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Kwik Bandit Tie provides alternative to bungee cords

EDMONTON, Alberta — Although consumers are accustomed to using bungee cords for both recreational and work settings, the risk of injury is ever-present. Kwik Bandit Tie provides a safe, reliable substitute as it does not have a sudden release of stored energy should it become undone. It is being used by a wide range of users: homeowners, construction companies, trucking firms, vineyards, nurseries, power sport enthusiasts, backpackers and the RV community.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology states: “Bungee cords are common workplace and household items that have many uses. Despite their utility, they represent a potential source of severe ocular injury”.

Kwik Bandit began with a very simple need: finding a way to quickly and safely bundle and secure items. It’s a rubber strap that takes seconds to attach, has no dangerous snap back or hooks and lasts through hundreds of repeat uses. As more people began using it to wrap cords, bundle items, stake trees, tie down loads, hold sports gear together, support tomato plants, secure cam locks, replace chains on trucks, and so much more, Kwik Bandit knew its product was different.

Kwik Bandit Rubber Straps combine the best features of cable ties with those of elastic straps like bungee cords. With Kwik Bandits reusable rubber straps, users simply stretch, wrap and lock the strap around objects or cable bundles for a secure hold. 

Kwik Bandit Tie is available in 3 different sizes and strengths. Visit the Kwik Bandit website for more information. You can find Kwik Bandit ties on Amazon

SOURCE: Kwik Bandit Tie press release

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4 years ago

I have tried these and don’t care much for them. I much prefer Velcro straps that stay right with the cord or hose even when they’re undone and have a greater range of fit.

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