Is your RV your only home?


Is your RV the only home you own? Or do you travel full-time but still have a traditional home that you rent out and/or plan to return to one day? Or do you have a traditional home and travel with your RV only part of the year?

Please take our quick poll. We’re curious about how many readers are “homeless” (in the traditional sense, we mean). We encourage your comments.

The poll may take a moment to load, so stand by.

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Michael Kaminski

i used to own a 5th wheel travel trailer, but now i am just interested in reading peoples post’s on their adventures lol. i have read some pretty good ones too. well, now i live with my daughter and her son. which is interesting to say the least. it took me a while to having people in the house, but i got used to it. back in ’98, when i had my stroke, i found myself wandering around the house looking for something to do, well i got over that, now I’m content watching people go by the place and just RELAX. I recently found this r-v site and found it to be pretty interesting. I love reading all the stories about different people and how they cope with everyday things, like going shopping, foe me it’s just not my cup of tea. but for other people they seem to enjoy it. well that’s about all i have for now, so in closing, I’ll just say toodles. mike67


We have a house at the beach in Delaware and live there May-November. We have been spending winters somewhere from Florida to Mexico in a TT. Probably going to be Mexico from now on.

Betty Hood

In 2004 we went on a trip to FL, just to get away and to visit my cousin who I had not seen for 21 years. We fell in love with the RV park and started to spent the winter months there. Then in 2016 we sold our home in SC, which for me was very hard, but I knew it was the right thing to do at the time. So we now spend fall/winter in FL where we have a 5th wheel and spring/summer in PA where we have a travel trailer. We grew up in PA and all our family is there, including our Daughter and her better half, our Grandchildren and their spouses. The hard part is right now we cannot leave FL because the PA park is closed. Our first Great Grandson is due in August, here’s hoping to make it there by then. Stay safe in your travels.


Our approach has worked out really well for us. We invested in a vacation rental, and have worked it out so it’s classified as our secondary residence. We spend the vast majority of time in our motorhome, but make an annual visit to the property in the off-season, when we perform any needed maintenance . Our stays can range anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, just depending on our travel plans. The home is paying for itself, and it gives us a place we can go if we need to get off the road for any reason.


We’re in our 13th year as fulltime boondockers…..wouldn’t trade a sticks and bricks for our wonderful lifestyle.

Don & Carol Nedrow

We were full-timers for 15 years. Our daughter bought a ranch style house with the garage made into a master bedroom where we now live. We still travel with our RV Chapter most all year. we have a space on the property to park our 31′ class C motor home.


We do not have a standard home but do not fit your poll. We live on a sailboat and motor home

Steven Browning

Just wondering why this came up for “what you found along the road”?


Just to go the opposite direction, i’m curious how many folks use their RV significantly WHILE at homebase? I have functional full hookups and use my TT as a real extension of the house. While home I have a quiet Dad-only man-cave/laboratory where kids/spouse won’t disturb my projects and it’s easy to vent soldering smoke directly outside. When I undock for a trip, much of my stuff is already all packed with me since it doesn’t leave the trailer. This practice evolved from storing “home and away” tools in the trailer to just using them there. My music, my temperature, my “messes”, and a locking door on a 500sf workspace…

Steve C

I know I’m not one of the regular full-time RV’ers and your polls never have a category for me. I sold my house back in 2016 and I’m now a full-time traveler, just not in my RV all the time. I’m presently in Quito, Ecuador and plan on spending the next five months in South & Central America while my Truck Camper is in storage back home in California. My life is spent in my ‘stateside home’, my camper, for about half the year, wandering around North America and the other half of the year somewhere else in another part of the world. There’s a whole world out there, why limit yourselves to just America?


We sold our stick and siding home in June of 2016. Finally closed on it then. We went fulltime in December 2015 when my wife retired from her job of 22 years. I’m retired Navy and self employed, I still do some of that, tuning pianos for long time customers.

We have 2 acres of the property my wife’s family owned and have set up a”family campground” there. Right now we have electric wired up for 4 sites and I have a shop, garden shed, lumber shed and boat shed. This summer we’ll have a septic system and maybe a well. We currently use our son’s about 1/2 acre away from us.

That’s where we spend our summers.

Captn John

We travel between September and Late May with times at home to regroup. We find about 3 months is max in a 43′ 5er before we need to regroup. Not all are trips are that ,long, several are only a few weeks but again, home to regroup. We have tried everything from a DP to a TT and find the larger 5er the most comfortable for the 2 of us for stays longer than a week.


We just feel grounded to have a permanent property, with grand kids nearby.

Jean C

We travelled part-time for a few years, leaving our home empty for 6-9 months at a time. We finally decided to go full-time but didn’t want to sell our house that was paid for and found a reliable tenant, someone we had known for many years.