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Law firm seeks RVers with warranty troubles


warranty-762TAMPA (Sept. 28, 2016) —  The law firm of Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, wants to interview RV owners who have experienced problems getting their RVs fixed under warranty according to RV Daily Report.

The firm has launched an investigation after being approached by RV owners who have had warranty service claims denied or who could not get appointments to have covered items repaired, lawyer Bert Savage explained.

“The RV industry is good about providing one-year warranties on most new RVs, and they do a fine job selling extended warranties to buyers of new and used RVs. However, what the salespeople don’t explain to consumers is that it is very difficult to get warranty service completed,” he stated.

Savage said that warranty companies often seem unwilling to reimburse RV dealers and service companies adequate labor to cover a technician’s time to investigate the cause of a problem and render a long-term solution.

“As a result, dealers push warranty repair to the back of the list of customers seeking service. In fact, we have been told that some RV dealers actually tell RV owners they refuse to do warranty repair because the RV was not purchased from that particular dealership,” Savage relates.

WHEN A CUSTOMER BUYS a Keystone RV, for example, they should be able to get it serviced at least at any dealership that sells and services Keystone products, he added.

Many times, RV owners must seek help from mobile RV technicians who are then forced to jump through hoops to get reimbursed by warranty providers, or the mobile techs force consumers to pay for warranty work up front and then submit the receipt for reimbursement.

It’s a process that can take months to resolve, according to Savage.

“People buy RVs for fun and for travel. Yet, when they encounter a problem on their journeys, it is often difficult for them to get the unit repaired and that may be a breach of contract and, in some cases, a violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act or state lemon laws, depending on the state,” he added.

The Savage Villoch Law firm staff would like to speak with RV owners from around the country who have had issues with warranty service, regardless of where they live or bought their RVs. Full-time RVers are especially encouraged to come forward to share their stories as they often don’t have a “home dealership” and must struggle to find service wherever they happen to be.

“We suspect that the problem is occurring with increasing frequency. The industry pays lip service to the problem but, in the end, it’s the RV owners who are left frustrated and unable to use their RV as they intended,” said Savage.

The law firm is considering a class-action suit to recover damages for RV owners.

Another related issue is that RV owners who have sought warranty service have been forced to accept less-than-adequate temporary solutions rather than permanent fixes. As a result, the value of the RV is reduced without adequate compensation to the owner.

People who have experienced problems with warranty repair can visit or call 813.251.4890.

SOURCE: RV Daily Report



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Tommy Molnar
6 years ago

Of course some ‘ambulance chasing’ law firm is here to help. I trust very few lawyers (like used car salesmen), but in this case, maybe some good could come of it. If legal action is what it takes to wake up the RV industry, so be it.

I wonder if one of the lawyers in this firm is actually an RV’er . . .

6 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Tommy, I agree with you, something needs done. Maybe this will start the “rv” rolling, so to speak.
The manufacturers and dealers have gotten away with this for entirely to long. Maybe if it smacks them in their wallet things will change. We can only hope.

Carl L. Fuller
6 years ago
Reply to  Jim

I’ve certainly lost my trust in their industry. I’ve had three major needs of service. None of which completed the job properly. I’m not a nitpicker, I’m talking blatant cover ups, improper and unsafe repairs. All I get is the gator salute, shrugging of the shoulders. It’s ‘their best’ is what they tell me. Sad.

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