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Why should you install RV insect screens to protect your appliances?


RV insect screens can protect your refrigerator, furnace, and water heater from being damaged by bugs and other pests. Propane has a garlic byproduct in it that attracts the bees, spiders, mud daubers, birds and small rodents into your appliance chambers and burner areas. I want you to think of it like us having a barbecue. Critters (and the debris that comes with them) in your appliance can cause serious damage to them or even cause a fire.

These stainless steel mesh screens keep out all the critters and debris so you can keep your vents open and the air flowing comfortably and safely. Before you head to the RV parts store or online, make sure to look at the shape of your RV’s vents and measure their size(s). Another good idea is to take some pictures of the vents and opening as well to help determine the style needed. 


RV insect screens are easy to maintain. Make sure to check them before and after each trip for damage or any blockage. You should also clean all vents and covers regularly to remove any dust or small debris buildup.

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Michael Galvin
9 days ago

A tech told me to only use the round furnace port screens in areas with bugs. Otherwise no. I think because of impeding air flow.

9 days ago

I found some rather large vents in both battery compartments large enough for some large varmints to get in & enjoy some nice fresh wire! Found some 6″X13″ stainless mesh screen & cut it & screwed it to the outside of the compartments. Should keep the buggers out!

9 days ago

One thing I do when my trailer is parked in the yard is to cover the water heater opening with a magnetic sheet made for blocking hvac registers in the house. Easily cut to fit and stick pretty tightly to the steel of the water heater access panel. Doesn’t work for the furnace intake/exhaust as it isn’t magnetic. Just don’t forget to remove the magnetic sheet before hitting the road.

9 days ago

In the Deep South, Mud Dabbers love to get inside and create nests, Screens stop them.
Still they can be a problem, but not inside the frig compartment.

Roger Marble
8 days ago
Reply to  tom

I am in Ohio and have found “Mud Daubers” in the Refrig area and in Hot Water area. Installed the SS screens and no more Daubers. As an engineer I checked the air flow area and the SS screens have more total open area than the area they cover because they bulged out.

Jim Johnson
9 days ago

Don’t make the mistake I made… My 2022 unit has a Dometic/Atwood water heater. I purchased insect screens for the appliances immediately after purchase. All of the water heater screens use a simple to install spring that clips to both the screen and the exhaust grate in the door over the water heater exhaust. Well the exhaust grate in this new water heater isn’t part of the door! It is attached to the water heater and lines up with a hole in the door. After installation, I couldn’t open the water heater door to drain the water heater because the screen slightly overlaps the exhaust grate and the door!

The screen won’t fit over the grate behind the door. I am still trying to figure out a simple – and least destructive way to attach the screen to the door over the hole rather than the grate.

Joseph Testa
9 days ago

Probably need to mention that some manufacturers will void your warranty if they find out you used them, if your appliance is out of warranty, no harm, no foul. All of mine are out of warranty but have been using them since day 1 of ownership.

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