Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Looking for something to do at home? Got any old slides?

By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour
How do I get my slides into Google Photos? While we stay home, we are pulling out our old slides. In this YouTube show, What Does this Button Do? Episode 188 (below), we show you how we get them into Google Photos, change the dates and identify the faces.
There are 3 ways to digitize slides:
  1. Buy a slide scanner (e.g. Kodak Scanza)
  2. Use a scanning service (e.g. Costco Photo Center)
  3. Project your slides and take new photos of them (cellphone tripod)
We like the fast, fun way. If you have a projector, you can have one last slideshow. Make a bowl of popcorn, pour the wine, and enjoy. When you see a picture that you want to keep, snap a photo of the projected image.
  • Camera: You can use your digital SLR on a tripod, but then you’ll need to get them to the computer and upload to Google Photos (unless you have a new camera with built-in WiFi – then the photos can go straight to your phone and up to Google Photos).
  • Phone: If you use the camera on your phone, they can immediately be uploaded to Google Photos.
  • Tripod? If you put your phone on a tripod, you can plug in your earbuds and use the volume buttons as a shutter release. I found hand-holding my phone to be just fine, and it made it easier to switch between vertical and horizontal.

Here’s what results from the slide captured in the image above:

During the show we’ll show you how to edit the resulting photos to make your Google Photos copy look better than the original slide. We also show you how to change the date and group by the faces in the photos.
Chris Guld is President and Teacher-in-Chief at She and her husband, Jim, produce a free weekly YouTube show called What Does This Button Do?  They have been Fulltime RVers, popular seminar presenters at RV Rallies, and regular contributors to, for many years. 



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