Viair portable air compressor does the job!


Andy Pargh, the Gadget Guru, demonstrates the Viair 400P portable air compressor. The small compressor will fool you as it’s a fraction of the size of a typical air compressor but has enough power to inflate a full-size motorhome tire. editor Chuck Woodbury travels with a similar model and loves it. In this 14-minute video, Andy thoroughly explains the unit and shows it in action. If you are interested in purchasing the compressor, it’s listed along with similar models at


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JJ Johnson

When you remove the red plug, there is a round filter you should screw in to help ensure trash doesn’t get into the workings of the compressor.

Ron Schulz

I’ve used a Viair compressor for eight years now. I keep it in my truck and it has never failed me. The model I have is rated for continuous use and never overheats. Makes it very easy to pump up my tires whenever I need it. I really recommend this pump…


Sounds interesting, I was wondering how you can put in 115 PSI, when the the VIAIR has a 110 PSI cut off switch. I’ve used just about every type of portable air compressors in my 50 years of off roading. My first was an Engine Air Compressor, you . had to take a spark plug out & screw in a valve & turn on your engine & the slower it ran the faster it filled your tire, actually it was great except for the 500 degree fitting when you went to unscrew it from the engine. I have a York compressor from an air conditioner unit adopted to my 2006 Jeep, works awesome especially at 10 CFM. I like using my Diesel compressor as it has a 18.5 CFM output, really awesome
Thanks for listening

Mark R.

Does it come with a warranty?


It’s a lot easier to make the connections if the hoses aren’t pressurized. So first connect everything and then turn on the compressor.