Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Lippert launches revolutionary flexible solar awning

Lippert Components, Inc., announces the launch of Solera® OG, off-grid awnings constructed using the first-ever flexible solar awning fabric. In an exclusive partnership with Renogy®, Lippert will provide customers with unmatched innovation in awning-integrated photovoltaic technology (AIPV).

Lippert’s Solera OG (Off-Grid) brand awnings are the ideal solution to meet the growing demand for more readily accessible energy independence. Solera OG installs like a regular awning, but with Renogy’s proprietary thin-film solar technology, Lippert awnings provide the extra benefit of up to 300 watts of solar power, without the labor, expense, additional weight and roof intrusion of installing conventional rigid panels.

Renogy, a renewable energy company that specializes in solar solutions for off-grid living, is pioneering AIPV innovation. This first-generation retractable, shatterproof, laminated vinyl awning features power generation up to 300 watts in the extended position and 200 watts in the retracted, travel or stored positions.

“As the demand for solar power in off-grid living continues to surge, we are excited to reshape the landscape through the continuous innovation of our product offering,” said Andrew Mock, Vice President of RV Sales at Lippert. “With their lightweight design, Solera OG awnings are poised to redefine the boundaries of solar power integration.”

“We are excited for this opportunity to stand at the forefront of solar power accessibility,” said Mark Boessler, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales at Lippert. “With their lightweight design and cutting-edge technology, our Solera OG awnings redefine the possibilities of sustainable energy integration, revolutionizing the way the users harness the sun’s power for off-grid living.”

Currently, the installation options for RV and off-grid enthusiasts seeking solar solutions are slim due to the limited roof space available. Set to be released in fall 2023, Solera OG awnings will offer customers an affordable, seamless transition from a traditional awning to a solar awning.



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3 months ago

Inventive, until the wind starts

3 months ago

I,ll consider this to “Charge” Our “Genny Battery”…..

3 months ago

I like to leave my awning deployed at about that level all the time unless there is a very heavy wind blowing as a “porch roof” so that would work! But I already have 1000w on the roof. I need something that will go out from under a tree canopy if I’m parked in the shade.

3 months ago
Reply to  vanessa

I have 2 two hundred watt rigid solar panels on my RV roof, as well as one of the same size I deploy after setting up camp, that I use to follow the morning and evening sun, as well as enough cable to take it out and follow the sun if I am parked in the shade. I store the extra on the bed when traveling, where it never moves and is not in the way.

Dr. Mike
3 months ago

Interesting but small. https://xponentpower.com/ appears to have a rigid flexible alternative that produces 1200w. (No affiliation; no recommendation; just FYI.)

Sven Yohnson
3 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Mike

2 concerns with Xponent Power:

  1. Weight. How much does their product weigh?
  2. Are they delivering product (their website says “Reserve Now”)?
3 months ago

Great idea! I’ve been using Renogy flexible panels for 2 years and my 2 100w panels serve me well along with my 2 100ah Renogy LIFEPO batteries.

Calvin Wing
3 months ago

I wonder how long of an awning it takes to generate the listed 300 watt output? The listed 200 watt output would be great for charging house batteries during storage or driving.

3 months ago
Reply to  Calvin Wing

200 watts when retracted in driving position…..? Maybe, maybe not. I doubt it personally but the flexible panel technology is great.

Last edited 3 months ago by Cancelproof
captain gort
3 months ago

interesting. Price? Durability?

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

Awnings are always susceptible to wind so leaving the awning out all day may not work, especially if you are going to leave the RV for a while. We are extremely careful when deploying our awning so I would not be a fan of this ‘fad’. Plus, we’ve had some bad luck with Lippert products in the past. I’ll stick with my roof-mounted panels.

3 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

it says in retracted position it still generates 200w

I would like to see these tested. I wonder if the fabric is available to install on existing awnings.

3 months ago

From the picture it looks like it’s just a strip, maybe 18″ wide at most, right at the top of the awning. Doesn’t look like the entire awning is solar.

Seamless transition? The power will need electrical cables installed from awning to a controller/batteries to do any good. Can’t just install the new fabric and magically it’s all hooked up.

3 months ago

I guess time will tell with the reliability of this awning. Constant flexing due to wind and rolling and unrolling of the awning, plus the fact that the awning may not roll up without creases and folding that could damage the structure of the cells may be a problem.

3 months ago

great idea! but I don’t hold much hope for quality since it’s coming from Lippert.

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