Don’t forget to tow your… helicopter?


We found this image on the Facebook page and first gasped, then chuckled… could this be real? A few Facebook commenters mention they’ve seen this helicopter-towin’ RV around the country before, so it must be!

The owners of this rig and ‘copter combo are lucky when they need to scout out a new campsite, or see what the traffic jam up ahead is all about. “Honey, fly the ‘copter up ahead and see what’s going on!” Or, “Honey, site number 32 is still available to book next week… let’s fly on over and see what it looks like from above.”

They’d be good friends to have if you were visiting the Grand Canyon together though… free ride, anyone?


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1 month ago

We ran into a couple that was towing a helicopter when we were in the Keys a good while back. It was used for their site seeing business. Very cool.

1 month ago

Love helicopters but not qualified to fly one. Love the Safari Trek (By Monaco) doing the towing. I have one of those, complete with a custom mural like the one pictured. Great small Class A.

Dave J
1 month ago

Hmmm kayak on each side…pontoons perhaps? …Just joking.. too small.

1 month ago

What is the white thing in the back of the trailer? A jacuzzi?

David Shipp
1 month ago
Reply to  Lago

based on the facct they seem to have every thing else, it must be a one man submarine.

1 month ago

Several years ago, cruising down the main channel on Lake Powell we noticed a houseboat coming towards us with something rather large on the top of it. Once we got closer, it was a helicopter. Have seen many things on top of houseboats, that was a first!

1 month ago

Yep whatever happened to Rich the Wanderman?

Julia Elliott
1 month ago

Two kayaks, a copter n RV towing… Excellent combo – “land, sea, n air” coverage …

Julia Elliott
1 month ago
Reply to  Julia Elliott

Also – these minis are just plain awesome …

Shirley Perry
1 month ago

We passed a motorhome towing a pickup with a small helicopter sitting in the bed. We thought wow, way to RV!

1 month ago

Before he joined the quickly growing former RVT Writers Club, Rich “Wanderman” towed his helicopter. I’m not sure how much he towed it “usually” or just the one trip he wrote about on here.

1 month ago

Rich, the Wanderman has one also, though that isn’t his rig.

1 month ago

Wasn’t there a writer on this site that had a helicopter. I kind of remember his adventures trying to get it home after he purchased it late in the year ????. Maybe it was just one of those memories that aren’t !!!!

1 month ago

He’s not the only one that tows a helicopter behind a class A. There’s another guy that does the same behind an older class A than the one in this pic.