Good Sam Club drops basic member benefit


Several readers have reported receiving messages from the Good Sam Club that it is discontinuing its trip planning tool on April 10. The Trip Planner has been one of the club’s more popular free member benefits. As you will read below, the club “hopes” to launch a bigger and better tool before the end of the year.

“We know how important a trip planning tool is to our members,” the email message noted. “The current trip planning tool has been a wonderful service for many years. However, based on feedback that we have received from our members, we feel that it’s time and necessary to make improvements that meets the needs of all our members.

“A new, bigger and better trip planning tool is currently under construction. We would like to ask your patience while it is being developed. Our hope is to launch the new tool by the end of 2019.”

The message also advises that “if you have any planned trips they will no longer be available once the current trip planner comes down.”

In related news, the club reports that its membership has grown to an all-time high of 2.1 million.

NOTE: Many readers report that RV Trip Wizard offers a better trip planning tool than the one noted above from Good Sam. Learn about it here. Other readers have mentioned RV Parky as a good source for planning a trip.

The message received by members:

Good Sam Club drops basic member benefit


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Thomas Anderson

This is the last straw for me. I will not renew with them again. Any recommendations where a replacement trip planning tool can be had?


This is BULL. I use this to find campgrounds every time I go camping. We camp for at least a week every other month. Most of the time we stay at 3 or more campgrounds. We use trip planner to find campgrounds exclusively. As a LIFETIME member this is just not right to just shut it down for months.


They should not take down the trip planner until the are ready to launch the new and better trip planner. Stupid move on their part.


Good Sam is no where near the club it used to be. They shouldn’t take the trip planner down until the new one is launched (if ever).
Recreation.Gov just updated their website (with many issues), and left the old one up until launch time. Funny that the government has to show how it’s done!
Many reasons including this why I dropped Good Sam from my list of companies to give my business to.
Don’t trust their evaluation and reviews of campgrounds and RV resorts. Their point system is way off. Scoring some places we’ve been 9 and 10. In reality they were 5. Some we left early they were so bad.

Pat OConnor

If you are replacing or improving a product, why would you take down, remove or otherwise disable the existing product? Since joining the RV community last year (2018), I continue to be confounded with the way the industry works. As consumers, we all want and choose to be here, and maybe that’s the problem: none of the companies have to really “work” to keep us happy. Instead, they let us think we’re getting as good as it gets, and there is no way to improve. We just don’t understand. The RV industry is just different, and we are just not smart enough to understand that.

As long as we remain sheep, the shepherds will show us their way, and take care of us – their way….

What would happen if 50% of Good Sam members cancelled their membership, insurance, etc. and went with another group or company. Would a message be sent? Would it be heard? Would it be understood? I, for one, am not so sure. I feel, having bought our home on wheels, we are on our own, and have this forum and others to look to for support. Not so much the dealers, and the manufacturers…

Thanks for the space to leave my thoughts, and thanks to all of you we have met – in person or on line – who have shared experiences and advice without hesitation. We are proud to be among you!

Don & Nancy Schneider

I use Trip Planner every year as we plan our 3-4 month summer trip. I suspect that the new software will NOT be able to download to our “aged Good Sam GPS units” and will only support a new tablet or other gadget! We have “lifetime maps” on our GPS that is not updated on a regular basis.

I also sent my opinions to the survey request but dont expect any of it to be in the new software.

If I have to buy a new GPS to support the new software then Good Sam will NOT be among the ones selected….do you hear me Mr. Lemonis?


I have used the trip planner on a number of occasions, in fact I just used it a couple of days ago. Maybe it needs some improvement but why take a useable service away before a replacement is available? Something more than than they are saying is going on, why take it down just as we are going into the busy camping/travel season. It is my guess that a replacement Trip Planner will never be available and it is just another way for M. L. to make or save a few extra bucks! I emailed GS expressing my thoughts but have never heard back from them. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!


Here’s the situation! If you are developing a new Software programs, then you get it developed, BETA tested and DEBUGGED, then you launch it as a test, BEFORE taking down the previous program that worked fine!

This is just another thing with BAD SAMS CLUB and Marky L***! He probably Cut 10 jobs by doing this and will never replace them. As for the NEW and Improved Travel Tool, Forget about it, you will never see it again.

I am sorry to say My Wife and I are lifetime members, so we can’t get our money back.

Good Sams (BAD SAMS) was a good company at one time. But, since Marky L*** took over it has only gone down hill!

I will never buy another BAD SAMS product again!

Debbie Anderson

I think it is fine, every application eventually needs updating. The only concern I would have is if they raised the membership pricing.


Good Sam club sounds like they are becoming the Bad Sam club. I bet this move has to do with the almighty dollar. You never remove something to replace it later. Shame on you BS club!

Mary Frances

It makes no sense to get rid,of this one while working on a new one. Why not keep the existing one while developing a better one?


GS is dead to me. Now no trip planner and still the worst campground discount available. They were the way to go decades. Sadly their time has passed as Mr. Lemonis slowly monetizes and dismantles it.


Sounds as though they are planning on dropping it completely. I have been on other (non rv) sites that were supposed to upgrade and it never happened.
I agree that they should have kept the old trip planner up and running until the ‘NEW’ version has been completed. They could even set up a beta test of the new one to work out any bugs.
If and when they do roll out the new one, look for an add on charge to use it.
My roadside assistance is up for renewal. Time to consider an alternative.




Any recommendations for a replacement from anyone using different software for RV trip planning?


As a life time member of GS, I have never used it. No loss, not user friendly on a phone.

Allan Cardinal

The only benefit of being a member, for me, was the trip planner. It was the best one we found, others were not good and even dangerous, ie giving routes through tunnels, low clearance etc. I really dont understand why they would take down the current planner while developing a new one especially going into peak travel season, does not make sense and seems that something else is going on. I would think that this will hurt their membership, I for one am not renewing

Eric Ramey

Luckily I use at least 3 or 4 different websites to help plan trips. So I am not too concerned about GS not offering their trip routing service.
However,it does seem kind of odd to kill one system before having another one in place.


So the Good Sam members will miss the spring, summer, and fall months of the RV season while the Trip Planner is offline. And “hopefully by the end of 2019” it the new, improved version will come online. Hmmm. And as the end of the year approaches, queries will receive the standard software developers answer: “Trust us. Real soon now.” It seems more than a bit harsh & foreboding that the planner is being taken down so far in advance of the promised upgrade.

David Scheeler

I’ll miss the Trip Planner even though I only used it to plan an unfamiliar trip. Its capability of indicating low clearances saved me on few occasions. I also liked the capability of planning fuel stops at truck service stations. Not sure why they couldn’t leave the current Trip Planner up and running while the new one is being developed. They did that when it was last revised and is the norm in today’s technology. I did complete the survey concerning the new trip planner, hopefully comments from the survey will be considered.