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Sean Lamothe covered his Mazda pickup truck in artifical turf.

Color my pickup truck green! You bet – in fake grass

By James Raia Sean Lamothe, the owner of Grass Masters, a lawn care service, believes in green technology. But he has a different take on...

The 1973 Ford Explorer pickup – A wacky RV concept!

By Tony Barthel The 1970s were an interesting time for the RV world. RV sales were starting to really take off and even the auto...

RV Review: Everbright EB-RV Tricycle Motorhome

By Tony Barthel If you don’t know about Alibaba but are addicted to Amazon, this is your fair warning. Read this article and never think...

OMG! These jaw-dropping vehicles will shock you. How can they drive?

OMG! Our jaw was open the entire time we watched this video! How do some of these vehicles even move? These will shock you!...

So did they want a motorhome or a fifth wheel? Don’t try this at...

You probably know at least one person who has trouble deciding what they want. Do you know anyone who has had trouble deciding what...

He turned an old Air Force jet engine into an RV!

This is right up there with the coolest RVs we've ever seen... Steve Jones, a former technician for the Royal Air Force, spent 1,000 hours...

Don’t forget to tow your… helicopter?

We found this image on the Facebook page and first gasped, then chuckled... could this be real? A few Facebook commenters mention they've...

True story: “My RV was a Bloodmobile”

By Nanci Dixon We outgrew our family truck camper the day the kids and their friends didn’t sleep in the tents outside and we did....

See the world’s smallest plane in Arizona

We asked readers in issue 956, July 11, 2020, if they thought this plane was real or a non-flying movie prop. The answer is,...