

Bill Daines

I retired with 34 years in Law Enforcement and prior was in the USMC for 2 years. People have all kinds of beliefs on rifles and hand guns. A semi automatic hand gun compared to a revolver is only different in design. The magazine, yes magazine which some call a clip is a magazine and carries more then the revolver. The Semi automatic ejects the spent round where the cylinder of the revolver keeps the spent rounds and has to be loaded either one by one or a speed reloader device . The semi automatic carries more in the magazine.… Read more »


Absolutely! Camp next to me anytime!


Quote “I find it wrong that my membership is in any way supporting the sale of firearms.” So you are offended and everyone else has to be denied the information in the catalog? Even though you benefit from the extra income from the sale of firearms? Can we get a list of things that offend you so we can decide if we want to keep reading this forum.

Jim Barrett

I fully support Good Sam selling firearms. Camping is a great family sport and having firearms as part of the experience is an excellent educational opportunity for all. How best to teach youngsters how to appreciate firearms is to have them as part of their daily life. People need to get over their Socialist attitudes and paranoia regarding firearms. The terrible massacre on innocent people in New Zealand was wrong. However, I do not see any comments about the massacre of dozens of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria.

John Koenig

” the latter of which serve, among other things, as silencers.” Although I have NOT seen the ad, I SERIOUSLY doubt that Camping World is selling “Silencers”. BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives TIGHTLY regulate the sale of “silencers”. I expect that you’ve misread / misunderstood the ad or, the ad was VERY poorly written. Even LICENSED FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensees) who hold “only” a “standard” Firearms Dealer License can NOT sell “silencers” (I believe a Class 3 FFL is required). Even “just” selling “regular” firearms is a regulatory nightmare; NOTHING close to what the anti-gun crowd would… Read more »

Richard Getz

As I don’t particularly care for Mr. Marcus Lemonis or Camping World either. I do not believe Camping World or Good Sam as a whole should be selling Fire Arms of any kind. But I believe he has the right to sell them through his Gander Store. And advertise in a Gander catalogue. However I don’t believe the catalogues should be combined. Knowing Mr. Lemonis’s reputation, I don’t think that will happen.


I answered Chucks question and not survey. Please count me as approving CW right to sell/advertise. I have the right to or not buy.

Steve Nelson

I agree. As a member of Good Sams, I am disappointed that now because I am a member it looks like I support semi automatic weapons, and to be perfectly clear I DO NOT SUPPORT the sale or ownership of this type of firearm. I have not shopped at Camping World for a long time, I think they have gone down hill with their merchandise .

David Gates

Chuck I read you newsletter every week and even have paid to support it. 1st off I want to make sure you understand my position. I’m Pro 2nd Amendment and licensed to conceal care in my home state. As for your comment pertaining to the suppressors in the add. Individuals who intend to legal posses a suppressor has to file a ATF Form 4, supply finger prints and a passport photo. After gathering all the needed documentation you then have to pay a $200 tax stamp fee and for the suppressor which you can’t take possession of till you receive… Read more »

Michael Hayes

It is disingenous to pretend that the position you have taken here is neither pro nor anti-gun. Ridiculous! Of all the non camping products offered in the Master catalog you have chosen to be morally outraged by one, and only one. Of course your position is anti-gun. BTW do you also object to the sale of vehicles since they have proven to be amazingly lethal weapons? No? Why not? Lastly, i come here for RV news and opinon. If i want leftist agitprop i’ll turn on TV.

Solar Steve

Vehicles are made to transport people. Yes, accidents do happen, but rarely are intentional. We have seat belts and crumple zones, regulated bumper heights and traffic laws to minimize those accidental deaths. Guns on the other hand were designed to kill, and that is what makes them immoral.


This survey will not provoke thoughtful insight, rather it will provoke the decades old pro vs anti gun right debate. Chuck, I get it that you are not a centrist or right leaning person, but you do provide a great service to the RV community with RV Travel. Please resist the temptation to venture in to the political world. Doing so will make half of your reader base happy, the other half upset.

Bill Daines

George you said it correctly, thanks !


The problem is that most Camping Works Stores have become a combination. Gander Sports Store with a little Camping World Store thrown in. We use to go in and see 5 times the amount if camping chairs and other products instead if the pricey Gander Sports things.

Patti Panuccio

Just one more reason I am not renewing my membership to Good Sam.

Steve Lange

It does seem a bit inappropriate in an “RV”/Recreational Vehicle parts and accessory catalog. Similar to our local newspaper deciding to put obituaries at the back of the sporting goods section. That just seems inappropriate and disrespectful at the same time. Yes, RVs are conveniences used to support all sorts of sporting activities as well as traveling and most everyone (within reason) has the freedom in America to enjoy those activities. But there are other specialized and comprehensive venues better suited to support those activities than an RV parts and services catalog. I personally don’t want my firearm and fishing… Read more »

Gil Watts

Remove me from your mailing list

Steve D Saint Martin

I like Camping World even better!! I own many many guns all purchased legally. I’m not a **** liberal that is afraid of there own shadow, a gun is a tool if you need a tool and don’t have it your screwed. If you have that tool and need it your good. I never go on a RV trip without a firearm. I’m going to buy much more camping world stock..

Scott Ellis

Just as a point about your generalization: my wife and I are **** liberals and just got back from buying each of us a nice semi-automatic pistol. Gun ownership is not a liberal or conservative issue, despite what the people currently in Washington would have you think.

Michael Wayne Priest

I will stop knocking all libs after reading your post!


I think its disgraceful. They have no business selling those. Who in the camping world stores are informed enough to sell automatic weapons. They need to stick to selling camping goods. I am going to rethink shopping there from now on.


The guns are not automatic, and it’s Gander Outdoors selling them, not Camping World.


I do believe Chuck said he saw the ad in a Camping World catalog.


Yes, but others, in the comments, have stated the pages with the guns have a Gander Outdoor banner.
Gander Outdoors, Camping World, and Good Sam all have the same owner.

Michael Wayne Priest

He is uninformed. Fake news,again!


Pam, they are not “automatic” weapons….just like most of the pistols..”semi” automatic.


“I find it wrong that my membership is in any way supporting the sale of firearms. ”

I wonder how many supporters of, find it wrong that their membership is in any way discouraging the lawful sale of firearms?

How many are as offended by the statement quoted above, as some are by the subject of this article?

Sounds like a good poll question. But, judging by the comments here, I doubt we’ll see one.


Your question is misleading. You ask “Do you agree or disagree with what I have written?” and then present the survey. If one just jumps to the graph and clicks the response they have voted just the opposite of their wishes as I did. My bad for jumping the gun and not taking the time to read the survey COMPLETELY.

Randy Skowlund

If you want to stroll in the desert or other wilderness areas we enjoy travelling to, you may want a firearm with you for an encounter with the local wildlife…snakes, coyote, bears, mountain lion,….etc.

Pamela Lynn Harsch

And you need an automatic weapon for that ?

Jeff Evans

Those are not “automatic” weapons. Please take a few minutes to educate yourself to the difference. The media has done such a complete disservice to us in their biased and uneducated way they operate:


Automatic weapons are regulated and I think it was during Reagan when he was President that they were banned for production. You can buy a pre ban antomatic but you have to get a stamp from ATF and they investigate you and clear or deny your purchase. What you are seeing are semi-automatic weapons. The pre ban automatic usually run over $20,000.


Automatic weapons have not been banned from production.


BATF interpreted the Hughes amendment to the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act as a prohibition on the civilian possession of any automatic firearm manufactured after May 19, 1986.

Automatic firearms manufactured after May 19, 1986 may only be possessed by Military, Police, and as dealer samples by Class III dealers.


Relax Pamela, nowhere does it say ‘automatic’ weapons are for sale,in fact it is illegal to sell or possess automatic weapons. If you are anti guns, I get that and respect your rights. But please do not impose your bias on other Americans who choose to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.


Do I need a machine gun? Probably not, but I’d be safe if I did. Do I need an AR15, which is NOT an automatic, but a common hunting rifle, quite likely a good choice.

jane shure

I am wondering if you could name the supposedly automatic guns that can be bought legally at a gun store without the proper license?

Robert Cummings

Excellent response Wolfe. Watch out for those deadly fire extinguishers, they might jump up and spray you down at any given moment. As for the shooting in NZ, it is a tragedy for all involved as in any loss of life, BUT if there had been one trained armed citizen in the gathering the loss could have been much less. My belief is that everyone should be armed and there would be no more shootings like this. what person would knowing go into a crowd of armed people and try something like this no matter how “mentally ill” they are.… Read more »

Terry Golden

Gander Mountain’s prices were high and not competitive so unless Gander RV sells at a competitive price on firearms they too will not last in that market.

George Sitek

Your article has convinced everyone in the campground we are wintering in to get rid of the firearms in their RV’s. All have also vowed to never again look at a catalog from an outdoor recreation supply company that might have legal firearms offered for sale. The two RV residents in our park that don’t own a firearm agreed with your article, but they are are worried that they may no longer be safe if word gets out that no RV in our campground is occupied by one of the millions of responsible firearm owners. I told them to text… Read more »

Diane M

My frustration is the misunderstanding of the description “semi-automatic”. You still have to pull the trigger to fire off a round. It is not “automatic”, like a machine gun. I hated guns until I heard the phrase, many years ago, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” . Not a fan of Lemonis but don’t have a problem with him offering in his catalog. Or in a store, for that matter.

Jan E.

What a way to stir up a beehive. I am not bothered by CW, GS, or GM selling legal guns to legal customers. All purchases are required to pass a back ground check. What is strange to me is the fact that several weeks you have a gun section in your newsletter. So, what is different? A catalog shows a picture of some “semi-automatics”. Don’t like it, skip over it. Don’t want to read about guns in RV’s, skip over it. As for your question – It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s their business. Don’t like it, don’t buy… Read more »

Ron B

Very good Jan E !!

Larry L

Sorry Chuck, you stepped in it this time.


Two things, Chuck. First, the problem with the survey is that you end your column with the question, “Do you agree or disagree with what I have written?” but then the question in the tint block is, “How do you feel about Camping World selling firearms in its catalog?” The two questions point in diametrically opposite directions that are not clarified at all by the offered responses, which refer vaguely to “it.” All of which is quite confusing. Second observation: doesn’t it strike you as profoundly ironic that a club that adopted the name of the Good Samaritan, with all… Read more »


Don’t try to complicate things. Your vote will indicate whether you agree or disagree with Chuck’s writing.


Wrong. Your vote will indicate whether you agree or disagree with Camping World’s sale of firearms. The complication is already there–as several respondents have belatedly realized.


I agree with other commentators that this newsletter seems to have a large beef with Camping World and am tired of reading the soapbox lectures against it and Marcus Lemonis. I guess I could unsubscribe but there is a lot of useful and interesting content that I do enjoy. You can report the news without the heavy handed & opinionated commentary.

Don Kostyal

Obviously not informed on weapon types, operation, or use. Semi-automatic is not “automatic” (which requires a separate application, background investigation, fees and tax stamp to own and possess).

Elaine Ashton

Sorry … I just realized that I voted the opposite way of how I feel about the sale of guns in the Camping World catalog … I think it’s not at all the place for such sales … but I could not change my vote. Next time I’ll slow down and read a little better … sorry

Dion Blaster

After reading the article I want nothing to do with Good Sam and or Camping World. I will not renew my Good Sam Membership and I have canceled and cut up my Good Sam Credit Card and will not renew my Coast to Coast membership. I find their decision to sell firearms as disgusting and disturbing.


The Good Sam Club is not selling guns. Those are just two pages of a whole section of outdoor products sold by Gander Outdoors. Since ML owns both companies he can put whatever he wants in his catalog. I don’t have to buy anything from either of them. But, since I have a previously paid for lifetime GS membership I will continue to take advantage of the GS discounts.


Wow, it’s hard to believe that you are “neutral” on this matter. You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. That’s the beauty of the first Amendment but it seems, to me, that you have a problem with the 2nd amendment – my opinion! As a Veteran and proud to have served in the ASA during the Vietnam Conflict so people like you could be free and continue to say whatever you want, no matter how wrong it is. I don’t tell anyone what to say, buy or sell simply because I don’t like them or… Read more »


I am absolutely OUTRAGED that CW sells fire extinguishers!!! Do they think they are professional firefighters? Do they want people starting more fires just so they can put then out with these dangerous tools? Don’t they even CARE that thousands of people are bludgeoned with heavy objects [fact: more than are shot] every single year? How dare they peddle BOATS!! Are they a properly licensed yacht club??? Don’t they know how many people drown every year? How obscenely irresponsible! And cutlery!!… Not an anti-freedom article as long as no one sells the tools… uh huh… sure. So much for “RVT… Read more »

Don Eby

What a great response. Keep it up.


Walmart sells groceries, clothes, gardening supplies, camping gear, etc and guns (if you meet the requirements). So does your argument apply to walmart too? What about Sears, KMart, etc? I get it that camping world is not your favorite place but it sounds like you are attacking for the sake of the attack.

Jim Anderson

Be interesting to see in one of your polls what RV’ers in general think about gun ownership..

Elaine Ashton

I don’t own a gun but have no problem with gun ownership and definitely support the 2nd Amendment —

Danny Wells

Do the test yourself. I put a “hand gun”, rifle, and a shotgun with ammunition for each on my front porch. After being there for several hours not a single person was harmed, not the mail carrier, UPS driver, FedX , dog walkers, kids getting off the school bus, No one. My conclusion, guns don’t kill, people do. Where ever criminals get firearms, the firearms are not responsible.

Brian Reed

I’ve been RV camping since the early 70’s and it’s been my experience over the years that the people I camp with and meet when the conversation comes up easily 85-90% of the people have some sort of firearm with them. CABELAS, Bass Pros, Sportmans Guide and dozens of other stores advertise firearms heavily and sell but do the same with way more RV and non RV camping gear than CW. I don’t think it’s going to amount to much because all those people I mentioned earlier wouldn’t accept something free from Marcus. Chuck has traveled all over the country,… Read more »




Despite your statement about not wanting discussing the pros and cons of guns or the Second Amendment, you still made a negative and political comment. There is nothing evil or wrong about guns. If you are upset about Camping World selling guns, then why would you not be upset if they sold pressure cookers?

R Bauer

I have to agree with Ed. The wording in the article certainly has an anti-gun bias to it. CW is a business that can sell anything that it can legally sell. Would I have been surprised to open a CW catalog and see firearms advertised? Yes, I would have been surprised, but big deal…so what? Would it upset me or give pause to thoughts about not trading at CW? Wouldn’t even enter my mind.

Bill Austin

It’s not an issue to politicize regarding campers. Don’t cover it pro or con.

Bob Peavey

I believe the article is a bit disengenous in that you declare neutrality in position but then you clearly take a negative tack. In addition, the single question in your poll is so broad that it does not suit your optional answers well. Are you complaining about weapons, guns in general, semi-automatic handguns or semi-automatic rifles with extended size clips? I’m surprised to see AR-15’s being sold, but not the more conventional firearms. After all, it is CAMPERS WORLD and attracting hunters is certainly not a reach, nor should it be. Lemonis is in business to offer products and make… Read more »

Hoss Smith

I do not purchase anything from Camping World but I have no issue with them selling guns should they wish to do so. I believe absolutely in our rights to defend ourselves, family and others from those that intend to do harm.

Chris D Galeota

There is no need for Camping World to sell guns of any kind!
Increasingly dissatisfied with Lemonis and his antics, and cancelling all Camping World memberships.

Jeff Koska

First the you said the mentally ill person shot people NOT THE GUN. Second don’t like Camping World or it’s owner stop getting it’s mailings. Kinda taking a free ride to get ideas while bad mouthing the store.

William Guy

I have been a Good Sam member for over 20 years and I fully support the selling of guns by Camping world. Get over it. It’s a free country and the libs haven’t managed to destroy the 2nd amendment yet.

Larry Z.

When I opened my Camping World catalog, I immediately noticed the firearms when I paged through it, then I noticed the Gander Outdoors banner at the top and it made sense why it was there. I don’t have a problem that the 3 stores that are loosely connected are represented in the same catalog, and not everyone has the same repulsion to the evil semi-automatic weapons as the media have declared them. In your article you made the remark “Recently, even Walmart stopped them.” and I found that statement totally unnecessary and provoking. I don’t know what your intention was… Read more »

Barry Zavah

He may sell 1 out of 5 RVs, but customers really roll the dice over there per customer reviews.


Agree completely.

Vicki Briggs

You are wrong, there is nothing wrong with guns, guns don’t kill…people do…


Quite a can you opened Chuck. As much as you dislike Lemonis, your shot (pun intended) was undeserved and inappropriate. The catalog clearly shows that the merchandise is from Gander Mountain, not Camping World and your desire to censor what is being sold and/or advertised to Good Sam members is way over the line. And the comment about Walmart no longer selling semi-automatics made it a gun conversation, not a Camping World/Good Sam conversation. We also refuse to shop at any of Lemonis’ companies – and strongly believe he should be made to answer for the damage he has done… Read more »

Anthony Joel Vinson

Well said.


Good article. I agree it’s NOT about the USA 2nd amendments rights.

I wonder how some people would feel if there were advertisements for sex toys, condoms, sadomasochistic etc etc. items and brothels.
It’s about the almighty dollar.
An interesting point… I see advertisement for firearms but not cigarettes, however, both can cause health problems.


Just one more reason to add to the many for not buying anything from Camping World.

Don Kostyal

It is amazing how much bashing of Camping World is seen in the many RV forums etc. out there, yet they are doing a tremendous amount of business. I think a lot of the “bashers” are responsible for many of the purchases that are made there. Otherwise we would be seeing more articles/ads about closures and going out of business sales at many Camping Worlds–instead we see many independent RV stores being gobbled up by CW.

B Tanner

I would first ask if you have ever purchased items from Bass Pro or Cabelas any one of the other numerous sporting,hunting, fishing and camping stores we have? If so, they also advertise and sell firearms from their Master catalog. I also do not care for for the CEO of GS and have dropped my road service with them. It’s amazing with all the bad publicity CW gets they continue to grow. If I see something advertised I have issues with I move on to another page, aisle or vendor. The American market will control who is doing it right… Read more »

Gary McDuffie

First, I think the bigger question is: Should a company enter politics, when it’s job is to sell to ALL people and not alienate or estrange a large portion of its consumer base. Gander Mountain is an outdoor store, they sell outdoor stuff. That includes firearms. Advertising in the back of the CW catalogue is completely appropriate for a company that is partnered with another company. If, however, you concern is with the advertisement of firearms then just say so. Don’t hide behind this “assault weapon” crap, because an “assault weapon” is just a hunting rifle with a couple “scary-looking”… Read more »


And chuck denies it as he posts it!


Reading your article, I have to disagree with you on a couple of angles. First, even though you declare that your article is not pro or anti, it seems to slant toward the anti side. Second, Camping World is about selling products used by campers and RVer’s. It is a business and all business entities are formed in order to make money for themselves. Camping is far, far more than pulling your RV or hiking your tent to a spot and setting up for a period time. Many activities happen within that venue including shooting. To the question ‘do guns… Read more »

Bill Daines

Ed, you are right on !

Jerry Hayes

I don’t shop at CW, and have no intention of shopping there in the future, so its not a big deal to me. I voted that I don’t like it, but in reality, Marcus can do whatever he wants. I’m certainly not anti-gun in any way. But, I am a bit surprised to see this as I don’t believe that firearms can be considered camping gear in any way. This may just be his first step in consolidating the CW catalog with Gander’s catalog.


Firearms are camping gear. Assuming you aren’t camping TO hunt, as I sometimes have, I still keep a very large pistol handy against bear. Then there is target shooting, which is best done with room for noise and longrange. Shall i really continue…?


I disagree with the statement that firearms are not camping gear. Why are more campers than motelers attacked by wild animals and people? Because campers are in less urban areas with more threats to one’s physical safety. Firearms for hunting or defense are certainly appropriate to camping.

Don Kostyal

Reading your reply leads me to believe you should have voted “I don’t care…” Many hunters are “campers.” Should CW not be allowed to carry fishing equipment? What about all the pet supplies they carry? What does owning a pet have to do with camping? Am I supposed to buy a pet to feel like I am really camping? Personally I hate pets in campgrounds–well, mainly I hate the owners of pets because they leave them outside yapping at everyone, or locked up in their motorhomes yapping at the front window when I walk by, or fail to clean up… Read more »

Tom Caro

The first thing that got me was the incorrect use of the word “weapon”. An item is NOT a weapon until it is used to harm someone. So if I use a pencil to jab you – the pencil is now a weapon. So a semi-automatic gun is only a gun, long rifle, etc until it is used to harm someone. That said if you don’t want to buy a rifle from Good Sam – then don’t. But why do you have to make it more difficult for some other person to purchase a legal item from a legal source?… Read more »

John Cook

Seems to me the poll asks the question wrong. Since your opinion deals with “semi-automatic weapons”, so should the poll; rather than “firearms”.


Well said.

Chris Yust

Gander Mtn is a sporting goods store. Guns are used for sport by many people. So, was it really in the CW catalog or the Gander Mtn catalog?

Carl Smith

I don’t have a problem with it. The way our government is making it harder for HONEST people to purchase guns is what is scaring the heck out of me! I agree with Jay Carnes! I am really worried the way this country is headed!

Robert Hollenbach

I think that they should put out separate catalogs for each company. This way no one would be upset to see clothing or sporting equipment in the rv catalog.

Lloyd Bledsoe

Frankly do not care if someone is upset or not about guns being available at camping world. Do not want one, do not purchase, simple as that. If the sight of a gun upsets someone, they are the one with the issues, not anyone who has been educated in the proper use, care of a gun.


Marcus has other interest than just Good Sam. Why not utilize the advertising base he has with Good Sam to promote those businesses. If you don’t like the product don’t buy it. Get over it!


I don’t agree with you. Our four fathers was wise dnough to put the 2nd amendment in our consultation for a very good reason. If you don’t understand what would happen to our freedom if we were a disarmed then you should take a good look at history
, it speaks for itself.

Gary C Vines

By that logic there should be no driver’s license, car registration, speed limits because our “fore-fathers” we’e not wise enough to predict the invention of the automobile. The world changes, and laws must change with it. If one desires to use a weapon to protect our country, join the national guard, this world’s citizen militia, as the Second Amendment provides for.


It is apparent that you don’t understand the Constitution let alone the second Amendment. The National Guard as the citizens Militia is a false interpretation for this simple reason: all rights described in the “Bill of Rights” apply specifically and solely to the People, not to the government or any component of it. If the framers wanted to specify that government-controlled entities could be armed, they would have included language to that effect elsewhere in the Constitution. That the rights of the people to keep and bear arms is in the Bill Of Rights is confirmation that it is an… Read more »


You all do know they also own Gander Mountain, which you get your Good Sam discount at. I believe the new catalogue is billed as a “Master Catalogue” so I guess it will contain most of what they sell at CW and Gander Mountain. On a side note, again we are blaming an object for committing a tragedy rather than placing blame where it belongs. To put it a different way, if you get drunk, drive your car and kill 10 people. Do you ban the car?

Gary C Vines

No, but we do ban vehicles that are inherently unsafe, or not properly equipped to operate on public highways rather than in the controlled environment of a race course. And even a street legal car requires you to register ownership, pass inspection (in most states), and demonstrate your ability to safely operate the piece of equipment. Register, get a license, store your semi-automatic weapon at a licensed firing range, and go there to expend all the ammunition you’d like.


Unsafe firearms (firearms which fire when they aren’t supposed to) are also banned. Modern firearms can be dropped, kicked, thrown, and run over without going off unintentionally due to numerous internal and external safety systems. No safety, however, can prevent misuse by an evil mind, just like with autos.

Blame the heart that does evil, not the tool used to carry out the evil heart’s plans.

Michael Hayes

Do you keep Your car at a licensed garage? If not, why not? You should be examined for intoxication and criminal intent before each use and you should not be alowed to use it in public. Dangerous products like vehicles should be for police, military and licensed public transportation professionals only. They have no place in civilian hands.

Michael hayes

Silly and poorly thought out. The liability insurance that we have to buy for our vehicles doesnt compensate anyone when a terrorist abuses the vehicle and uses it to murder us. Why are you, like Chuck, singling out firearms owners for discriminatory treatment?


I found we have a copy of the catalog you referred to, so looked at the pages. They seem to be clearly labeled as Gander Mountain merchandise, not Camping World stuff. A few pages later is an Overton’s section, also clearly labeled. I don’t see a problem with that.

Gary Willey

At the time I took this survey, it was interesting that 55% had no problem or didn’t care. Only 44% ‘didn’t like it’. This matches the political opinion in the country (regarding guns) almost exactly.
Personally, it doesn’t affect my retired life one bit. It is what it is. What’s next, our opinion on the ‘New Green Deal’?
From, I only need to know where I can hook up my RV for the night, and what can be done to maintain it … stuff like that. As for Marcus Lemonis, who cares? Let it go Chuck…


Looks like most of you are ready go give up your freedom.
Remember the first thing dictators do it take away your means of defense.


No the first thing they take away is your right to free speech and freedom of the press. We need to watch out where we are going.

Mark Evenson

I totally agree with the author. No need for the sale of guns on a camping venue.
Great article!


It is not Good Sam selling firearms, it is Camping World and the greedy CEO. Good Sam club is dead, thanks to the CEO whom I detest.

I support our bill of rights, and the greedy CEO can work within our system.


Is there life after death? Trespass here and find out. Ey carry my Colt 45 for two reasons, to shoot myself in case a Grizzly attacks, and every armed person knows the other reason.


If a grizzy attacks, please shoot the bear, not yourself…

Rick Wioskowski

In a free society, if Mr. Lemonis can make money selling items in his store, he will. After all it was pointed out that we are just his marketing tools. If his sales slump, he might switch to a more profitable line… say golf clubs.
Seems the current climate in America is to see who can control who with disregard for rights.
By the by, I’m sure Mr. Lemonis appreciates the free advertisement. Sometimes free speech backfires when up against free enterprise.


It is not my business.. It is their right to sell anything they want in AMERICA !


This really isn’t about guns and appropriate places to sell them. It’s about freedom. I don’t like the guy, either, but he has the right to advertise what he sells and to legally sell what he pleases. If you don’t want to buy what he sells, then don’t. Skip over those pages and don’t look at what offends you. What we don’t need is more people telling us how to manage our lives or businesses so long as we are acting in a legal, responsible manner. Many, many RVers also hunt (yes, semi-automatic guns are used for that activity) or… Read more »

Jay Carnes

My guns haven’t KILLED or hurt anyone EVER> If you don’t understand the need for the 2nd amendment, or WHY its in the constitution, you need to get educated . Things going on in this country today demand you stay informed. GUNs are not the problem, If you don’t like them DON’T BUY THEM .


This is cross marketing with regard to Marcus Lemonis’ other businesses (Gander Outdoors, etc) and products that provide huge profit margins. Pretty normal considering but I’m not liking that gun sales has shifted into the Good Sam Club realm. Poor decision making it part of Good Sam. This is not an article about ‘telling you what to do’. For all those who are responsible gun owners, you have lots of options from where to purchase them. Options that offer far greater options, selection and customer support. This article is not about whether you/we like guns or not, it’s about whether… Read more »

David J Davidzik

Well, I’m with Chuck on this one. I am not a gun owner but I fully support the right to bear arms, 2nd Amendment, and those that find the sport in firearms. However, as Chuck and others have pointed out, I don’t need to find guns with bag chairs, patio mats, portable grills and what not. Sure they have the right to sell their guns through whatever legal market place they chose. But, isn’t the discussion more about the RV’ing lifestyle we all enjoy so much that we take the time to respond to this newsletter regarding such an emotionally… Read more »


Again I add, Camping World is now a conglomerate with Gander Mountain (an all inclusive sporting goods store) under one umbrella. The guy saw two stores that were struggling but had potential as one–etc rid of the duplication and share the rest. It is on par with Bass Proshops buying up Cabella’s. it is the way of business. Sports Authority…gone! And many other like shops have Beene bought up as well. You can go into a Rancher store which is mostly stuff for farms and ranchings. You can buy towing parts, clothing, hardware and YES guns and ammo! No one… Read more »

Patrick J Granahan

Chuck, I suggest you read the second amendment….we have the right to own firearms.
Since Camping World owns Gander Mountain and they retail firearms it is their right to advertise what they offer for sale. It is your right not to purchase any product that Marcus sells via his catalog or retail outlets. I can think of a lot of reasons not to patronize any of Marcus Lemonis businesses…….suggest you avoid second amendment issues.

Bob p

In reading the comments you can probably tell you have opened a can of worms you should have left alone. I have enjoyed this newsletter for over a year and hopefully several years to come, but if you are going to start preaching liberalism I will unsubscribe in a heartbeat as I have very little tolerance for liberals. Personally we carry two semiautomatic weapons with us all the time. Let’s make one thing very clear, A SEMIAUTOMATIC WEAPON FIRES ONE BULLET EACH TIME YOU SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER, AN AUTOMATIC FIRES SEVERAL BULLETS WITH ONE SQUEEZE! This seems to be a… Read more »


He’s not preaching and this isn’t liberalism. We can’t evem have a conversation anymore. So disappointing.

Mike Hopkins

Since Camping World acquired Gander Mountain, it’s not unexpected to see crossover in the product lines. If you see a product in the catalog or in the store that you don’t like, just don’t buy it.


Many things that are legal are still not a good idea. Or they were once legal and are now not. Using simply the argument that something is legal so it must be okay and justified is very simplistic. There are many other factors here. They are well documented. I comment simply to applaud you Chuck for having the guts to speak out on this. Thank you.


WHAT A CAN YOU OPENED TODAY. Every one has the right to have a gun.


Pretty sure he said that.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse

You are entitled to your opinion. Camping world is entitled, as you said, to sell anything legal they want. You are offended (a popular phrase) by the Good Sam being associated with the sale of “those semi automatic weapons. ” You indicate that the good people of the Good Sam Club would not be associated with the people (presumably bad people?). I am not a bad person and can pass any background check you can throw at me, I find nothing wrong with the sale of automatic weapon especially silencers (old man worn out hearing) Let us be reminded that… Read more »

Karl Eby

I thought this was a RV/Camping/Traveling newsletter.
Today we are talking about guns.
What will we be discussing next week?
Religion? Politics? Abortion?


Liberalism never rests in its judgmental preaching g

Patricia Ruth

He isn’t doing anything illegal. Whether I like it or not really isn’t important. He isn’t breaking any law and I still have the right not to buy it.

Ed Day

Sure smells like anti-gun to me Chuck!


Or perhaps just anti-Camping World/Marcus?


I can understand some folks dismay with this, particularly if they feel strongly against the sale of semi-automatic firearms, or firearms in general and they already paid for their membership. If I paid a membership fee to any organization that then made a decision that went against my personal beliefs I’d be upset and most likely cancel my membership. I’d expect at least a partial refund as well. As far as your stated question and whether he should be in the business of selling firearms, and advertising them via camping world catalogue, etc. – I think that is his right.… Read more »

Bob Godfrey

Well said!

Jaime Gallego

I do not see any problems with camping world selling firearms. They are legal and people have a right to use them for recreational purposes and self defense. I have a problem with people telling me what to do. I just made a contribution to this newsletter and if this newsletter prior to seeing this survey but if this is the type of information I will be in for I will cancel my subscription.

Johnny B

Well said, I agree completely.


I am not a big fan of certain guns, but if they are legal then I don’t have a problem with Camping World selling them. And- I don’t own a gun.

Phil Strong

If a Camping World wants to sell fire arms it is within their rights to do so. This issue is a matter for Camping World stake holders to address. In other words gun rights are divisive issues and using this platform to protest same will offend some and appease others. In my opinion this is not a direction that will serve your subscribers.

Steph H

Chuck, I enjoy the newsletter and know that you have an issue with Marcus and his business ethics and have given your opinion on this topic many times. I have considered voicing my opinion, but others said what I wanted to say so I did not. This time I can’t hold my comments. First of all I’m not really a fan of CW and Gander either. I will shop occasionally if I really need something I can’t get at a local shop. That said, the CW organization has the right to sell the rifles and pistols because they are legal,… Read more »

Jim Blevins

To whom it concerns, Im not a fan of Marcus either but for different reasons but as a avid RV,r and hunter I have a lot of guns. Im not a gun enthusiast but a Hunter 1st and foremost. The New Zealand/Parkland/Colinbine/Sandy Hook were pure evil, no question, but the knives, propane canisters and so on never get much press? Pure Evil will act out one way or the other. Camping World/Marcs they will get notified by John Q Public when they quit spending money with them but selling firearms is not the issue. Guns are a tool just like… Read more »

Alvin Shier

Is there any place in ones home, business or RV for this class of weapon? In Canada they’re all illegal. In the USA, it is quite widely condoned. Why I have no idea, are we as a society so afraid of each other we have to arm ourselves to prepare to defend ourselves? I agree with Chuck completely on this one. Lets just be friends!

David Earl Ozanne

I carry not because of other people but to protect myself and my family from bad guys with guns and as the founding fathers intended to protect myself from a government gone bad.

Gary Sain

Actually, the AR15 is a great hunting rifle. It comes in a variety of calibers, including .308 if you include the AR10. The gas operated semi-automatic action minimizes recoil greatly helping accuracy, and its design makes it very easy to maintain and work on. I was able to replace the trigger mechanism in mine in less than 20 minutes, by knocking out two pins and simply replacing it. A gunsmith operation with most other firearms.


Sadly you’re preaching to the deaf. Anyone with any firearm knowledge knows the AR15 is NOT a machine gun. It is NOT a military weapon. It is NOT a good choice for military assault. It IS by origin, design, and usage a HUNTING/TARGET rifle. People confuse it with the M16 which was designed for military usage, but the main commonality is being black. Which the US has a long history of discriminating against, with similar “appearance beats function” intelligence.

Patrick J Granahan

If you like the laws in Canada I suggest you move to Canada.


Or stay there and stop RVing in the USA.


As long as licensed, law abiding citizens are purchasing them and abiding by the laws in place, Camping World has every right to sell whatever they want to. It has NO REFLECTION ON ANY GOOD SAM MEMBER. Everyone is entitled to their belief/stance on guns and ones beliefs should not curtail another from conducting legal business.

Billy Bob Thorton

Absolutely. Stop already with the ” semi-auto” buzz word. The Colt Pease Maker ( love the name) manufactured in the 1800’s was a one shot with one pull of the trigger ( aka semi- auto def.). The crazies just want to keep this current with their misinformation campaigns.

Move on, nothing to see here.

Scott Ellis

I’m leaving here in about an hour to go pick up the semi-automatic handgun I bought yesterday, so obviously I have nothing against guns. But like a lot of other things I have nothing against (or even love), I don’t think they have to be available *everywhere*. I think guns in general should be harder to buy and probably registered, and I *don’t* think they need to turn up in every piece of junk mail that comes in. I’d rather that Camping World didn’t do this.


WOW, a gun owner who advocates for future confiscation through registration! What a convoluted comment you have made.


The Editor of the article says that the article was not pro or con with respect to firearms then goes ahead at the end to opine about it – “…as a member of the Good Sam Club, I find it wrong that my membership is in any way supporting the sale of firearms.” Which smacks of a negative viewpoint from the Editor and therefore the article is negative in itself. My point is that the Editor, and the Magazine by virtue of printing it, has put firearms in a bad light, and thus has placed a negative charge on this… Read more »


Why single out one style of weapon? The question should be “why is Marcus Lemonus selling guns at all”? I personally have no objection. Your opening appeal to our emotions about NZ is misleading. What about the 280 Christians murdered in Nigeria, Feb/Mar by moslem terrorists solely because they were Christian. That would have been a more appropriate appeal to our emotions.

Kyle Clevenger

If the question had been asked of me 15 or 20 years ago I would have agreed that gun sales have no place in the Camping World catalog. However, the Goodsam Club is not the club of old and seems to exist only to promote profit to the parent corporation. If I was not already a Life Member I would have dropped my memberships several years ago.


Don’t know why they would advertise firearms in a camping but non hunting business catalog. But he has every right to. 80% of firearms are semi-automatic, don’t fall into the SJW talking point trap. Ar-15 was NEVER a weapon of war, first sold and advertised for hunting by Armalite. Military versions were developed from that because big government contracts is where the money is. Know your history.
The Christchurch killer issued a manifesto that wanted specifically the USA to try to ban more weapons and spark a civil war. This whole argument jumps on the killer’s bandwagon.


You still have to follow state and Fed laws to buy these weapons – all legal.


You still have to follow all state and federal laws to buy these firearms.

Michael Roach

I really don’t care one way or the other since I refuse to spend any of my money at any store owned by Mr. Lemonis.

Steven Gardenhire

I applaud your courage to publish this article (and many others) and agree with your thoughts on this matter. With respect to all who would disagree, IMO the CW catalog is not an appropriate outlet for the sale of firearms.

Billy Bob Thorton

Disagree. It’s his company and he is doing nothing wrong. You can chose to shop elsewhere. For me it’s price and quality. Simple.




Whats amazing is that it’s always the guns fault when in fact the gun can sit there and not fire so why aren’t we doing something about those that use the gun to harm others. I see no reason why semi auto guns shouldn’t be sold and you will be surprised at how many people don’t know the difference between semi and auto.

Abe Loughin

I personally don’t care for Marcus Lemonis even a little bit. That said, they have the right to sell anything as long as it’s legal. Those who don’t like it have 2 choices, skip those pages or don’t shop Camping World. I don’t shop there but for other reasons than what they sell

David Howard

With all of the efforts of retailers “virtue signaling” in their ending of support for the 2nd Amendment, its refreshing to see a business going in the opposite direction. I am no friend of the Good Sam Club nor of Camping World, but reading about them now offering guns for sale did bring a smile to my face.

Troy Taylor

I have no problem with this at all, if you don’t like guns…don’t buy. Many campers are NRA members or hunters. This is a smart retailing decision made to take advantage of the outdoor demographic.

Jana Syring

I agree with Troy Taylor. Free country. Capitalism at work. Many rvers use their rvs for hunting and many go out to remote areas and could run into the wrong kind of people. I have no problem at all with the sale of guns by any store as long as the letter of the law is followed for those purchasing them and the proper background checks are followed.

dale rose

Chuck, I agree with the comments that are probably 95% in favor of you sticking to RV matters. If CW wants to sell semi autos, that,s a part of Lemonis diversifying Gander Outpost. Since Gander sells guns, will you object id they start selling camping products?

Rick b

If you don’t want to buy a gun don’t buy one it’s a simple as that they have the right to advertise whatever they want in their catalog

Rick b

If you don’t like guns don’t buy one simple as that

Steve flippo

What’s next? Are you going to criticize camping world for using environmentally unfriendly floor wax in their showrooms? No one is forced to buy their products.

Tom W.

These are not automatic weapons…they are semi-automatic firearms. I have no issue with Good Sam advertising these. In fact I now like Good Sam Club more and will likely renew my subscription because of this. I will now unsubscribe from this newsletter since I support the Second Amendment.

Johnny B

I feel the same as Tom W. I was “horrified” when I read your cover story.


I was surprised you has such a reattraction to CW selling guns from one of their affiliates. I know your are from the liberal leaning area, but really who should care. You do not like CW, everyone who knows CW does little or no business with then. I have a CCW, and carry one of those semiautos in my RV at all times. If CW wants to sell with a link to Gander, let them. I still avoid CW, and think everyone should think before shopping there. Selling guns in not the reason to avoid CW.

Kevin Connington

I dont think automatic weapons have any place in any society, they are weapons of war.
But as the poll results show, a fair percentage of Americans dont mind.
In the UK where guns are scarce, I cannot recall a mass shooting…in America they happen all the time.
Its a sad fact, to me, that America loves it’s guns so much.

John Smehyl

Don’t read much about the UK do you? Even with their absurd obsession with gun laws the criminals will still get guns and with the restrictions on law abiding citizens making them less safe.
As the folks said below, don’t like it don’t buy it and get out of other folks business.


No but the UK has alot of bomings don’t they?


I have not seen the CW advertisement, but according to the author of the article these are Semi-Automatic guns, big difference from automatic guns. I do not blame CW from cross-advertising between sister companies, it makes business sense. I have been to New Zealand and have a couple of friends that live there, this is a tragedy but have you actually read up on NZ gun laws?

Bob Godfrey

Let’s not forget that because guns are so hard to obtain in the UK crimes involving the use of knives has increased tremendously which only makes the case that bad people with bad intentions will use whatever means available to them.


Kevin Connington – it’s people like you that misguide other folks by spinning the reality. The article, and the debate, is upon SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms, not AUTOMATIC as you state. Also we’re not discussing the UK here, Camping World is a US company.

Johnny B

London is currently overwhelmed with mass stabbings. There are areas in the city that the police refuse to go. The same is true in other parts of England. Don’t hold the UK up as an example of law and order.

Dennis smith

If you dont like it dont buy it

Dennis smith

If you dont like it dont buy it.

Dave Cross

Chuck, perhaps you should stick to RV’s and not worry about catalogs.

Bill A.llman

Chuck, bottom line is that I personally don’t care one way or the other on the issue but you just reinforced my feeling that most media is left leaning. Leave politics where it belongs, in the garbage can, not yournewsletter


Chuck says no politics in comments are allowed, then writes and posts a liberal biased political hit piece.


Good article, I am retired military and spent 20 years defending your right to free speech and also the right to possess firearms. I’m not a Camping World fan, I don’t shop there and I didn’t even open the catalog when I received it. I love this country and also camping, so let’s all just stop and take a DEEP BREATH and enjoy this wonderful life style. Great news letter, keep up the good work.


Thank you for your service Mike!

Daniel Nallon

Why can’t camping world sell what ever they want? I can see why in fact they would! Personal pertection and RV traveling go hand in hand. The response time in New Zealand to protect the subjects of New Zealand was 36 minutes. I never travel in the MH without a firearm being that I am the first responder. I have more of a problem with PC people suggesting to camping world what they can and can’t sell.


Luke 22:36. He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.


Camping World makes no bones about it; they are a retail sales outlet. If they choose to sell semi-automatic weapons, it’s their business. Because they are also a part of the Good Sam Club does not make any member of the Club complicit in these sales. As long as it’s legal, it’s ok. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, a retired HS teacher, a hunter/fisherman, and a Life Member of Good Sam. I have no problem with this.


If you want to lose a good chunk of your readership, go ahead and pick sides on the firearms debate. If you really want to kill your business for good, discuss politics.

Chuck, stay in your lane buddy. Stick with RVs and leave firearms (and politics) alone.




The comments make clear Chuck screwed up posting his biased liberal viewpoints on firearms

The fact that he claims no bias and no political intent is incredulous

Bob Godfrey

I don’t believe retailers should be pressured by social media in any way, this is America, supposedly the “land of the free” isn’t it? If you don’t like firearms no one is forcing you to buy one but banning advertising is a form of censorship isn’t it? How would you like it if social media wanted to dictate what should be displayed in your newsletter?

Mr. Mustard

I think many posters missed the point. The poll question was not about constitutional rights or free enterprise. It was asking whether a company closely tied to a MEMBER PAID ORGANIZATION that was created for RV services should sell a certain weapon. The semi-automatic weapon issue has become a political issue (as evidenced by the responses on this thread) and thus becomes a fair question for a poll regarding paid memberships sticking to defined scope of services.


It doesn’t bother me that CW is selling guns. There are a lot of RVer’s that own them and have them in their RV’s and consider them necessary to their RV life.


It’s none of my , or your , business what CW sells as long as it’s legal, and guns are legal.

Jim Copeland

I don’t see anything wrong with it. Your objection is mainly a moral objection against automatic weapons. The ownership of a gun is a constitutional right just like the free speech you enjoy and the crusade against Marcus Lemonis. Like many I grew up with a gun and hunting and a semi automatic rifle is an invaluable tool in the deer woods. The fact that many sold today are made to look like the military version gives them a cool factor does not diminish the usefulness as a hunting gun. any dangerous tool can be used as a weapon to… Read more »


He sells women’s wear also. Wait for the camouflaged thongs. Well maybe they are already there, I just can’t see them. Lol.

Vernon Britton

Thank you for your information about Lemonis’ choice to offermweapons in his catalog. This is from the guy that called Trump supporters evil and invited them to take their business elsewhere. I support legal sale of weapons as I support whoever our President is, vote for him, or not. I agree with your premise that his catalog is not a particularly appropriate site for gun sales and I would like him to stop. I have been so dissatisfied with Good Sam, et al, and have wanted a divorce for sometime. I think it is Tim to put this ideas into… Read more »

Jim thompson

I don’t like camping world either, bought my 5th wheel from them in 2016 and came to realize that was not some thing I’d never do again. However, I too have no problem with them selling guns. I’m a proud veteran, have had a concealed carry permit in the state of Ohio since they became available and a lifetime member of the NRA. Liberals need to get away from gun control and perhaps go after automobile manufacturers for selling vehicles that kill people. That point being guns don’t kill, the person using them do.


That’s where you are wrong these are not assault rifles and assault weapons can’t be sold in America

Tom Piper

What New Zealand did was pass laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens
They will do nothing about the guns in the hands of criminals. When someone comes to your door with an “assault weapon “, whatever that is, I hope you are successful in defending yourself with your bb-gun. Or maybe you can throw rocks at them.


2nd Amendment honey, this ain’t New Zealand!


would you please define the term “assault weapon”? can you tell me what an “assault weapon” is?? the media and anti-gun RIGHTS people are very, very fond of that term and use it profusely in their anti-gun lectures. seems to me that a muzzle loader or a single shot dueling pistol can be assault weapons. wake up, America, before it’s too late.


Move to Canada or the UK or New Zealand. You will not defeat the 2nd amendment!


BEWARE of the new Camping World Website email settings! I got an email this week that the NEW Camping World website was available and needed a new sign in. After this was completed I was given a choice of preferences for email notifications. When I looked a the L O N G list of options ALL of the boxes were checked for me…regardless that I had chosen NONE of the boxes.
After you sign up go back to Preferences and verify that only the ones YOU want are checked.

Happy Travels

Pete Moss

Give it up Chuck….it’s legal and many view as a “complimentary sale”. You cannot take the position you did and then claim neutrality—it’s illogical. Clearly you do not want these type firearms more widely distributed than may currently be the case. Each states government must decide this. Of course you are entitled to voice your opinion but perhaps that should be in your local paper. Since we are giving opines….I’m in the camp of sadness for New Zealand folks slaughtered by a nut job but am Angry the place of worship (apparently) had no real action plan to deal with… Read more »

Ed K

I won’t stop foot into any place owned by Lemonis.


You very cleverly just voiced your opinion about guns. I don’t read this newsletter to hear another political argument. Oh by the way I’m not a fan of Marcus Lemonis.
It’s a shame, I just wanted to read about RVing.


I wonder if your issue is semi-automatics in general or AR15 type firearms. ARs are only a subset of semi-autos many of which appear nothing like an AR. That being said, no, I don’t have a problem. The inference it appears you’re drawing is somehow Good Sam is somehow ‘above’ firearms ownership. Plenty of good people, including Good Sam members are responsible gun owners, including AR15s which by the way, are darn good hunting rifles.


While I’m not going to tell someone whether they should or shouldn’t buy or own a gun, I don’t believe it’s appropriate for them to be included in good sam’s club’s camping world catalog. I understand that many hunters/sportsmen are campers/rv’ers but the vast majority of of them wouldn’t use those types of advertised weapons for their sport and the vast majority of campers/rv’ers are families or older couples that are enjoying their time away from home. I’m more of a “there’s a right and wrong place” kind of gal, and the wrong places for such weapons is in good… Read more »

Vernon Britton

I tri d to vote “up” on this bu the vote number decreased by one. ???????

Tom Piper

If you have 4 negative votes and add 1 positive vote, the number goes down.


yes, that’s because a positive or “up” vote where the total votes is a negative number would result in a *decrease* in the total number of negative or “down votes”. the reverse is also true. basic math.


My grandmother, a strict Catholic mother of six boys and one girl, use to take an ink bottle and blot the ink on the ladies undergarments in the Sears Robuck catalog. To her way of thinking, Sears should not have advertised such things. That she didn’t like the ads, didn’t mean others didn’t like or need the garments. This country has gone crazy with the idea that everyone needs to accommodate me and what I want. Because I may not think the way you do does not make me wrong or evil.


The rifles shown are called “Modern Sporting Rifles”, the MOST popular rifle in America today. So yes, there is a good chance that the vast majority of hunters/sportsmen would own them. Secondly, the hand guns are for personal protection, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, not granted by it. Many DO wish to protect their families against possible threats in those seconds when help (police) are minutes away. It may be more prolific than you care to imagine. An armed society is a polite society and those who legally carry concealed are proven to be more law abiding than the police!… Read more »


Perfectly legal merchandise. Smart marketing. Even happens to be products protected by the US Constitution unlike RV’s.


These rifles and handguns are no different than any other tool that CW might sell.
It’s not the tool that is “bad” it’s the person holding it.
Leave the political issues alone and stick to camping related issues.

Jim Copeland

Well said, short to the point


I just pulled the CW Junk Catalog out of my Burn Pile Trash! It is actually NOT CW selling handguns, but GANDER Mountain Online. I doubt you will be able to buy a Gun from CW, since it would require CW to get a FFL (Federal Firearms License) to do so!


Chuck: If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would never have known that CW was selling Firearms! Mainly because the Catalog is in the Trash can anyway. I didn’t even open the piece of garbage. I DO NOT SHOP at CW or any of Lemon Heads stores, including Gander Mountain! That being said, Who really cares anyway. While I have NO RESPECT for Mr. Lemon Head, he does have a right to sell anything legal in his stores. And considering the First and Second Amendment are under constant Attack by the DEMON-RATS in this country, I can’t say it is a… Read more »


The First Amendment is a wonderful thing! Especially, when it comes to comments like yours!


tell that to the DEMON-RATS!


just look at most any newscast, read most any newspaper. jeff is correct.


I feel a lot of bias in your article. I am totally anti-gun but i do not feel the need to point out a retailers choice to sell what he wants in his catalogue. I will skip over or choose to not shop there any more. If you feel used in some way by Lemonis why are you still a member of Sams Club? As you pointed out this is a business so he gets to run it how he chooses…, as a consumer, get to choose to support it or not.


Chuck, you are so anti- Campingworld, why would you even bother looking through their catalog. I think you need a new bandwagon, it’s getting old.

Edward D.

This is the USA and the USA was pretty much built on the back of the “free enterprise” system, or capitalism, if you will. Although we do not own one, I see no problem with Camping World offering them in their catalog. Although I will never purchase an RV from Camping World (due to all of the horror stories I have read), I see no problem with offering guns for protection in their catalogs.

Eric Ramey

If You Build It, They Will Come-Kevin Costner/Field of Dreams
If I Sell It, They Will Buy It-Marcus Lemonis.

I am not surprised at Camping Worlds decision to sell guns. Instead of improving the quality of the goods and services that they provide (that’s a rant for another day) they are more focused on increasing sales and profit.