Monday, November 28, 2022


King adding new powerful Wi-Fi extender for RVs


King Wi-Fi antenna

King, a Minnesota-based designer and manufacturer of satellites and antennas, will begin marketing a powerful Wi-Fi antenna this fall. The King Falcon will be out this October (2017) and is geared for RV, camper, and mobile home owners.

The device is part omni-directional antenna, which gathers signals from all around it, and part directional antenna, which points to a specific source for wireless connection. To use the Falcon, consumers would open the King app on a smart phone, scan for a Wi-Fi signal from all directions, choose the one they want and then point in that direction. King claims the antenna’s directional pull for a signal is 10 times stronger than anything currently on the market.

King is best known for making mobile satellites and over-the-air antennas for RVs, and campers and tailgating. The product is mainly used for outdoors, but company officials say it can also be used in homes for those who want stronger wireless connectivity. The King Falcon Wi-Fi extender will sell for $649.

Information based on press release.

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