How has your RV performed based on your expectations when you bought it?


Has your RV measured up to your expectations when you purchased it? Has it been even better than you imagined it would be? Or has it been a disaster? (We hope not, but it does happen.)

Inquiring minds want to know. The survey may take a moment to load, so stand by.

And please leave a comment.

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Rt Shon

We started small with a 19′ Vintage Cruiser. We bought New to eliminate problems. After the trip home from the dealership I found the thermostat hanging off the wall, two screens popped out, and a cabinet door laying on the floor. Yes they fixed them but I had to return three times & its a 60 mile round trip ! Then on our first road trip four of the five studs on the left wheel sheared off because the wheel came loose at 65 mph. (The dealer said they don’t check them in pre service) The electrical system failed because… Read more »

Linda Bohn

Upgraded to a 2018 Heartland Bighorn in August 2018. Our mistake buying sight unseen from nearest Bighorn dealer 600 miles away as dealer promised us a thorough PDI and when we got the trailer home there were many issues- including but not limited to auto level not working, furnace not working, shower lines not hooked up. We are still working through the issues with a local repair guy authorized by Heartland however many of the “standard” items advertised in the brochure apparently are not “standard”. My husband and I have both said we should go buy our old 2007 Grand… Read more »

B Tanner

We upgraded to our current 2016 Keystone Sprinter TT, 319MKS, in the fall of 2015. Previously had a 2012 Layton that the main problem we had to get corrected was the black and gray dump lines were reversed. Now how in the world does that happen at the factory??? Anyway, our Sprinter has been pretty good with a few minor fixes needed. One was a section of bad paint on the front cap from what the paint guy said was an apparent repair at the factory. That plus three bad seals on slides at the top where it meets the… Read more »

Tim/Amy B

We purchased our 2015 KZ Vision 20RBS TT in October of 2015 on the way home from a miserable tent trip in Arkansas. We were still 350 miles from home but our local RV dealerships had terrible reputations, so without any research we bought it. The trailer was exactly what I had in my minds eye for a travel trailer.We have not had a single problem with this trailer (except 1/2 of the LED lights on the awning quit working the second trip out. We have looked at hundreds of larger trailers since and have not been able to find… Read more »

RV Staff

😀 Thanks, Tim! Glad to hear you’re happy with your TT and your wife! —Diane at


Love our 2015Redwood 38RE. Awesome rv.

Rory R

I just love reading the comments from those who identify themselves as tinkerers and mechanically inclined, and love to work on projects, and will always buy used. It brings a smile to my face, because although I’m not mechanically inclined I had enough “projects” in my youth to be able to analyze a problem and usually detect the root cause. Now the problem, I don’t have the skills to fix it. But I can communicate with a mechanic effectively. I’m 73, and don’t feel the inclination to take on a project. I do my due diligence and purchase new, making… Read more »

Steve Lenhardt

We purchased a 2018 Keystone Summerland, so far so good. We have used it nearly everyday since May 2018. I know it is not as well built as our 2002 was but so far we are satisfied


Bought a new 2013 Open Range Lite and overall things were fine. We experienced a leak in the bedroom slide and the dealer was the issue getting it fixed. Because of that, we traded for a new 2015 Montana HC-353 and basically it has been a great unit. We had a problem with the large slide but that was repaired under warranty by Camping World (YES by CW) and we have a good experience. Beyond that- nothing that was a show stopper. But I am a pretty good mechanic so some things I took care of and I don’t count… Read more »

George Provorse

Bought new 2018 cedar Creek silverback, stove is not level, toilet seal leaks so water doesn’t stay in bowl, bracket that holds the wheel flare had broken screw,s,DVD player was never plugged in, the dish connection are not wired correct, I will fix these problem,s but think they should have been done right at the factory reset


Are you asking about new or used RV’s????


We purchased a 2018 Winnebago Intent, from Carolina RV in Myrtle Beach. They told us that the retract all button on the leveling system didn’t work on this model and we had to do it manually on the control panel. I commented that was strange since the retract all button was right there, but nope didn’t work (should have trusted my gut). Then about a week after we had it, we noticed a big gash on the bottom of the slide out, took it back and they looked it over and said they called Winnie and since it couldn’t be… Read more »

Michele Beckler

We went from a 2013 18′ trailer with no bump out to a 2002 31′ class C motor home with 1 bump out. One month after purchasing it we discovered a massive leak in the overhead cab bed and had to put about $3000.00 to repair it and re-calk the whole RV. The dealer, unfortunately for us, declared that we were responsible for the repair. We bit the bullet and paid for the repair and since then, this RV has been an absolute dream for us!! We love the space, ease of travel in it and everything about it. The… Read more »

Kathy Morrow

We went from a C to an A because we wanted more space. We had multiple issues with it. The craziest thing was the AC and heat. The AC worked, we knew that because we bought it in July and it was tested. When it got cold, the rear heat wouldn’t come on. Took it to the shop and discovered that a new unit had been put in and everything was reversed. We have gas in the back and electric up front. Also had to get a new thermostat. We’ve since tested it in cold weather and stayed toasty warm.… Read more »


2007 Safari Trek 2830. We expected a lot and she’s done naught but deliver! Scout is our third RV and every one we’ve had has exceeded our expectations – of course, since the 1995 purchase of a new Trek of the same model, we only buy Safari Trek RVs.
Sadly, since Monaco stopped making them in 2008 (I THINK), the brand has suffered a steep decline in quality. We won’t be buying another. Instead we’ll keep Scout on the road until these two grama’s hang up our keys.

Gary R

We bought our 2016 Forest River Sunseeker (25 ft. no slides, Chevy chassis) new. We had our Dometic air conditioner and a leaking window gasket replaced at the FR owner’s group rally after the first year. We have had a few issues with plastic pex fittings in close proximity to the water pump cracking. I have replaced them myself with brass fittings. I have also found the factory caulking on the outside seals to be substandard and have removed and replaced most of it. Having said all that, we have never been out of commission for even one day. We… Read more »


The interesting question is, “what defines one’s expectations?”. If you have thoroughly researched the rv industry, the products, product reviews, and participated in rv forums, your expectations are not very high going into it. So when someone answers, “better than I ever expected” what were their expectations when they made the purchase? Sketchy to dismal? What I have discovered about consumer reviews is that the owner of a product will not generally admit that they had made a mistake.


I have to agree. I fully expect some issues as we use our camper. I have heard the comment that driving or pulling the RV is like “pulling your house thru a hurricane during a earthquake”. Sounds funny, but it also sounds correct. Do I think they could improve their quality, absolutely! – but given how people drive, road conditions and the speeds, it is not surprising that we see small issues. I am an Industrial Engineer, and I am sure that a little more process control would improve the overall quality of units coming out of the MFG’g plants.… Read more »

Nelson Mosley

We bought our 2018 Keystone Cougar 28rls in Jan 2018. After 2 months I retired and we went to full time and started touring the country. Last summer till now we have pulled it around 10,000 miles and lived in it. Overall I would say it has performed very well, with no major breakdown or faults. Worst comment I can make about it is some of the sloppiness on how things were nailed or glued at the factory. A little quality control would have been very helpful. Still pleased with overall performance.


I answered “about as expected.” In 2010 we purchased a new Carriage Cameo after much research re: which companies made well-built 5th-wheels for the extended travel we were doing and our plans to full-time. Carriage had been in business 40+ years then and had a good reputation for its products. We chose Carriage over our second choice, Mobile Suites, because of the more modern interiors and slightly lower weight. Unfortunately, Carriage went belly-up 20 months into our 24-month bumper-to-bumper warranty. Fortunately, Jim is very handy and has done all but one of the necessary warranty repairs and upgrades (like disc… Read more »

John Blaicher

We purchased a 2010 Carriage DOMANI which has exceeded all of our expectations. It has not only performed well it is one of the nicest looking TT on the road. We are constantly answering questions and giving tours.

theresa brown

we bought our class C on the cheap with a salvage title – spent about $1200 upfront to get it both mechanically and cabin sound – since then we’ve been on 3 trips in excess of 3000 miles each without a problem – so while we regretted it at first, it turned out to be a great deal…

John Zdanowski

It was about what expected. Really enjoy my trailer with exception of the mattress.

Frank B

Bought our 2010 Arctic Fox 30U in 2014 from original owner. Unit does not perform as well in the cold as hoped, but we spend most of our time South now anyway. Some poor design issues, but nothing has broken or left us stranded. Well built overall, solid, heavy. We still like it.

Tom Gutzke

RV was listed as wheelchair-accessible – 36″ entry doors and interior doors, linoleum floor, etc. Found out floor joists 24″ on center with styrofoam/plywood laminate floor. Laminate could support person with two feet [about 72 square inches or area]but not a wheelchair concentrated in less than 4 square inches of space. The styrofoam cracked causing the floor to sag between joists. manufacturer says “not our fault”.and things wear out with use. Engineers at Forest River should have their license pulled for this goof-up.

John Mooney

We bought a Leisure Travel Vans Unity a year ago and took it on a 7 month trip after a few local “shakedown” trips. The quality of the Leisure build is outstanding and the factory is a pleasure to deal with. I’ve never had such great customer service! The problems we encountered were with the components, the AC unit developed a leak and dealing with Dometic to get it replaced was a nightmare. I had to get the Leisure people to contact Dometic just to get a response out of them. The Dometic thermostat has always been 10 degrees off… Read more »

Roy Ellithorpe

We bought a new Montana in 2005. In the 3 years we used it I fixed the multitude of deficiencies myself because mostly they weren’t worth the 200km roundtrip to the dealer. I thought it was junk. In 2008 we factory ordered a new Mobile Suites. It was nice——BUT, I couldn’t begin to list the dozens of minor to critical things that I repaired myself, but I took it to professional independent shops to repair the slide and the poorly engineered brake system. Kodiak happily replaced the brake rotor and pads, but it got really nasty before DRV finally gave… Read more »

Bob Tilley

It took about two years for our new 2009 Allegro Red motorhome to work through most of its problems. When we started out on a trip we never knew what would malfunction or break or if we would make it to our destination. Thank goodness for Bob Tiffin. Last several years have been great.


Purchased a 2016 model 3100 Phoenix Cruiser new from factory. Drove from Florida to Alaska in 2017. Lived in it for 5 months, drove total of 15,000 miles towing a Ford Fiesta. Had one problem. The micro quit working. Found out a connection vibrated loose while driving Top of The World Highway. That was 100 miles of road so rough that often I was going only 15 mph. But the scenery was awesome. No other problems since. This is our 3rd RV. Do the factory tour at Phoenix Cruiser, Elkhart, IN.

Kevin Smith

Congrats Bob! After 2 years of non-stop problems with a Winnebago and extensive research we too migrated to a Phoenix Cruiser 2350. The new units were out of our price range but we found a 2014 model well-seasoned with over 80,000 miles. A professional inspection proved the unit to be fully functional and after a year of major travels we couldn’t be more pleased, no doubt we’ll roll this one well past 200,000 miles. Perhaps less “bling” than our Winnie but so many thoughtful, convenient amenities throughout AND the outstanding build quality (no staples here!) let me know that it… Read more »


Our 2009 Winnebago Aspect — purchased last year –has been a delight! We have had some things that we chose to update or modify. We have had to do expected maintenance on an older rig — tires, batteries, et al. But it has been the most dependable rig we have ever owned. We put over 8000 miles on it last year, driving from east coast to west, through mountains and some gosh-awful roads, and not one problem. What we admire about this rig is Winnebago’s ability to fit a lot of life into a small area, and the obvious quality… Read more »

Peter Donahue

Bought a 2017 Georgetown XL 369 new . Second time using it had an electrical short in dash/driving lights. Roof leak, went back to factory (4 months ) and came back dirty and damage. Now back at dealer to fix factory damage.

Tim Bear

Bought 2007 Allegro Open Road FRED in 2014 w/ 5000 on odometer, 2 slides; now has 30K. We’re f/t & drive roughly twice a year between and among various federal, state & regional parks, NWRs, and Ntl Rec areas to volunteer (or work for pay) for a full season, then find another interesting location for next season. Love love love it! Only a couple significant issues: extended warranty replaced entire jack system & mother board, now good as new; and engine needed fan clutch. Anything else (and not THAT many things) I fix myself.

Jim McKenzie

Bought a 2004 Suncruiser 15 years ago and love it. 125,000 miles: 49 states; all 30 MLB fields, spent equivalent of 6 years in the RV. Still out there exploring.


Own a 2014 Thor Fourwinds and love it. No major issues until this year when the slide got caught on the strip of carpet in kitchen area and we had to take it to a repair shop. Otherwise just basic wear and tear issues (tires, occasional loose water line fittings, dead battery, etc.). Mechanically sound and passes inspection every year with flying colors.

Ray Martin

We bought a 2017 Fleetwood motorhome last August with 3,200 miles on it.Sofar the left rear leveling jack leaks oil, the awning bracket broke can’ t use the awning, the drivers wiper arm can’t be adjusted wiper pivot has to much play in it.
And of course all of these items come under one year warranty. So much for the warranty. We can buy a cheap car and get (3) year warranty, but we can spend over one hundred thousand dollars and basically get nothing.

Marilyn Haendel

We purchased a used 2005 Allegro Bus. After less than satisfactory repairs by the dealer we made a trip to Red Bay, AL. Tiffin is fantastic to work with you.
We have received numerous compliments on our rig, the most common of which is, “Wow you have so much room and tons of cabinets”. Needless to say, we love our ‘ol gal!!


We’ve had our 2017 Casita Spirit Deluxe for a couple of years now. The supplied wheels were junk (lateral and radial run-out). With those replaced, the trailer has been mostly trouble free. It has visited numerous states and is certainly a conversation starter no matter where we park it.


I purchased 2 motor homes. 25 plus years old. I expected tires and batteries on both. I expected water leaks. Repaired all three at home. I installed solar on both, at home. I did not expect power train issues, exhaust manifolds TFI IV issues. Each was in the shop for 4 months in last 3 years


We purchased a absolutely beautiful 38GK Redwood in May of 2015. We took a trip the first weekend we bought it. Loved it. However,,,,Upon our return we had to return it back to the dealership for a list of repairs all under warranty. The first 20 weeks we owned it we could only wish it were at home with us to use it. It remained at the dealership with lie after lie from both Redwood and the Dealership. We got it back for one month and used it for another trip. Then back to the dealership for another 4 weeks.… Read more »


Try dealing with Grand Design.


We purchased a Jayco Octane 222 toy hauler new in 2015. The first week end we had it home I started rebuilding, replacing and reinforcing from the hitch to the tail gate. None of the work would be warranty, just poor craftsmanship. Also, if I took the RV to the dealer to have all the work performed that I did, I would never have had my trailer to use. It took a couple of seasons to straighten out, but now we are good to go. I like to think that between me and Jayco we built a really nice RV,… Read more »


I have a CJ27 Citation 2004 travel trailer . It was made by Thor industries . Its been the best made trailer . Nothing has gone wrong ,kept up normal maintenance changed out the backing plates with new brakes and magnets ,Checked bearings about every 2 years . Its been great ! We want to move up to a 5th wheel but aren’t looking at anything new because of all the problems.

Pat Cleveland

Have a 2018 Coach House Platinum 271xl (27 ft) fiberglass body, Ford E450 chassis. Driven 5,000+ miles and handled like a dream from Florida to Pennsylvania, across midwest to Dakotas and back. Through heat, pouring rain, snow and ice. A real test of all the systems. Boondocking and some full hookup. Only one lose wire. Everything has worked wonderfully. And this from two fussy old folks with minimal DIY experience with RVs. Could not be happier.

Deborah Butler

We bought a 2007 Itasca Meridian 36ft, two years ago. We took it to Alaska last summer and the only issue was a fuze in the slide… it cost less than $200 to fix when we got back to the lower 48, other than that, we put in a fuel pump at $1200. We have put about 30K miles on it since we bought it. It is marvelous.


People must do their due diligence before purchasing any product, especially an RV. For people with no mechanical or electrical skill it is a must to have a lot of money and time to wait to have the upkeep and repairs made. My brother in California bought a new Grand Design Imagine TT last August and Returned it to dealer for repairs in October and he is still waiting for it to be repaired. This is the reason I will always by used ( bought new twice in lifetime, big mistake). I am a tinkerer and love spending my time… Read more »


I checked with an extended warranty company before buying any 5th wheel. They told me what NOT to buy. They charge $ 450 to have it independently checked before they ever offer a warranty price. Saved me a huge amount of money and time
I sleep very well at night


We spent two+ years reading RV magazines and blogs before purchase–so we knew what to expect. We’ve had it two years and no major problems. Replaced cheap tires and cheap battery early on.

Benny H Smith

Like you I was prepared, for a long list of poor quality mistakes regarding assembly. I was made aware the factories were working above design capacity. This newsletter was a big help on this issue. But I also know you only get what you pay for; often less, but never more. So we put our money to buying the best structure & component parts not the most features we could easily afford and have money for repairs or upgrades. For example we could have received an outside kitchen and other so called enhancements for the same price from some lesser… Read more »


Our Motorhome is a 1993 Safari Trek on an Isuzu chassis with a 3.9 liter turbo diesel. She is only 24 feet long outside, but we call her 34 feet inside cuz the queen bed stores on the ceiling during the day. She is never too big to go anywhere, gets great mileage, has all the features of a much larger rig without the downsides related to size. Welded aluminum frame, riveted aluminum sidewalls, fiberglass roof, 100% real hardwood cabinetry, etc. Wanted one since they made the first in 1991 having been in other lesser rigs since 1973, finally got… Read more »


Adding one more comment- We had a 2004 34′ Coachman Aurora (before Forest River bought out) for 10 years and had only 2 problems- needed new step motor and a wasps nest in AC prevented the fan from turning. Unlike our new 40′ diesel….


We love our new motorhome but there have been many more issues to fix than we could have imagined. After a year we are still returning to the factory to have issues worked on.

Rosanne Drechsel

Our DRV Mobile Suites, like all trailers, had a few minor issues that were quickly corrected by the factory. Our rig is is three years old and we are full timers. However, we did not expect the very poor quality of furniture that we have already replaced. Nor did we expect the refrigerator to require replacement in the first month. Or the front landing jacks to fail completely after 15 months. A slide ram has been replaced. A slide gear box has been replaced. Additionally, we have to replace the water inlet valve about every six months and always after… Read more »

Einar Hansen

Our camper has been just about what my wife and I expected. It is a 24′ Hybrid travel trailer. And we have had it now for going on our fifth season camping with two years of being on a seasonal site and trailing it out of state about 300 miles round trip each year for vacation. I well know that you are going to have things break or come loose or just plain wear out. I do my best to keep on top of things. I do carry a lot of tools and extra things I might need to do… Read more »


we bought a 2019 wolf pup from forest river, it has no sink in the bathroom ( husband can’t shave there) and no room to dress after a shower or even turn around a wet bath would have been a much wiser choice, which is extremely small and no storage for towels and etc., no insulation, very pour design, we had to ad two cabinets for storage, had to ad drawers under the bed area for clothes storage, you could not reach the dinette area storage with out completely tearing it apart each time so we installed two doors inside… Read more »


Gosh guys. Did you buy the trailer while blindfolded? Just a little common sense analytical effort would have revealed most of the issues you mention. These are things that people are supposed to weed out while RV shopping. OMG. They shouldn’t build such crap, but this brand is known as crap anyway.


Did you buy it over the internet?

Ronald Schulz

It seems to me that most of the items you talk about should have been seen before you bought the trailer. My wife and I are also in our 70’s and when we bought our trailer we looked carefully at everything in it to make sure it fits our needs. We haven’t been disappointed. The six gallon heater should be adequate. We’ve never run out of hot water with ours. No sink in the bathroom? Why complain since that was visible before you bought it. I’m sorry your not happy with your RV but perhaps some enjoyable trips in it… Read more »

Terry Duffy

Winnebago 2016 View 24J. 30 problems upon delivery. Slide had loud banging noise on ride home. Had to go to factory because dealer could not fix most. Poor quality control. Poor design. Winnebago did fix most problems. Slide still makes noise when driving. Had a Thor Sprinter before this. It was even worse. Industry needs to improve production quality and update design. Have made several recommendations to Wiinebago. Most would be little or no cost but none adapted. Terry

Donna A Dodd

My husband has been pleasantly surprised with how easy and how well our 2017 Catalina 243rbs tows behind our half ton Chevy. The only issue has been with the truck motor when pulling up some of the steep hills here in WV. Other than that, he is impressed with how easy the camper tows/follows. For me, the size and features of our camper have been acceptable, but it loses some points for interior quality and useability. My two biggest beefs have been the jackknife sofa and the shelving (especially the pantry). The sofa is very uncomfortable and creates wasted space… Read more »


We bought a 2006 National RV 3 years ago with 13000 and have put 20000 on it since then. Have few issues as this was a well made unit. I tinker so I’ve upgraded a lot of small things to make our trips more enjoyable


We too bought a 2003 National RV last year and are pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Have done a couple of upgrades and a little TLC, but that is it. The older units seem to be better built.

Charles Ramsey

As far as the workmanship of my Landmark 5th wheel, I have had several minor cosmetic issues, but nothing major. There are some things that make you question the sanity of the designers at Heartland. My Landmark has a water filter (good thing). It is located behind the wall in my basement near my hot water heater and other things wet related. In order to change out the filter, I have to remove EVERYTHING from my basement and remove two walls in order to easily access this filter. The bathroom in our 2017 Landmark doesn’t have a medicine cabinet. (Later… Read more »


I answered “about what I expected” as to the performance of my RV in this poll. There are; however, two parts to my answer. The first part is is I am very happy with the performance of the Ford chassis of my motor home although I wish the mileage were better.The second part is that the Fleetwood Bounder built on that chassis lacked quality control in the construction of the motor home, but it was about what I expected. I have tightened, installed, and repaired many defects that were built into the motor home through poor design or workmanship. Sorry… Read more »

Captn John

My 2017 Montana High Country had a few cosmetic issues. One piece of trim needed replaced so when a year was almost up, had the dealer take care of that and install stackable washer and dryer. I changed to Sailun tires and some upgrades to make it fit us. After thousands of miles and over 400 nights we could not be happier.


2014 Roadtrek Ranger RT. Spent 10 years before retirement looking at RVs. Tent and VW van camped all our lives before this retirement buy. Had to iron out a couple of Chevy van problems at first. Not a single problem with the coach part. Daily driver and 3 to 4,000 mile trip a year. I’m glad we got it before Hymer, Thor and Sprinters got involved.


I spent 2 years researching the brand and issues of the my motor coach. No surprises here.

Thomas Kainz

Bought our 5th wheel in 2016. Though I baby my camper it has been every bit as good as I hoped. It is a Forest River Rockwood signature e lite 8289ws. Our second camper. Have not had anything major go wrong so far. We travel maybe 3 to 4000 miles a year and lived in it 5 mos. while we built our house. We are retired but help out a lot with grandchildren probably a lot more than we expected.? Hope to have more good years. It is a shame though that there are so many lemon Rvs. Just glad… Read more »

Lorie & Mike Schink

We bought our class c 1989 Minnie Winnie 2 years ago with 20,000 miles on it. We put 20K since. It has out performed our wildest expectations! We love “Opal.”

Jim Moore

I have a 2014 Rockwood HW-277 – a top of the line high-wall popup. Towing on washboard gravel roads shakes my camper apart. These are county-maintained roads where people live. It’s 11 miles one way to the small lake that allows boondock camping. The chatter is tough, but my TV doesn’t fall apart the way my camper does. In fact, I NEVER get to my destination only to discover parts and fasteners on the floor, and I have a 13 year old truck I have had to repair so many different things on my camper that it’s ridiculous. I carry… Read more »

Bob p

We bought our “new” 2002 Mountain Aire in 2017 and couldn’t be happier, other than a few roof leaks caused by jack leg service and a dead a/c it’s been great. Built on the Workhorse chassis it’s got more than enough power and the mpg is far better than the Ford F53 we got rid of, never have one of them again, the old saying you only get one chance to make a good first impression and Ford blew it with me.

Raymond L Brown

We bought a 2012 Itasca Reyo 25′ 5″ mini-Class A in April 2017 with 12,800 miles. At first, everything went fine. But as soon as we needed repairs or service on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter diesel chassis costs went through the roof! A further irritant was that this turbo diesel can only use B20 in “emergency” situations. It’s getting harder to find B5 or Diesel #2. Mercedes-Benz gets a “D” and Winnebago gets a “B”.

Bob p

Welcome to German engineering !

Anthony Joel Vinson

Once we’ve gotten through the initial BS repair stage, our Cougar TT has been great. It started out like crap, but we’ve reinforced things and made our TT tougher and better. We’ve put 6K axles under it, Goodyear Endurance tires, and made all of our piss poor drawers way better.