Tuesday, July 5, 2022


New, innovative Yellowstone annual pass costs $1,500

A new park pass that offers unlimited access to Yellowstone National Park will set you back $1,500. And, if the price itself does not shock you, we have even more shocking news: Even if you buy the “Inheritance Pass” you’ll never get to use it. We guarantee it.

But don’t toss it. Save it. Your great, great, great grandchildren may thank you (if they even recall who you were)! The pass can’t be used until the year 2172 — 150 years from now. And therein lies a clue about why the pass was created in the first place, and why someone might actually buy it even though it is essentially worthless to them.

The rest of the story

This year, 2022, is the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park. The new “Inheritance Pass” is really a publicity stunt — a worthy one — to promote a fundraising effort to help celebrate this year’s milestone and raise funds to help maintain and improve the park for the next 150 years.

The $1,500 cost is not a fee, but a donation. Yellowstone Forever, a group that takes care of the fundraising efforts at the national park, is hoping to use the money raised for things such as trail improvements, scientific studies, native fish conservation and education.

If you’re feeling generous, contact the folks at Yellowstone Forever and make their day!



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