Single mom pays price for taking Camping World salesman’s advice


How important is doing your research and homework before buying an RV?

Listen to Jessica Knoelk’s story of how her dream of RV ownership became a nightmare, as explained in an interview on The RV Show USA. She says now she should never have accepted what her Camping World salesman told her.

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WHY is it these women first thing out of their mouth is “I AM A SINGLE MOM” who cares, I am not the father. My first question is why? Were you ever married? or you just like having kids? The latter is your fault. Either way what does that have to do with anything?
Or are you all advertising for a man?
I am sorry for ranting about something that has nothing to do with the story.
Or does it, she started it with “I AM A SINGLE MOM”


its a badge they wear that allows them to do something stupid and get a pass on it, before this it was something I cant repeat here. And really getting tired of it to.


You are harsh. Making a lot of assumptions. It’s none of your business if she’s been married or not. And to suggest this is about advertising for a man is absurd on your part.
Your just nasty. She made huge mistakes in her RV dealings. But you feel you have the right to attack her as a person. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses.


First rule for landlords like my self is never under no circumstances do you rent to a single mother. They ALWAYS fail to pay their rent at some point and have a variety of excuses why and it will always leads back to being a single mother.

RV Staff

Isn’t that discrimination, Jack? —Diane at (A single mom since my kids were 1 and 4; they’re now 40 and 43. I always paid my bills, own a house, vehicles, mountain property. I’ve known several single moms who were more hard-working and diligent about paying their bills than their exes. Just sayin’.)


Financial institutions dont agree with you either. But most of the time their is a daddy in the back ground forced to make up for the short comings. So your statement doesnt count now does it.

RV Staff

So, does that mean I don’t count, either? I worked for a family law attorney (mostly divorces) for 40+ years, so I’ve seen lots of different scenarios. You seem to be very prejudiced against single moms in general. But like everything else in the world, one size does not fit all. —Diane at


The best rule is to look at the stickers on trailer/camper and your tow vehicles rating. Only accept a trailer that is 75% of your tow vehicles rating. Partially due to the amount of extra weight people put in their tow vehicle to go camping ( inc extra people on vehicle). I’ve done this and never had a problem.

Captn John

Yes, she is a mess. At a minimum 99.999% her own fault. No research, asked no one for help during the process either. Would like to see the numbers on her door. If the salesman knew enough to look he probably knew enough to give decent advice. ***

RV Staff

You’re getting a little rude, Captn John, so I semi-bleeped your comment. —Diane at

Gary S.

The first thing anyone even thinking about buying a trailer should hear is Never, Never, Never believe it when a salesman tells you, ‘Your truck can pull it.’ I was at a show in January where I saw a 5th wheel with that handwritten sign on the door ‘Weight is only xxxx lbs!’. From the size of the camper, it just looked wrong and I stepped around and looked at the sticker. The GVWR was between 4-5000 lbs over what the sign on the door said. Notwithstanding that, its still ultimately up to the purchaser to match up their vehicle… Read more »


I feel bad for Jessica of course. Horrible first experience. However, there are some basic mistakes made along the way—some very innocent and others easily avoided. 90% of these have nothing to do with Camping World and I would be right up there with others criticizing their practices. First of all, an eco boost twin turbo engine is a beast with plenty of power to pull the trailer provided it has the proper gear ratio and setup (i.e. springs, sway bars, proper towing pkg which includes trans oil cooler, etc.). Does Jessica know about tow/haul mode? Was it hot summer… Read more »

Mark Hallewell

I waited about one year before buying an RV. That gave me plenty of time to read books, magazines and videos about the RV lifestyle and consequently I made an informed purchase with no regrets. This woman should have verified for herself the towing capacity of her truck. It is written on the specifications plate of her truck along with the tire pressure, weight, etc. Did she really need such a huge RV for her and her son only? How did she manage to run out of drinking water on her trip? Anyone who is not financially well off and… Read more »


I too wonder how you can run out of water when you spent the day/night at the Bozeman Walmart then broke down near Bozeman. She did not take any time to research that trailer before buying it. Most people know not trust anything a salesman says.

Robert B.

Like Jessica, I too had gone to a Camping World a couple years ago to buy a trailer and the salesman tried to put me into a rig that was too big for my 4 Runner. After seeing that they would try to sell me something too big to tow, I decided NOT to buy at Camping World and went to a mom and pop RV dealer (Trail Center, Charleston, SC) and found they were honest and sold me a trailer that was within weight limits. It’s been a very happy 2 years RV’ing. I also am very careful to… Read more »

Bill T.

Sorry but the fault lies with her. Other than looking at the models you want to physically see, on the lot, 90% of the RV research should happen prior to viewings at the dealer. She should have read the Ford manual for towing capacity of her truck, and be ready with arrangements to inspect the rig and close the deal. The salesperson is there to get you the keys and organize the paperwork. Thanks Chuck for the story. The more the word gets out there the better consumers can learn to protect themselves.

LR Lee

I just listened to this podcast (posted on YouTube). I’m sorry but 99% of this lady’s issues are her own fault! Yes, it’s totally wrong that the dealer sold her unit out from under her but she agrees that they made it right in the end = satisfied. Sure the salesman could’ve advised her incorrectly regarding her tow vehicle. THAT’S WHERE OTHERS FAULTS ENDS.The remainder of fault lies on this lady. Firstly, it’s darn near common sense that a V6 (even being turbo’ed) isn’t capable of safely towing a trailer of that size. Secondly, she didn’t take the advice of… Read more »


LR: You are spot on with this article. This woman had NO BACKUP plan either. When you go into RVing, you need to have a Backup plan. Rv’s will breakdown, Tow Vehicles will breakdown. That being said, you need to have a maintenance plan as well, whether full time or not! My RV doesn’t roll out of the Shed until I have thoroughly inspected it, top to bottom for any defects or other problems. One of her biggest mistakes was buying from Camping World! And as I always say: “NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD”!