Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Harvest Hosts to expand internationally

Until this week, Harvest Hosts has only been available in the Lower 48 states, Alaska, parts of Canada, and portions of Mexico. With the company’s recent acquisition of Brit Stops, Harvest Hosts will now jump across the pond and expand their operations internationally into the United Kingdom. This move is a huge step in the farm-stay company’s business operations and a significant shift toward opening locations in other countries.

Who is Brit Stops?

Just like Harvest Hosts, Brit Stops was established in 2010. The company, started by Mandy and Steve Clark, provides an extremely similar set of services. They offer British RVers a network of small businesses and farms in the U.K. where they can park overnight. In exchange, patronage of the local businesses and farms is highly encouraged.

Over the past 13 years, Brit Stops has expanded to include more than 1,100 locations across the United Kingdom. Their addition of Irish Stops in 2015 opened the British Isles to campers as well. Members of the program receive a book containing all locations, and the company launched an app in 2023. The cost of membership is simply purchasing the book for 32 euros (about $33 USD), plus shipping.

Details of the acquisition

In a joint move, Harvest Hosts and Brit Stops have decided to join forces. Harvest Hosts CEO Joel Holland stated that the two companies’ instant bond and shared mission will allow a larger number of RVers to create lasting memories and support local businesses.

Tom Cark, the general manager of Brit Stops, will remain on the team as a crucial member of operations. For now, Brit Stops will continue to operate as an independent company and their annual guidebook will still be available for purchase. U.K. residents will be able to continue to utilize Brit Stops’ resources, but over time the organization will transition to Harvest Hosts. Over the next year, Harvest Hosts will continue to develop Brit Stops’ app technology so that customers can find resources and places to stay more conveniently.

The future of international travel with Harvest Hosts

North America is not the only continent to enjoy RV travel. In fact, the popularity of this pastime has exploded in other countries in recent years. Nearly 25% of the British population is intending on taking road trips in 2023, according to one survey. With this increased interest in touring, RVing and van life are realistic ways of traveling. It’s important for these individuals to have the camping resources to make their trips possible.

Harvest Hosts’ expansion into the international market creates an opportunity for more travelers to experience safe boondocking opportunities. It also creates an avenue for local small businesses to increase their profits and popularity. Most importantly, it provides existing members with an opportunity to continue their RV adventures abroad.

An international Harvest Hosts membership combined with a campervan or RV rental could very well be an affordable and memorable way of visiting another country. While spreading business into the U.K. is one small step, it paves the way for future expansions into other parts of the world.




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