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Got a Lemon RV? Help is available (sometimes)


By Deanna Tolliver
Do you think your RV may be a lemon? If you bought a new RV and you’ve taken it back to the dealer or manufacturer for numerous repairs and it’s STILL not fixed, you may, in fact, have a lemon RV. 

Discussions among RVers about the quality of RV construction generally lead to the same conclusion: Manufacturers are sending many substandard units out their doors these days. Why? One possibility is that production is being rushed at an unprecedented rate. Over the past five years, RV production has almost doubled (285,749 in 2012 vs. 504,599 in 2017, per the RV Industry Association). 

RV quality is also likely affected by the shortage of skilled workers to produce them. Unemployment in Elkhart, Indiana, the “mothership” of RV manufacturers, is around 3 percent. Ten years ago, it was 20 percent. “Help Wanted” posters compete with each other at busy corner intersections. Workers at RV manufacturing plants receive bonuses of $500, $1,000 or more if they remain on the job three months or longer. Kyle Hannan, with the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce said, “You never want to say there’s anything bad about the lowest unemployment rate in the state and there’s not, but the challenge is finding enough qualified workers.”

A rush to produce more RVs and possibly unqualified workers to make them? Sounds like a bad combination that can only make RV buyers unhappy with their new homes-on-wheels. The dreams of happy road trips leading to fun-filled destinations are turned into frustrating nightmares. Instead of sitting by the lake around the campfire, you find yourself sitting on the shoulder of the road or in an RV repair parking lot.

Over the next few weeks, will be examining the world of lemon RVs, and what options for help you may have if you own one.

The law is apparently on your side. There are Lemon Laws in all 50 states as well as a Federal Law, called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed in 1975. The purpose of these state and federal laws is to protect the consumer from deceptive warranty practices. But what must have occurred in your interactions with the dealer/manufacturer varies greatly from state to state. 

For comparison, if you bought an RV in Iowa, the Lemon Law is a little vague: “Reasonable number of repair chances or a reasonable amount of time to complete repair during warranty.” Other states’ laws are more specific. In Minnesota: “Four unsuccessful repairs or 30 business days or one unsuccessful repair of total braking or steering loss likely to cause death or serious bodily injury within shorter of two years of warranty. Chassis only.”

The Federal Law does not require any product to have a warranty; its purpose is to ensure that if a business/manufacturer warranties its product, the warranty must comply with this law.

And if that sounds like lawyer-speak to you, don’t feel alone. Next week we’ll give you some ideas on how to pursue legal action to help resolve your Lemon RV problems, as well as show you the RVs most commonly involved in Lemon Law cases.

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Brian Holmes
2 years ago

When buying an Rv pay $5,000.00 dollars of the cost with a credit card you have had for many years. If you have problems and can get no help from the dealer dispute the charge. Credit Card companies always side with their customer if it is reasonable. This will get their attention and you will get a fix right away. Did this on one Rv purchase after getting jerked around by incompentant people. Had a phone call after 2 days to come in and get things straightened out. I now do this on every Rv purchase ( on number 6 ). You really have no leverage with these people once you pay for the unit. This works. The fading front cap issue I had on a new unit was resolved in one day after I threatened to do this.They said never heard of the fading front cap issue before and had 2 other campers in for the same repaint. Don`t like getting lied to after spending $70,000.00.

Marty chambers
2 years ago

I can only imagine the lack of quality control during this Covid 19 sales blitz.

It was ridiculous before, now it must be appalling!

Norm W
2 years ago

We purchased a new 2017 Redwood 5th. We were told by the dealer to take it to Topeka for repairs. 2 years later and 4 major suspension failures later…they installed MorRyde IS for us. Many many issues with this trailer. In the factory shop 4 times for work. Now having major electrical problems. We now turn all the breakers off at night so the smoke alarm won’t wake us.
Keystone hasn’t responded to our email….maybe they’re waiting for a letter from a lawyer. Its terrible to think we bought a “high end” trailer…and have these things to deal with.

Chet Rickett
2 years ago

Don’t buy a Heartland. We did the first trip out the furnace quit, the fireplace didn’t work, no air conditioning in the living room. Dusty in Florida fixed those things. Three flat tires in 2 years, we bought USA tires no problem since. Rear wall of trailer started to come out. Dealer fixed that for $500,OO, Heartland said that the chalking was only guaranteed for 90 days WHAT. Then at 5 years the connection at the black tank leaked another $288.00 to get that fixed. OH, the moveable counter fell on the first trip, I fixed that myself, didn’t figure Heartland could do it right.

J Cherry
4 years ago

My husband and I just spent a week in the Tiffin Service Center Parking Lot. We were one of the lucky ones. We needed a few minor repairs and then some valves changed out re the suspension. Our unit is 2011 Allegro Bus. We researched and researched before we bought our “use” unit. It’s been wonderful and we love it. I met a lot of people who have bought a 2018 unit from Tiffin. It makes me very sad to say that they are not happy and the quality has gone down hill. One guys said his 2014 was built so much better. He told us to keep ours as long as possible. 🙁

Rush Songer
4 years ago

We had a 2014 Keystone Cougar, It had electrical issues. You cut the light on in the bathroom and it froze the picture on the TV. When you cut the light off the TV would go black then reset to present on screen. There where 11 electrical receptacles on one 20 amp breaker. Keystone said it met the Electrical codes of today. Exterior Walls were detaching from unit. Grey water tank split on top and leaked.

4 years ago

Stay away from Grand Design as it seems since Winnebago took them over,they have cut corners on quality control…I found out the hard way.

Donna L Williams
4 years ago

So pleased you are discussing this. Have a new Roadtrek zion SRT on a Ram promaster chassis that has been in various repair shops for over 5 months. Fuel filling problem. Part of the issue is finding Ram promaster service shops that will work on RV conversions. Had to go 100 miles from my home. If not repaired this time will have to try the lemon law process.

Edward Price
4 years ago

Here’s a crash course in Lemon Laws and how they apply to the special case of an RV. Steve Lehto specializes in Michigan consumer law and has a number of YouTube videos that speak directly to understanding the State and Federal Lemon Laws, and has published several videos that deal directly with RV’s. Learn what Lemon Laws are, what they cover, and why RV’s are generally NOT covered by those laws.
Check out these episodes; the first two are RV specific and most important to us (play them a few times, you will learn so much):

Lehto also talks about the law and other vehicles; you may find yourself binge-watching his episodes.

4 years ago

Anybody besides me have significant multiple problems with Mercedes sprinter based RV?

Colin Grant
4 years ago
Reply to  Thomas

Look at Sprinter Source Forum for answers to problems. The later models have problems with the exhaust system and parts are expensive. They all need regular oil changes at more frequent miles than they claim. The older T1N model is less complicated and very reliable. I have a 2006.

4 years ago

I had my 5th Wheel for less than a week when I discovered Water coming out from my underbelly. Came to find out that the RV dealer had removed one of my holding tanks To repair another RV that had been returned for repairs. The dealer then replaced my holding tank with a smaller one that was not designed to be in my RV. It was further complicated by the fact that they did not even strap it in so that it would stay in place.

This dealer has many different locations scattered across the country, and at the time Idiscovered my problem I fortunately took it back to a different dealership. The service center quickly identified the problem making me aware of what the other dealership had done.

Sadly, my state had no lemon laws but I was so upset at what these folks are done in selling me a brand new rig That I contacted my state consumers affairs department. I finally got my rig repaired after more than three months in the shop and the only thing I got from the dealership was A couple thousand dollars for my troubles. And only because the consumer affairs department served as an arbitrator to force the company to make compensation. I felt that they should had taken my RV back and started the process over. But, after more than 6 months of letter writing and phone calls , and being warned that simply returning the unit would hurt me and not the company I bit my lip and accepted the repairs and small compensation.

I then began to have problems with the ‘new’ furniture that came with my fifth wheel. I quickly found that it was made in China and begin to fall apart. Numerous calls to Heartland only got one of my recliner’s replaced and a $300 payoff for the mal-function of my sleeper sofa. The frustrating thing is that the Heartland company ONLY passed on responsibility to their venders and I had to wait months for the slow process of getting this covered by through the individual warranty proceeds.

I have learned two valuable lessons:
1- Never buy new.
2- Know the company that makes the unit and whether they have a practice of standing with the consumer to resolve the issue.

Sadly, there are hundreds of manufacturers of RVs and I only know of one company who stands behind what they build and will work with you to make necessary repairs. My next RV will be a Tiffin.

4 years ago

I look forward to more on this topic. So far we’ve been lucky. We’ve purchased 3 brand new RVs over the years and haven’t experienced any catastrophic failures (yet). But we’ve had numerous annoying issues that took way too long to fix or should never have occurred in the first place. It makes us leery of ever buying another new RV.

Dick and Sandy
4 years ago

The Lemon Laws in many states concerning RV’s, DOES NOT cover the LIVING QUARTERS of the RV. And the LIVING QUARTERS of the RV is where most of the problems persist. That leaves few if any options of many state RV Lemon Laws to help the RV owners.

4 years ago

There is another variable in completing repairs successfully. There are many high volume dealers that don’t have the service expertise to do the repair, so they do a bandaid repair. Then your back in a week with the same issue.
The same high volume dealers “service department” mainly supports the sales department getting new units out the door ASAP – actual repairs are put on hold for possibly months.

Mike King
4 years ago

I haven’t found that great dealership yet, but I’m still looking. Any advice on how to know before you buy?

Norm Knutson
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike King

Check out reviews on any dealer you plan to visit for repairs or purchase. Keep in mind that it is rare to find all 5 star reviews on any dealer or repair facility. Look to see what the majority say and how long ago it was posted. Review other dealers in your area. Know that buying a NEW RV, that YOU are the Quality Control Inspector to find issues that should have been done by the factory or dealer. Good luck.

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