Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Deep-clean the black tank to prevent nasty outhouse smell

By Nanci Dixon When the winds of time blow in the wrong direction and the bathroom vent just doesn’t seem to siphon all the scent...

Does your RV bathroom need an assist device?

By Jim Twamley Many RVers need a little assistance in the bathroom, like conveniently placed grab bars which are available at hardware stores. These are the...
RV Doctor

How not to clean a plastic RV toilet

RV Doctor Dear Gary, You have helped me several times in the past and now I have a minor problem. The toilet brush we have...

Possible fixes for hard-to-reach toilet leak

Dear Gary, I have an older Tioga motorhome. The hoses connecting to the toilet are leaking. I cannot reach the connections because of the tight...

Plumbing inspection not high on RVers’ lists

By Russ and Tiña De Maris If you're old enough to remember The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mysteries, perhaps you'll recall "The Mystery of...

Update on keeping black tank smells out of your RV

In last week's Quick Tips, we included a tip from a reader about keeping black water smells from getting back into the RV by...

How to improve a ‘crappy’ situation

  By Caitlyn Kazanecki Public restrooms: a traveler's worst nightmare. Whether it be at a campground, visiting a national/state park or a quick stop at...

Dometic introduces first pedal-operated macerator RV toilet

  By Bob Difley The MasterFlush 7640 RV toilet is the first pedal-operated macerating toilet in the recreation vehicle industry. Fitting in the same space as older...

Do you use additives in your RV’s toilet tank?

  Do you add chemicals or other additives to your RV's black water (sewer) tank? Some RVers believe they are necessary, while others, including some...

How an automated RV dumping system works

  Doug Swarts, the inventor of the Drain Master electric sewer valve, explains how the system permits an RVer to dump his or her holding...

Most RVers use additives in their RV holding tanks

In a past issue of the RVtravel.com newsletter we asked readers if they used chemicals in their RV holding tanks. Perhaps we should have used the word “additives”...

RV toilets: Porcelain or plastic?

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris Remember the days when you hit the supermarket checkout and the question was, "Paper or plastic?" Today the question...