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Did you send out Christmas cards this year?

Christmas cards or holiday cards can be so much fun to send out, and even more fun to receive! You can make your own cards online, paint or draw your own, or, of course, pick out some you like from the store that suits each one of your family members’ and friends’ personalities.

This year, did you send out any Christmas cards? If so, how many did you send out? And if you did send them out, why didn’t we get one from you?! We’re kidding, of course, although it would have been nice… Next year add us to your list?


  1. We always order ours through “Leanin’ Tree”. We always get the Western-themed ones- They are always beautiful. We get about 8 assorted sets- a little expensive but each has a personalized message from us inside. Christmas cards bring a special feeling-not only of the season but the year as well.

  2. I always send them to kids, they LOVE to get their own cards and mail. And adults as well. I sent out 30 this year and they are all to people I talk to at least several times a year. I do birthday cards and call up and sing and they all love that also, so they say. And before he died I always called my x-husband and sang Happy un-anniversary to him.We stayed on good terms. It was a good laugh for us, and the kids liked it too.

  3. I love sending Christmas cards! I send out about 60 every year, and I get about 30-35 in return. That’s okay, I still like sending them.

  4. No and I do feel guilty about it. The more I’ve stewed the worse it feels. I have come to one conclusion “LAZY”. We’ve all gotten lazy turning to texting not even email. One time out of the year to take time and write a note inside, put a stamp on and send. So I ran out bought card and sending it might be late but I wouldn’t feel guilty because friends are worth the $1.50 or so per card.

  5. DW sits there for several hours sending cards to all her relatives, maybe we get 12-15 cards back, that’s why I don’t fool with it anymore. At $.55 cents each plus the cost of the cards the USPS must be rolling in money each Christmas season.

  6. I design and print my own cards, and things crept up on me this year (again). They are all printed, and I am just starting on my extensive list. They may not all get mailed by Christmas day (but the season lasts until January 6, Epiphany).

  7. We sent 42 photo cards this year. Had them made at the drug store and picked them up the same day. Inexpensive but then there’s the cost of postage!! So far we’ve gotten about 10 cards. I’m old and have sent cards for years but I think it’s a dying tradition.

  8. For 20+ years my wife does a Christmas themed watercolor painting which we use for our Christmas cards. Many of our friends say it is the one card they most look forward to every year and several say they have saved every one.

    • Oh that is cool~ my aunt did one like that one year and I framed it. Then through Ancestry DNA test I was connected with a baby she had given up for adoption in 1955. My Aunt was long gone but my Aunt had looked for her. I sent a velvet Jacket my Aunt worn & gave to me. Plus some Norwegian jewelery she gave me and the Christmas card in a frame and a few letters I had save from my Aunt. Sure made my new cousin feel closer to the Mother who loved her enough to give her up and adopted into a loving home.

  9. This year was only about sixty cards, and have received twelve so far. During the covid plague, nice to know who is still alive.

  10. I met many people at different points of my life who were extremely important to me for at least a season. Consequently I have sent a great number (>200) of Christmas cards each year for the last 40 years. I consider it important to let each of those people know that they mattered a great deal to me then and that they still do by staying current on their address, sending a card with an enclosed letter, and writing a personal note. Although it takes days to prepare my cards for mailing, I smile as I recall my connection with each person as I prepare her/his/their card.

  11. We sent out probably two dozen this year. Mostly to close friends and family. We do add a letter to some of the friends who live far away that we do not see very often.
    As far as the photo cards, We do get one every year from a nephew and his family. Sorry, but I feel the photo cards are just them trying to brag about their family or their travels. Not personal at all. Just showing off.

  12. I send out Christmas travel letters with pictures of our travels on one side and letter on the other. Our friends say how much they enjoy our travel letters.

  13. Yes. But the thing I really like to do is birthday cards. Over the years, I have found out many friend’s birth date. They all get a card. It is a very nice surprise on their special day.

  14. Yes, we send cards, birthday, congratulations and thank yous and most holidays. It is a great way to stay in touch with our friends and family. And I like to think a card can make someone smile fir a minute or 2.


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