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Comments, ideas and suggestions from readers

Here are just some of the tips and suggestions we received from readers during the last week. We welcome your thoughts.

Reader David Burkebile suggested a new topic
I suggest listing RV unfriendly towns. We were staying in Benicia, Calif., for 3 days with my wife’s sister. We were parked in a cul-de-sac and not staying in the rig, but in her condo. We went out in the morning and found a $45 ticket on the window. Benicia does NOT want any RVs parked on the street, even if you are downtown shopping. They will still issue a ticket according to the police. There are NO signs warning of this regulation, and according to the officer I spoke to, “I was supposed to know that Benicia has this regulation.” How? Not their problem! Wish there could be a list warning of this “hospitality.”

EDITOR: David, great idea! We’ve set up a page and a form where readers can report unfriendly towns they encounter (maybe even their own). Click here to submit

Jon Guenther suggested
How about discussions or information about RVers who are seasonal? We can’t tow any more but we love to RV in one place with people we met and have gotten to know.

EDITOR: I wonder if our readers would be willing to share their favorite seasonal campgrounds? Might they want to keep them a secret?

Reader Terry W. wrote
Would you consider incorporating a feature on attractions with easy access for those with limited mobility? My wife has asthma and cannot walk/hike very far at state or national parks. This makes it a challenge to find the access point that provides best view, etc. At age 73, I’m getting a bit creaky myself, so I wouldn’t mind an easier trek myself.

EDITOR: Would love to find a reader who would like to write a regular column on travel for physically challenged RVers. It’s needed.

An idea from Bethany Tozier
Just an idea for a regular topic/series of articles — Simple DIY fixes that will save money. I, for one, was just told I needed a gasket replaced under my sink after a standard state inspection of my Class C. Well, they wanted to charge me $300 for the work. It is a gasket I can buy for $3 and replace in an hour. So, I will do the work myself.

Small fixes like this, and cleaning the service areas, accessing battery terminals for the “house batteries” to clean corrosion from the battery posts, etc., could all be covered. I am not the handiest person, but I want to save money so I can travel more often. The inspiration for this is the piece that just ran, “Why it pays to be a do-it-yourself RVer”

EDITOR: We do post do-it-yourself” articles on a regular basis, but we would welcome a regular column on the subject. Anybody interested? Let us know.

And comments:

From Sally Smith
My family has been camping for years. Our trailer has extra space for our handicapped son and three rescue dogs. We have taken our son camping from when he was in diapers. Stosh has always traveled well and continues to do so. He even laughs about the time he slept in a towel and a garbage bag because I forgot diapers for him and the front gate was locked. His three-wheeled bike and his book bag of goodies that follow him everywhere.

We take him on day trips and have a great time. He started camping as a baby and now, at 33, he is still helping us plan our trips. He has met so many people and with some is considered part of their family. We never dreamed he would love camping and meeting and visiting with folks as much. As long as it is possible for him to be a part of it, we will be out there!

EDITOR: What a great story Sally! Tell Stosh we say hi and hope to meet him one day.

Nanci Dixon asked about our reader polls
Reader PollI’m curious about the questions asked in the section that is summarized as “what we learned about you”. As the questions seem so non-RV related sometimes, I have been wondering if it is actually research for an external firm. Having been involved in interpreting consumer research in the past I am just curious.

EDITOR: The column “What we learned about you” is based on the polls we conduct with our readers. We do them for ourselves and for our readers’ entertainment, and not for an “external firm.” Most of them are just for fun. After doing close to a thousand polls through the years, we sometimes struggle to ask something we have not asked before. 

Have something to say to us? Here’s where to do it. Or just leave a comment below.


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3 years ago

A lot of the topics that Bethany noted are already available as videos on youtube.

Don Creamer
3 years ago

If you are stuck for an idea for your What We Learned About You series, rerun an old question (the older the better,) post the results and then do a comparison with the original results. Might be more work than it’s worth, but it could show how folks have changed their positions over the years. Just a thought.

Denny wagamsn
3 years ago

How about a classified page so those who want to sell their RV’s can advertise through you. Or an article on the best methods.

3 years ago

All great ideas, guys! Although I mostly ignore the complaining of a destroyed knee and hike anyway, I think the mobility aspect is a huge one in RVing. I’ve been in sites that while the trailer spot is level, you had to climb a serious hill outside your door in all directions (oh, that’s why it was available last minute?!)

As for the cheaper RVing column, I would be happy to write for RVT, and still have my slowly growing “RV mods on the cheap” YouTube channel for anyone interested.

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