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Camping World stock shoots upward. What it means for RVers

Last month Camping World’s price-per-share jumped up more than 20%. Earlier this week, Tuesday, Camping World stock value was up almost 27% since the turn of the year. Readers tell us they see Camping World and other dealerships around the country awash in new RVs. The big bull market for RV manufacturers has come to a screeching halt. So why is Camping World seemingly lighter than air? The answer may spell news that all RV buyers and sellers need to pay attention to.

Not all a bed of roses

First, all is not super rosy for Camping World. In their first-quarter report to shareholders, the news could be considered dismal. Company revenue slid 11%, and gross profit compared to the same period in 2022 was down 21%. If you hold Camping World stock, you know you’re not living on share earnings. This quarter rolled in at just a nickel, while a year ago, that same share earned $1.15. So where’s the good news?

But the “good news” is …

Stock market wizards had predicted that earnings for a share would actually go into the “loss” column, and be a penny in the red. So, beating that dire forecast by six cents must make for big news. But with the not-so-good news on other fronts, Camping World is still selling lots of RVs. The new ones may be stagnating; sales on new units are down by 27%. But customers are flocking to CW to pick up used RVs. In the quarter, the company’s dealerships sold a record number, nearly twelve-and-a-half thousand used rigs. Those numbers were more than 13% up from earlier.

How this affects other dealers – AND RVers

Camping World stockWhat’s this mean for other RV dealers? Camping World continues in the pattern of the Roman Empire: March on to world dominance. As big as the company is, it can somewhat afford to sit with new stock on its lots. But mom-and-pop operators, particularly newer ones, are getting killed by both the lack of sales of new units, and in the gut-wrenching cost of “flooring” new units, what with the continued rise in interest rates.

What’s it all mean for RV buyers? If you’re in the market for a new RV, it’s probably time to start shopping. Take a pass on Camping World and the other mega dealers. The little guy dealerships will probably be thrilled to see you, and to move some of those “older new” units off the lot (and off the flooring loan page). They’ll be likely to negotiate a price that you haven’t seen since before COVID came calling. And as to buying Camping World stock? At least one stock-watching company says they have ten other stocks to buy before even considering Camping World.



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3 months ago

With $3.6 billion of debt, only $73 million of cash on the balance sheet and a market cap that of $1.2 billion or only 30% of it’s debt, it doesn’t exist in my portfolio. It’s had a good year, yup. Blackrock and Vanguard own 6.5 million shares. Add in what mainstream RVer’s see for RV inventory at every dealer and its going to be tough slog for a few years. IMHO. I do like my local CW service department though and will use them.

3 months ago

Camping World in many areas has saved a number of “mom and pop” RV sales places by buying them and then letting them manage the sales and tech shop ends with actual help from CW when needed. CW stays mostly in the background.

3 months ago
Reply to  bill

I have to disagree with your assessment. CW bought out a family owned RV sales near us.
At first, the place was run and staffed by the former employees and owners.
Then CW decided to completely take over. The original owners were let go and the sales people and techs were taken over by CW. Very few of the original staff now exists. The sales staff is now clueless and some of the techs had to take a pay cut to remain. The others left. Customer service is now nonexistent.
CW destroyed a very well run and caring business. I am lucky that my dealer refused to be taken over. They actually expanded their service department and the staff is on a first name basis with customers.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

Interesting stuff. Down with Camping World!

3 months ago

It’s “bad news” that other people want to enjoy the same things that you do. The literal definition of gatekeeping and you’re not even embarrassed to admit it.
I don’t see how one gas guzzling, polluting house on wheels is worse than the next. Nor do I assume some new RVer will be less considerate or more annoying than the people who already drag half of thier lives around with them. I would never consider an RV because I wouldn’t be able to get away from all of the people who do…

3 months ago
Reply to  Backcountry164

AND you are trolling this group for what? Go out and find another group that might fit your interests and stop using our valuable RV interested population’s chat area for your belly aching

captain gort
3 months ago

Who can possibly explain the stock market. I have an MBA and used to really follow all the news in the “market”, hoping to get an edge on it and make some big money. Well, all I have learned is that there is very little logic to the whole scheme. Perhaps some dark force is at the controls…otherwise, picking winners is statistically akin to the proverbial chimp tossing darts at the stock market page. The winner today will be the loser tomorrow, as Bob Dylan sang. One thing seems sure- the RV bubble is bursting and I’m darn happy to see that.

3 months ago
Reply to  captain gort

I can explain it. Politicians that vote on laws or regulations that will directly benefit or hurt a publicly traded company, then invest accordingly and get wealthy doing it. So then, its simple, just become a congressman earning $147k/year or senator earning $167k/year and you too can get an annualized 157% returns on specific companies. Over the long term, generational wealth for your family, into the hundreds of millions of dollars can be earned. Stock market up, earn 156%. Stock market down, earn 158%. See how that works. Good luck. 👍

Last edited 3 months ago by Cancelproof
Mike Waller
3 months ago

Camping World is the last place I would ever consider to buy a RV from. In general, their sales staff is questionable in both skill and knowledge and slightly on the slimy side. And, their service department is dismal, as well. Service people are generally poorly trained and don’t do solid work. This i can speak of from experience. Maybe CW’s goal is to become king of the hill, but along the way, they really need to address their business practices. They will never see another penny from me in either RV or supplies areas.

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

Whenever the ‘urge’ to maybe look for a new RV, the name Camping World NEVER even crosses my mind.

3 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Camping World… UGGH NO!

3 months ago

Shopping at Camping World is still a high risk. Avoid them!

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