Monday, October 3, 2022


Hershey RV Show scheduled for September canceled

Shoulder to shoulder crowds pack together on weekends at the large RV show.

After careful consideration with the RV industry, the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association (PRVCA) has announced the cancellation of the 2020 Hershey RV Show, scheduled for September 16-20 at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

This is the first time in 53 years the show has not been held.

The show is billed as the largest held annually in North America. It draws huge crowds from many Eastern and Midwest states as well as from Canada and even the far West. It is often the first place in the country where consumers can view the newest model recreational vehicles.

As COVID-19 outbreaks continue to be of concern, PRVCA worked to find ways to hold a show while protecting the health and safety of all attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff. Unfortunately, the hurdles were too great to overcome based on the information available as of right now.

The show will return to the public September 15-19, 2021.


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2 years ago

Good decision.

2 years ago

Too bad they caved to the media fear mongering . What a great economic loss to the community.

2 years ago

John, too bad you don’t care about others. Would it be better to put money ahead of peoples health and maybe their lives for all of the thousands they come into contact with. Even if you don’t care about yourself and are too many people that don’t care enough about others by going out in public and not wearing masks, etc. and it ruins it for the ones that do. Just look around and you can see why they had no choise but to cancel.