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Hats and caps out of control and thrown all over your RV? Try this simple tip to keep them organized

Are hats and caps out of control and all over the place in your RV? Perhaps you have some in your closet, some in a cupboard, and some thrown about on your favorite recliner… Ours were. I’d open a cabinet and they would all fall out.

To fix my falling-all-over-me hat problem, I installed my ever favorite Command utility hooks in a cabinet and now they hang neatly, don’t fall out when I open the door and best yet – I return them to their place on a hook when I return to the RV.

hang caps
Photo Credit: Nanci Dixon

For the larger floppy, wide brim sun hats, I have a hook to put those on too. They just don’t fit in the cabinet.

Having a place, and a limited place at that, keeps me from adding more caps or hats without discarding one. One in and one out. Easy to say but hard to do!



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7 months ago

If I had the cabinet space, that would work for me. However, you could forget it for my husband!

John M
7 months ago

Beings we have a Class C now instead of an A, I just put my hats on the bed over the cab and always know where they are.

7 months ago
Reply to  John M

Hat on the bed is bad luck, they say.

Jeff Craig
7 months ago
Reply to  Gary

I thought it was strange shoes UNDER the bed that was bad luck….

7 months ago

Sounds like returning them to the hook was the big problem in search of a solution.

Bob Palin
7 months ago

What a total waste of time this item is! Hat’s laying about? Hang them on a hook!
<sarcasm>Brilliant, I mean who would ever have thought of that?</sarcasm>

7 months ago

I have close to twenty hats hanging in my rig.

I got a curtain rod, attached it to the overhead cabinet, and I hang my hats on shower curtain hooks.

Judy G
7 months ago

I found an over-the-door hangar with 10 ‘knobbed’ hooks. On the outside of the bathroom door it secures doggies leashes, harness, collar, and my hats for easy access.

Tom H.
7 months ago
Reply to  Judy G

We have a similar hanger on our bathroom door. Works well for us.

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