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Great RV Accessories Newsletter Issue 61

Posted October 26, 2017

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Product Spotlight

Monitor temperature in your RV from wherever you are

By Chuck Woodbury
When I heard about Blustream RV monitoring system I thought what a godsend it would be to pet owners. On a hot summer day, many RVers leave their pets in their RVs, cooled by the air conditioning, while they’re away for awhile — local sightseeing, a trip to the supermarket, dinner out.

In most cases there’s no problem: The A/C will keep Fido and Boots cool. But what if the electricity or air conditioner were to fail?

And that’s where the Blustream could prove a lifesaver. The small device monitors both the temperature and humidity inside your RV (or home) and streams the data to your Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device. Through its app, it provides notifications when safe limits are exceeded, and can send alerts to your mobile device wherever you are. 

It can be useful, too, when your RV is in storage, monitoring unwanted humidity, which can lead to damage. Other uses include monitoring the humidity in wine cellars, cigar humidors or anywhere else where the temperature is critical.

And it’s not just about monitoring heat. If cold temperature is a concern, and it drops too low, Blustream will let you know.

Two mobile devices and WiFi are needed for the Blustream to work, one in the RV, the other with you when you’re away. We used a Samsung tablet in the RV to communicate with Gail’s iPhone. The small Blustream device itself can be mounted on an RV’s wall, or simply placed out of the way. Setup is straightforward. Blustream’s support team will help if you need it.

The device sells for a modest $49.95. More information is available at its website.

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Eliminate holding tank odors!
Eliminate disgusting tank odors for less than $1 per treatment with formaldehyde-free Unique RV Digest-It. Unique’s highly concentrated, non-toxic blend of tank cleaning microbes maintains clean sensors, eliminates odors, and liquefies the solids in your tank, ensuring no backups. All without harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients. Try it once and you’ll be shocked at how clean your tank can be! Learn more or order.

Warm your toes this winter with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy
Warm the space you’re in without having to run your propane-gobbling forced air furnace with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater. This patented radiant 4,000-9,000 BTU liquid propane heater connects directly to either a 1-lb. cylinder, or to a remote gas supply with the purchase of a hose and filter. With built-in safety features and super-easy lighting, it’s the perfect solution for heating enclosed spaces like large tents and RV rooms up to 225 sq. ft. Read more.

Carry more stuff with a Vault Cargo Hitch Carrier
Sometimes there just isn’t enough cargo space in your lockers, especially for bulky items like a cooler, generator or BBQ. But luckily, Vault offers a 60″ x 24″ Cargo Hitch Carrier built with a rugged steel frame to withstand the outdoor elements it encounters. It fits into a 2″ hitch receiver on your SUV, truck, car or van, and can carry up to 500 lbs. of cargo. Learn more.

SecuraTrac introduces tiny, powerful emergency pendant
Every winter, many snowbirds head south in their RVs or cars, spending days on the road facing potential bad weather, vehicle trouble or other risks. If something happens where there is no cell signal, a new technology called the MobileDefender Model S can keep snowbirds directly in touch with friends, family and, if needed, first responders automatically. The small device can be kept in the car, worn, or carried in a pocket. Learn more.

Atwood Carbon Monoxide Alarm is made for RVs!
This is the CO detector aboard the RV Travel motorhome. In our opinion, it’s the best. It was recommended to us by Mac the Fire Guy, THE authority on RV fire safety. This detector has a 10-year lifespan so needs to be replaced only half as often as most detectors. If you do not have a good CO detector in your RV, you’re living dangerously. Learn more or order.

Video Product Review

Portable air compressor gets thumbs up from the Gadget Guru
Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 1.18.19 PMAndy Pargh, the Gadget Guru, demonstrates the Viair 400P portable air compressor. The small compressor will fool you as it’s a fraction of the size of a typical air compressor but has enough power to inflate a full-size motorhome tire. editor Chuck Woodbury travels with a similar model and loves it. In this 14-minute video, Andy thoroughly explains the unit and shows it in action. Watch the video.

Make your own ice cream – without an ice cream machine
Having just suffered through dental surgery, Bob Difley was stuck for awhile with soft food. But it just so happened that he had a product review to do: The Curious Creamery’s ice cream-in-a-packet. He was pleasantly surprised with its easy-to-make creamy vanilla ice cream. There are many flavors to choose from and the possibilities of creating additional flavors are endless. Mmmm! A bowl of cool and creamy Irish Mudslide for dessert, anyone? Learn more.

Do you have a proper emergency First Aid Kit in your RV?
The Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit is the perfect all-purpose family first aid kit for your home, car, RV and next adventure. Be ready for any emergency with this 205-piece kit, which features an ample supply of the components most often needed in the field. All items are housed in a durable, semi-hard case that protects contents. The unique EZ Find System keeps the items organized and allows room for you to customize your kit to your own specific needs. Read more.

Kwik Bandit Tie provides alternative to bungee cords
Although consumers are accustomed to using bungee cords for both recreational and work settings, the risk of injury is ever-present. Kwik Bandit Tie provides a safe, reliable substitute as it does not have a sudden release of stored energy should it become undone. Kwik Bandit reusable rubber straps combine the best features of cable ties with those of elastic straps – simply stretch, wrap and lock the strap around objects or cable bundles for a secure hold. Read more.

Portable alarm can help in scary situation
Whether you feel threatened by a bad guy or even a bear in the forest, the tiny BASU eAlarm can become your best friend. It’s tiny, designed to fit on key chain. But when you activate it, the sound is “big,” close to ear-piercing. Do your pet a favor and never test this in the same room. Emily Woodbury got her hands on one of these devices and says it’s a keeper. Read her review.


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Graphite keeps your locks working
Keep your RV’s locks (and other locks, too) working the way they should. This product from AGS will keep them lubricated and working smoothly and will guard against sticking and dirt buildup. Also reduces wear and corrosion. This should be essential equipment on all RVs. Learn more or order.

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John Taylor (@guest_15766)
6 years ago

That Atwood CO detector is just a Kidde detector with a different name on it. You can get the Kidde for less than half the price at Walmart.

Sam (@guest_15573)
6 years ago

Amen, Richard Brandt. He’s a nice guy but I worry about him getting continued viewership. People’s time is very limited. An outline with bullet points is far better than a novel in the YouTube realm.

Larry Wasson (@guest_15525)
6 years ago

The more information you have to use, the better the decisions you are capable to making. Thus you will have the best possible experience to enjoy.

Richard Brandt (@guest_15397)
6 years ago

The Gadget Guru turned a 2 minute video into a 14 minute one and I couldn’t make it to the end. He could have his own talk show…

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