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Why should you install RV insect screens to protect your appliances?

By Dustin Simpson
RV insect screens can protect your refrigerator, furnace, and water heater from being damaged by bugs and other pests. Propane has a garlic byproduct in it that attracts the bees, spiders, mud daubers, birds and small rodents into your appliance chambers and burner areas. I want you to think of it like us having a barbecue. Critters (and the debris that comes with them) in your appliance can cause serious damage to them or even cause a fire.

These stainless steel RV insect mesh screens keep out all the critters and debris so you can keep your vents open and the air flowing comfortably and safely. Before you head to the RV parts store or online, make sure to look at the shape of your RV’s vents and measure their size(s). Another good idea is to take some pictures of the vents and opening as well to help determine the style needed. 


RV insect screens are easy to maintain. Make sure to check them before and after each trip for damage or any blockage. You should also clean all vents and covers regularly to remove any dust or small debris buildup.

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Tom Champagne (@guest_262514)
5 days ago

Not discussed is the refrigerator vent. Shown yet not sold as a unit, the only way I was able to solve that problem was to purchase nylon screening and place it on the INSIDE . I used the tabs that hold the cover in to secure the screening. Not perfect yet it did the trick

Dustin Leigh Simpson (@guest_262585)
4 days ago
Reply to  Tom Champagne

They do make different kits that should do most units.

Neal Davis (@guest_262500)
5 days ago

Thank you, Dustin. Seems great information. Our coach is all-electric. The dryer vent has a flap to prevent entry. Is that sufficient? Thank you!

Dustin Leigh Simpson (@guest_262586)
4 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Thank you

Bob (@guest_262495)
5 days ago

I have these on my furnace vents. The do work great, but the way they are attached is a problem. They move easily if bumped or while washing my trailers. I made a better way to attach these using a long #6 screw and a piece of 1/8 inch aluminum about 1/2 inch long with a slight bend on one end. I drilled and tapped the aluminum and hook that piece over the cross on the vent and tighten the screw. Nice and tight now. On the water heater door, I used an aluminum mesh screen attached to the inside of the door.

Dustin Leigh Simpson (@guest_262587)
4 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Thanks for sharing with us.

Jim Johnson (@guest_262491)
5 days ago

RV screens (made from stainless steel) are not cheap, but trust me well worth the cost to avoid insect nests. Also if you have one of the 4″ slinky storage bumpers, replace the typical OEM rubber caps with the insect resistant caps. You really don’t want to be surprised by disturbing a wasp nest!

Dustin Leigh Simpson (@guest_262588)
4 days ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

Thanks for sharing

Bob P (@guest_262472)
5 days ago

One of the first things I do with a new unit, didn’t do it on my first one and had to clean out big dirt dauber nest before the furnace would light in the fall.

Dustin Leigh Simpson (@guest_262589)
4 days ago
Reply to  Bob P

Thanks for sharing

Tom (@guest_262426)
5 days ago

Fight rust, use stainless steel wire or plastic ties to hold in place.

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