How much time will you spend in your RV in 2018?


Will this be a big RV travel year for you? Or you will be stuck at home or work and get out only occasionally? The ever-inquiring minds at want to know. So what do you think?

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Ronald Hamann

We Belong to two camping clubs so we are busy every month


Solo camping only in CA for at least three months total time.


None. We are trying to save for college. We don’t do loans and it is cash on the barrel. So no va cays for us this year and probably not until ours graduate from college and I retire. Sad to say.

MnM Mike and Marilyn

We have been full timing for 28 years. We have loved every minute of it. We have been in every state, Baja and Canada. Such beautiful country to see. We did it when were young enough to do lots of hiking and kayaking. Now we are thinking of hanging up the keys as they say. We will miss it for sure. We are wondering how we are going adjust back to the old life style.

Captn John

About 6 months. Would be more but CGs are too crowded during summer so we stay home at the beach. September through May we could be anywhere it does not snow with trips home to regroup.

Dave & Vikki

We’re retired but still too busy. 15 days was our longest interval but collectively we spent 31 days in our travel trailer. Love the WNC and TN Blue Ridge Mountains for 3-season “camping”.

Ray B

I manage a small private campground for a Sportsman’s club. I move in my camper the first of april and move out the end of september. It is a volunteer position but I get plenty of outdoor time and many friendly people. I am currently expanding the camp sites so others can enjoy the camping experience.

Phil Hetzendorfer

Just sold our home, closing in about 2 weeks , wife just retired, and after 5 years of 2 to 3 months trips we are full timing it while we got our health and our ability to travel……..look out USA here comes Phil and Joan.


Won’t be retired until May 2019 so I have to keep it with in the Vacation Allowance.

Thomas Kainz

Not nearly enough. Am retired now and the plan was to travel lots but daughter needs help with 4 of my granddaughters so we don’t go as much. However we plan to camp somewhere at least once a month for a week or more. Lot of state parks and corps parks near us. We Love Camping and boating on our pontoon!


I average about 9 months total every year. I go on extended trips and then go back to home base to catch up with family and loosely plan our next trip.

Denny wagaman

The first three months of this year and the last two months of this year (2018).

Plus another two or three weeks off and on this summer maybe..

Robert Pulliam

We spent the first 4 months of 2018 in FL, came home to TN to a yard in need of a mowing and a mower that had decided I apparently wasn’t going to use it anymore so it went into retirement, got it out of its retirement, mowed the yard, planting a couple of rose bushes, and anxiously awaiting October to arrive so we can go to south Texas for the winter. Don’t even know why we came home other than to visit family. We ain’t full time yet but we’re working on it.

Rita Black

I’ve been only using my TT for about a month each year. I’ve retired and traveling on my own and hope to use it 3 to 6 months. This would include the winter in a warmer place. So far because of the snow and rain, I’ve only been 13 nights.


Bought my first RV in 1966 and sold our Class A in April 2018. Had a great “camping” career. Miss the RV, but not the amount of money we spent in/on it. Will find other ways to see our Beautiful country.

Jay French

I average between 2 & 3 months per year


Not enough.


Lucky to spend a week in rv,still working,should have put off purchase till retirement,may end up selling…..


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We have our house on the market now and hope to start living full time in our rig in August. We also have a few trips with friends planned for June and July.