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Home-camping staycations: A cost-saving idea for RV families

Recently, I talked to fellow RVers who are redefining the RV staycation. How? They are home-camping in their own driveway for their summer vacation this year.

Save money and still have fun

Yup, these campers explained their rationale for home-camping like this: “Fuel prices have pushed into the ‘we can’t afford to take our RV anywhere this summer’ territory. So, we are opting to camp in our RV in our driveway.”

Old idea, new business?

Kids love to camp in the backyard. I did it and you may have, too. Just changing location, no matter how trivial a change, can sometimes be the break from the routine you’ve needed.

A gal in Johnstown, PA, started her own home-camping business, Pitch Posh, during the pandemic. You can read all about it here. If you live in the Johnstown area and are willing to pay a fee, Pitch Posh will set up a complete campsite in your backyard. Their glam camp amenities definitely bring backyard camping up a notch! And you don’t even need an RV!

New twist on a staycation

But back to the staycation, home-camping family. This year, come vacation week, the family plans to park their RV right in their own driveway. That’s right. They’ll plug into their already wired 50-amp electrical connection, and start their home-camping staycation, driveway style.

During the day, this family plans to visit the local tourist sites, go to the movies, swim, play mini-golf, hike, and so much more. They’ll drive to all of the activities in their car, not their RV-pulling, fuel-guzzling diesel truck. The fuel money they save can be spent on the activities they choose to do.

Meals and more

Breakfast. The home-camper staycation family will keep breakfasts simple, as usual. Cereal, eggs, or bagels with cream cheese are on their menu.

Lunch. The family plans to make sandwiches or other handheld lunches. Mom explains, “It’s quick and easy. We put sandwiches, fruit, fresh veggies, and drinks into the cooler, and we’re all set.”

Dinner. With the money they save on fuel, the family plans to eat several dinners “out.” I can tell you that Mom is thrilled with this idea. Of course, once it’s dark and the daytime heat cools, the family will light up the propane campfire and tell stories while they enjoy traditional s’mores. They may even try some new-fangled s’mores!

Benefits of an RV staycation

New sights and sounds. Yes, you’ll still be in your same, familiar neighborhood. But you may be surprised at how new and different things look from the vantage point of your RV windows. If you get up early, you might hear songbirds, watch skittery squirrels, or view an amazing sunrise. Stay up late and you may see nocturnal animals as they prowl around your yard.

Water and sewer benefits. If you choose, as this family does, you can simply walk into your house to use the restroom or shower. That means no gray water or black water tank dumping on this staycation! Dad loves that!

Vacay more often. The family hopes that this idea works out so that they can home-camp several weekends during the summer months. Kids already have plans for inviting friends and hosting sleepovers in the RV.

Monetary savings. The home-camping, staycation family figures they will save $1,000 in total fuel costs by not pulling their RV to the family’s favorite campsite. They will also save the campground site fee of $55 per day. The money saved will go into next year’s vacation account. Mom admits, “We’re doing this because it’s what fits in our budget this year. We’re hoping next year’s fuel and food prices will be less and we can afford to take our RV back out on the road again.”

What do you think about home RV staycations? Have you or would you ever try it? Please respond in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. I think it’s a cool idea for families that can’t afford the rising cost of fuel. I’m in NH and so many campgrounds (I’m not talking of state parks or boondocking) have doubled & tripled in nightly fees and many now have a minimum of five nights. Kind of hard if you’re a working person.

  2. I think this is just brilliant! Having fun, saving a few $$$ and using the rv instead of letting it sit. Have a wonderful time family!

  3. Frankly, I don’t see this going anywhere. This situation will never change unless there is a massive political change. Yes, it IS political. Otherwise, the price of fuel is going nowhere but up, and “staycations” will become ‘nocations’.

        • Take a course in economics and how the pandemic affected the oil industry, it’s all right there. It is always easy to blame the party in power than to digest the facts.

          • I don’t need to “take a course in economics”. I just watched (in horror) what happened immediately after the current administration took over and started dismantling everything the previous administration had put in place.

          • I agree with you. Trump took regulation away and the prices were better. This one put them back and prices become unreasonable. Trump done bad things, but how he did on the economy wasn’t one of them.


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