Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Keep those electrical adapters in easy reach

By George Bliss 

No doubt most of us carry more “stuff” than we need. When we need one item from our storage areas it can turn into a varied search and the occasional suspicion that your spouse has moved it.

One item that is in constant demand is an electrical adapter to hook into shore power. Depending on where you are, a different adapter may be needed from night to night. To easily locate the adapter needed, I found that mounting readily available broom handle holders to the inside surface of a basement door works great.

If you’re concerned about putting too many holes in the door, you can mount the holders to a separate piece of wood or a piece of thick plastic like a large cutting board and attach it to the door at the four corners. Either way, make sure the screws you use are not longer than the thickness of the door — you don’t want them coming out the other side. As well, a screw with a coarse thread should hold better. When mounting the holders (see photo) they should be just far enough apart to accommodate the shortest adapter.


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