Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Got gunk? Get Safe-T-Solve

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Gunk. As defined in a press release from Iosso, gunk is “A sticky combination of lubricants, dirt, and other contaminants.” Evidently you don’t need to have a two-year-old to be plagued with gunk, but that’s another story. We’ve had plenty of experience with “gunk” (of the mechanical kind) lately. Readying the rig for a big tour required removing all sorts of parts, many of which were exposed to a sticky combination of dirt and lubricants. So where was Iosso’s touted product, Safe-T-Solve, when we needed it?

We dealt with our gunk with what plenty of folks use: petrochemicals! Well, perhaps gone are the days when you washed up in gasoline while your brother-in-law puffed away on a cigarette just a few feet away. We’re enlightened now (not lightened, as in when flammable fumes meet up with your brother-in-law’s cigarette), and we’re aware that petrochemicals can do nasty things to our human functions.

So along comes Safe-T-Solve, that purportedly cleans up stubborn gunk without VOCs (volatile organic compounds). And at the end of the job, there’s no worry about finding a hazardous waste receiving plant, since Safe-T-Solve is biodegradable.

Even so, the stuff bills itself as “industrial strength,” that flexes its muscles at “heavy grease and oil, adhesive ink and marker, petroleum residues, and [amazingly, for you rubber-roof RV owners] black streaks.” And at the front end of your rig, road tar and dried bugs have met their match.

Other uses include pretreating clothing stains, or on the other end of the spectrum, putting into your parts washer.

How is Safe-T-Solve used? Sprayed on the surface, or put the “gunked” stuff into it directly. Hard-surfaced items can then be rinsed with water or wiped off with a rag.

Iosso’s Safe-T-Solve is said to come in a whatever quantity you can use – from four ounces to five gallons. Sad to say, the only retail quantity we could find was 32 ounces. With shipping, from, it runs under $16.


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