Thursday, March 30, 2023


How to improve a ‘crappy’ situation


By Caitlyn Kazanecki
Public restrooms: a traveler’s worst nightmare. Whether it be at a campground, visiting a national/state park or a quick stop at a rest area — when nature calls, it calls. Sometimes we get lucky: We nab one that’s just been cleaned, the toilet paper hasn’t run out or there’s still some hand sanitizer left to de-germ before we bolt out of there. For those other, more unfortunate times, we’ve found Potty Packs. 

    Single potty pack contents

Potty Packs are a handy little product, made in the good ol’ USA. They’re a life saver for those who have not yet mastered the art of the ‘squat’, for the parents who are still struggling with potty training or even for those long road trips with your RV where a clean toilet is an unpromising uncertainty. 
They’re an ingenious invention as they truly contain “everything but the toilet.” Each pack includes four feet of two-ply toilet paper, a small packet of hand sanitizer, one packet of hand wipes, a full-sized paper toilet seat cover, and a wet wipe containing vitamin E and Aloe Vera, for those extra sensitive tushies. The packs are the perfect size to fit in your pocket, throw in a backpack or purse, or store away in a glove compartment for an unexpected emergency. They are great to give as gifts too, as the uses are endless and the fate of a porta-potty is always a looming uncertainty. 
One bit of advice: Before using your Potty Pack open your pack before you enter the restroom. During a personal test, I found that all of the little contents can easily drop into the dismal abyss if not opened careful enough. Open your pack before entering, remove the hand sanitizer and hand wipe and save those two for de-germing after the deed is done. Thank us later.
You can find Potty Packs and other fun products at its company’s website, or purchase a pack of 20 at Amazon.



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Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

Like Robbie (above) said, I too am amazed at RV folks who have paid thousands for their own potty and proceed to use public toilets.

5 years ago

I’m amazed by people who tow or drive RV’s and use the public restrooms. (ICK) I paid for our RV bathroom, I know it is clean, well stocked, free, private and very convenient.

5 years ago

This one made me laugh out loud. As an avid RVer/hiker I have for years been carrying in backpacks and vehicles home made versions of this setup. Toilet paper (ends of rolls from the RV) and individual wet wipes in a Zip lock. I should have patented it but that would have been crappy. 😉

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