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Is the Good Sam Man being retired?

By Chuck Woodbury
Recent advertising from Camping World is sporting a new logo with a halo, but it’s no longer over the head of the iconic Good Sam Man. What’s up? My RV industry friends and I have been asking that for a year now.

What do you think? Is Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of the club and Camping World, slowly retiring the Good Sam Man, to simply go with the golden halo? Camping World’s ads and brochures increasingly direct customers to where the Good Sam Man is seen far less than the new halo-only logo.

The Good Sam man is disappearing from Camping World’s ads and promotional materials.

Lemonis is a highly energized businessman who is seldom mentioned in Good Sam Club literature anymore. To many if not most industry insiders he is bent on cornering the market on RV sales. He has recently added to his company’s holdings by rapidly buying up RV dealerships across the country and turning them into Camping World stores, where parts, accessories, service and RVs are sold. He has also acquired Gander Mountain and Overton’s outdoor recreation stores.

Lemonis announced recently that he plans to leverage the Gander brand to increase his RV footprint, honing in on areas where Camping World is under-represented and has an opportunity to grow. He said he will launch Gander RV in 40 locations by spring 2019.

So what will happen to the Good Sam Man? Time will tell.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Jann Forrest (@guest_37089)
4 years ago

It is so sad when I remember the warm fuzzy feeling we used to get (including the discount at RV parks) and the really good programs they sponsored. Deals on insurance and roadside assistance, etc. were at the top. Slowly the people selling these deals started to sound just like auto salespersons who started misrepresenting the terms and conditions just to get a sale.

Now I am not even sure a park discount is worth being in this program. But it was great for a time.

Donald Fredericks (@guest_36872)
4 years ago

I believe Mark Lemonis is moving far away from the Good Sam Club. He has allowed some CWs to create local camping clubs like the Chattanooga Camping Club no longer under GS name but sponsored by CW. Tennessee GS would not allow them to stay members or open a chapter there. Many store users are turned down for GS discounts. Lemonis has fired all regional district directors at least in the South East Region. Mississippi State GS closed and sold off its State stores and supplies. He has left the State Directors out in the cold for directions when needed. I cannot speak for or of about other states. I am just a camper but it hurts to see what he is doing.

Seann (@guest_36833)
4 years ago

I’m almost ashamed to say I am a life member… Wouldn’t join now if you paid me to.

Stanley Slaughter (@guest_37746)
4 years ago
Reply to  Seann

Same here.

Gary WHITNEY (@guest_38186)
4 years ago
Reply to  Seann

I agree sure glad i did not put that sticker on our new 5th wheel like you say we too are almost ashamed to being lifetime members what used to be a privilege is kind of embarasseing

Dave Wettlaufer (@guest_36771)
4 years ago

Marcus is going to have his own headshot under the halo.

Craig Whitten (@guest_36732)
4 years ago

I’m sure the logo has been determined to be racist. As a leftist/progressive; Lemonis doesnt want a white male logo as representing CW.

Josh (@guest_124457)
2 years ago
Reply to  Craig Whitten

As a black RV enthusiast, I would like a black Good Sam figure for my rig.

Darrel (@guest_36665)
4 years ago

Just change the name to Sam, because all the good has been destroyed by Marcus Lemonis.

Jim (@guest_36662)
4 years ago

I saw the old Gander Mountain store north of Houston on I-45 now has a Gander RV sign out in front of it. The Houston area already has some fairly large RV places, not sure if another one is what we need here.

Jeffrey Torsrud (@guest_36661)
4 years ago

I have been a Life Time Member of Good Sams long before Lemonis took over. And now, there is NO WAY I Will EVER shop or purchase anything from Camping World, especially an RV!

Charles (@guest_36666)
4 years ago

And when he states he does not need any Republicanis in his stores

Graybyrd (@guest_36766)
4 years ago

Wife & I bought a lovely used truck camper. We’re in our late 70’s. I’m thankful for eBay and Amazon. There’s a CW store on the mainland, where our island population shops. We’ve never considered shopping with them (nor do I stick my fingers in a blender).

Don (@guest_36660)
4 years ago

I don’t know about retiring the GS Man, however, I was in a CW store Tuesday and overheard a salesman telling a customer who was asking about an item “that they had not had a supply truck deliver anything in over two weeks.” Struck me as rather odd.

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