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How has your RV performed based on your expectations when you bought it?


Has your RV measured up to your expectations when you purchased it? Has it been even better than you imagined it would be? Or has it been a disaster? (We hope not, but it does happen.)

Inquiring minds want to know. The survey may take a moment to load, so stand by.

And please leave a comment.

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John Koenig
2 years ago

It has not been a “disaster” BUT, if I knew then, what I know now, I would have kept my old unit longer and would NOT have purchased the unit I currently have. When spending ~ a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS on an RV, it is NOT unreasonable to have high expectations for said RV. FAR too many modern RVs in that price range (and higher) have TOO many issues which, had a PROPER inspection been done BEFORE the RV left the factory, would have been caught and (I hope) remedied.

2 years ago

10 years ago we bought our first RV ever, a 38ft 1995 Monaco Executive on eBay, private sale outside Fresno. After looking at the online pictures, we transferred the money sight unseen and a week later drove down in the Jeep. The seller bought us a tow bar. We stayed in it in their driveway 5 days, got familiar with the rig. these folks were the best. The whole thing was beyond our expectation… everything in perfect working order, super clean. minor repairs over the years. Every winter we boondock in the AZ desert and CA. I love just being in it when it’s parked in the driveway in the summer. We live on Vancouver Island Canada.

Lynn Rea
2 years ago

Friends should not let friends buy an FR3. Forest River slammed my rig together just well enough to ensure it looked good on the dealer’s lot but I have spent thousands on repeat issues and have recently decided to sell it at a great loss. I know every RV manufacturer has issues but this FR3 has had issues with every major system and it is only 3 years old. I only hope the next owner has better luck.

Ray Leissner
2 years ago

We bought a 38 ‘ Jayco fifth wheel new in 2015. We soon started having problems with our swintec slides, one in particular. It caused us to miss more than one reservation and despite multiple mobile techs and a dealership working on it over time, one slide remained a consistent worry. I finally discovered a “hanging chad” of metal in channel housing one of the motors and removed it. The slide has been working about 2 years without that issue and the trailer as a whole is working up to expectations.

Rt Shon
3 years ago

We started small with a 19′ Vintage Cruiser. We bought New to eliminate problems. After the trip home from the dealership I found the thermostat hanging off the wall, two screens popped out, and a cabinet door laying on the floor. Yes they fixed them but I had to return three times & its a 60 mile round trip ! Then on our first road trip four of the five studs on the left wheel sheared off because the wheel came loose at 65 mph. (The dealer said they don’t check them in pre service) The electrical system failed because the battery connections pulled apart & the waterline under the sink came apart due to not being crimped. All of this within the first 1000 miles ! I’m stuck with it but won’t buy another Gulf Stream product again !

Linda Bohn
3 years ago

Upgraded to a 2018 Heartland Bighorn in August 2018. Our mistake buying sight unseen from nearest Bighorn dealer 600 miles away as dealer promised us a thorough PDI and when we got the trailer home there were many issues- including but not limited to auto level not working, furnace not working, shower lines not hooked up. We are still working through the issues with a local repair guy authorized by Heartland however many of the “standard” items advertised in the brochure apparently are not “standard”. My husband and I have both said we should go buy our old 2007 Grand Junction back as the only issue it ever had was the jack motor not being sufficient for the trailer weight and we upgraded it.

B Tanner
3 years ago

We upgraded to our current 2016 Keystone Sprinter TT, 319MKS, in the fall of 2015. Previously had a 2012 Layton that the main problem we had to get corrected was the black and gray dump lines were reversed. Now how in the world does that happen at the factory??? Anyway, our Sprinter has been pretty good with a few minor fixes needed. One was a section of bad paint on the front cap from what the paint guy said was an apparent repair at the factory. That plus three bad seals on slides at the top where it meets the roof and bad electric jack switches, all covered by warranty. What was not covered later, out of the One year warranty was a frozen cable on the front gray tank. It’s only used for the washer, which we don’t have yet, so didn’t get a lot of action, which it does now to keep it from locking up again. Currently have a 2 sq ft area on the side that the finish is going bad. My dealer is sending it to Keystone to see if they will help. By the way, I have a really good dealer. They got three things covered out of warranty for me. Other than the above, which I consider not major, the unit has performed well. Just completed a 3000 mile jaunt through the southeast and nary a problem. We use our rig quite a bit with our camping group and start doing some camp hosting next month. Safe travels everyone.

Tim/Amy B
3 years ago

We purchased our 2015 KZ Vision 20RBS TT in October of 2015 on the way home from a miserable tent trip in Arkansas. We were still 350 miles from home but our local RV dealerships had terrible reputations, so without any research we bought it. The trailer was exactly what I had in my minds eye for a travel trailer.We have not had a single problem with this trailer (except 1/2 of the LED lights on the awning quit working the second trip out. We have looked at hundreds of larger trailers since and have not been able to find anything that can come close to replacing the “living space/per unit foot” that our little 20 footer has. KZ no longer has the Vision line but continue to make this same trailer under one of their other lines, and expect them to continue for some time. Like others of you I replaced the cheap original tires with much higher quality tires and aside from that I take very good care of it. After getting into trailering I was horrified by the stories people shared about the various manufactures including KZ. That’s probably the real reason I don’t want to upgrade, I’ve got a good one and don’t want to turn loose of her. Same goes for my wife.
Now for the answer to the question: What I got was what I expected!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Tim/Amy B

😀 Thanks, Tim! Glad to hear you’re happy with your TT and your wife! —Diane at

3 years ago

Love our 2015Redwood 38RE. Awesome rv.

Rory R
3 years ago

I just love reading the comments from those who identify themselves as tinkerers and mechanically inclined, and love to work on projects, and will always buy used. It brings a smile to my face, because although I’m not mechanically inclined I had enough “projects” in my youth to be able to analyze a problem and usually detect the root cause. Now the problem, I don’t have the skills to fix it. But I can communicate with a mechanic effectively. I’m 73, and don’t feel the inclination to take on a project. I do my due diligence and purchase new, making sure that all repairs are done before I accept it. Then I make sure all preventative maintenance and periodic maintenance is done. I have experienced very few problems and those I have experienced have been because of mistakes I made when hurrying. I have since trained myself to slow down, it will be there, when I get there is my attitude. Oh and I will continue to buy new as I don’t want anyone else’s problems. I have it professionally inspected prior to delivery, and no payment or acceptance until it is right. That is the other side. One size does not fit all…

Steve Lenhardt
3 years ago

We purchased a 2018 Keystone Summerland, so far so good. We have used it nearly everyday since May 2018. I know it is not as well built as our 2002 was but so far we are satisfied

3 years ago

Bought a new 2013 Open Range Lite and overall things were fine. We experienced a leak in the bedroom slide and the dealer was the issue getting it fixed. Because of that, we traded for a new 2015 Montana HC-353 and basically it has been a great unit. We had a problem with the large slide but that was repaired under warranty by Camping World (YES by CW) and we have a good experience. Beyond that- nothing that was a show stopper. But I am a pretty good mechanic so some things I took care of and I don’t count as issues.

George Provorse
3 years ago

Bought new 2018 cedar Creek silverback, stove is not level, toilet seal leaks so water doesn’t stay in bowl, bracket that holds the wheel flare had broken screw,s,DVD player was never plugged in, the dish connection are not wired correct, I will fix these problem,s but think they should have been done right at the factory reset

3 years ago

Are you asking about new or used RV’s????

3 years ago

We purchased a 2018 Winnebago Intent, from Carolina RV in Myrtle Beach. They told us that the retract all button on the leveling system didn’t work on this model and we had to do it manually on the control panel. I commented that was strange since the retract all button was right there, but nope didn’t work (should have trusted my gut). Then about a week after we had it, we noticed a big gash on the bottom of the slide out, took it back and they looked it over and said they called Winnie and since it couldn’t be determined what caused it they wouldn’t pay for repair. Later found out that the dealership lied about both problems. So, they gave us a piece of tape to cover gash. Within 5 months many problems surfaced: trim fell off inside, caulking on both slide outs has smeared across the sides (looks like gum smeared), the leveling system wasn’t working properly, water leaked from hot water tank, nozzle from fresh water tank broke inside hose and leaked, outside water valves leaked. Called Winnebago myself for other problems and turns out they suggest fix for the gash and the retract all button should work. Took to Winnie dealer near me, they fixed some of the problems but didn’t have time to fix all. Scheduling an appointment takes 2 months!! Within the first year there has been 3 recalls. Just super disappointed, I thought Winnebago was better and used quality materials and hoped wouldn’t have as many problems considering it is a brand new RV! Figured a couple things would go wrong, but not the long list we have and it seems to keep growing!!

Michele Beckler
3 years ago

We went from a 2013 18′ trailer with no bump out to a 2002 31′ class C motor home with 1 bump out. One month after purchasing it we discovered a massive leak in the overhead cab bed and had to put about $3000.00 to repair it and re-calk the whole RV. The dealer, unfortunately for us, declared that we were responsible for the repair. We bit the bullet and paid for the repair and since then, this RV has been an absolute dream for us!! We love the space, ease of travel in it and everything about it. The outside decals are beginning to peel and I hope to soon work on removing them and repainting the swoops and whirls myself. (Thank you You-Tube!!)

Kathy Morrow
3 years ago

We went from a C to an A because we wanted more space. We had multiple issues with it. The craziest thing was the AC and heat. The AC worked, we knew that because we bought it in July and it was tested. When it got cold, the rear heat wouldn’t come on. Took it to the shop and discovered that a new unit had been put in and everything was reversed. We have gas in the back and electric up front. Also had to get a new thermostat. We’ve since tested it in cold weather and stayed toasty warm. It’s just been a huge learning curve as far as driving and learning all the systems. We love the A, though. It’s a 2011 Fleetwood Bounder 35H.

3 years ago

2007 Safari Trek 2830. We expected a lot and she’s done naught but deliver! Scout is our third RV and every one we’ve had has exceeded our expectations – of course, since the 1995 purchase of a new Trek of the same model, we only buy Safari Trek RVs.
Sadly, since Monaco stopped making them in 2008 (I THINK), the brand has suffered a steep decline in quality. We won’t be buying another. Instead we’ll keep Scout on the road until these two grama’s hang up our keys.

Gary R
3 years ago

We bought our 2016 Forest River Sunseeker (25 ft. no slides, Chevy chassis) new. We had our Dometic air conditioner and a leaking window gasket replaced at the FR owner’s group rally after the first year. We have had a few issues with plastic pex fittings in close proximity to the water pump cracking. I have replaced them myself with brass fittings. I have also found the factory caulking on the outside seals to be substandard and have removed and replaced most of it. Having said all that, we have never been out of commission for even one day. We have not had to leave the RV at a shop for any period of time or ever missed a trip. We have looked at new rigs, but can’t find one that better suits our needs. It’s paid for so we’ll probably keep it for a while.

3 years ago

The interesting question is, “what defines one’s expectations?”. If you have thoroughly researched the rv industry, the products, product reviews, and participated in rv forums, your expectations are not very high going into it. So when someone answers, “better than I ever expected” what were their expectations when they made the purchase? Sketchy to dismal? What I have discovered about consumer reviews is that the owner of a product will not generally admit that they had made a mistake.

3 years ago

I have to agree. I fully expect some issues as we use our camper. I have heard the comment that driving or pulling the RV is like “pulling your house thru a hurricane during a earthquake”. Sounds funny, but it also sounds correct. Do I think they could improve their quality, absolutely! – but given how people drive, road conditions and the speeds, it is not surprising that we see small issues. I am an Industrial Engineer, and I am sure that a little more process control would improve the overall quality of units coming out of the MFG’g plants. Quality does not cost, it saves. Guess the RV management does not know that yet.

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