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Spill the beans: Do you love your RV?

I may have hurt some feelings in a recent article I wrote. In it, I referred to an RV as “basically a tin can or cardboard box.” I was trying to emphasize the difficulty many RVers have in keeping their RVs cool in the relentless summer heat.

My words hit a nerve and I certainly didn’t mean to disparage any RV in particular or in general. So many people today complain about their RVs: poor construction, lack of attention to detail, constant repairs, etc. Perhaps it’s time to give folks who really love their RVs a voice. I’ll go first…


I really like the size of our fifth-wheel RV. It’s 38 feet in length and while its size sometimes limits the RV parks we can access, we’ve always been able to find a park located near the attraction or monument we want to see. I feel comfortable driving it and even parking it, if need be. My husband and I can move freely inside without bumping into one another, and there’s space to store all that we care to bring along.


I love our RV’s layout. (I think a woman designed it.) The kitchen area features an island with built-in spice racks and cupboard storage. There’s a large pantry with pull-out shelves so I can reach the foods that invariably get shoved into the back. The living area has enough floor space for the grandkids to play Twister or to pull out the sofa bed for a sleepover. And speaking of sleeping … the master bedroom’s layout is great, too. There’s enough space on either side of the bed so we each have easy access. The closet is big. (Did I mention that I think a woman designed it?) The bathroom shower is a little small, but the washer and dryer are stacked next to it (inside a cabinet), and I much prefer that to having the laundry in the bedroom or kitchen area.


Well, yes, it’s mostly brown. The cabinets are a light, maple-brown and feature solid wood doors with nice silver pulls. There are no curtains at the windows. Instead, there are wood surrounds (cornices) that complement the light-colored walls. (And are easy to clean.) The furniture cushions are light and cheery, and so are the vinyl plank-look floors. I can add color into the neutral base with bright floor rugs, pillows, and linens.

Do you love your RV?

All in all, I think that this RV is our best one yet! How about you? Do you love your RV? Vote in the poll below then tell us what you love, or don’t love, about your RV in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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David (@guest_262257)
6 days ago

I Love LUCY!……That’s my ’88 Winnie….123,000 miles..66,000 since 2006 when we got her……….No real issues ever!..Rolling down the Hi-Way…

Suvane (@guest_199017)
1 year ago

Yes I love our RV it’s a NuCamp Outback Teardrop well built by the Amish in Ohio we have everything a 5th wheel has just smaller cabinets are sturdy and the insulation is fantastic the only thing I’d prefer is a walk around bed

ellmarko (@guest_198961)
1 year ago

I had been a motorhomer before, my current wife had never “camped”. I knew in the current environment, we could never afford a motorhome again, so we bought a truck in anticipation of a trailer to follow. We fell into this 35’ bunkhouse TT through a miraculous set of circumstances, and decided to make the best of it till better times. Moving ahead 3 years, everything we look at, we compare to this unit, and can’t find a reason to replace it. For a claustrophobic wife, this has enough windows, and she absolutely loves the space. We are each able to have our own area, as it is only the 2 of us, and our 4 legged fur baby.  Needless to say, we love it!!

Glen Cowgill (@guest_198137)
1 year ago

Our 36 foot Fleetwood Bounder has served us well. Bought new in 2010 and have put 90,000 on the odometer. Would not be afraid to do another 90,000 miles. This coach is roomy with a light colored wood cabinets. This was the last year they built a diesel Bounder which is sad because it is a great combination. Never had a problem pulling any mountain grade. It still looks like new and hope to get a few more years out of it as I will be 81 in October and my DW is 76. Health issues is starting to slow us down. Just had to cancel a trip because of DW taking a fall and breaking a rib.

Gail (@guest_198345)
1 year ago
Reply to  Glen Cowgill

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon and you can continue your adventures on the road.

Merrily (@guest_198113)
1 year ago

I have always called my RVs “my glorified tent’! I have a fridge, bed made & my toilet! I am a happy camper!

Ray (@guest_197928)
1 year ago

Love w/Dislikes! We basically view RVing as camping in a vehicle (or “a car” as Vicki puts it). Of course, it’s not really a car but a 25-1/2′ Class A motorhome built by Winnebago from 2008-2018. Love the layout with a couch slide and we spent to have the rear twin beds professionally converted to a custom 88″ x 74″-77″ kingbed. We use this 6 months out of the year. Dislikes: Sprinter chassis costs and the other inherent costs of constantly fixing a moving tiny home that is under earthquake conditions.

Lil (@guest_197859)
1 year ago

We love our Grand Design 230rl 28 foot fifth wheel for the large dining party booth – we can easily seat 6 people for dinner, drinks and especially for cards when its windy outside. We love the large open living area where we can stretch sore backs and tight muscles. And we love that it is small enough for almost all of our provincial campgrounds.

Megan Edwards (@guest_197855)
1 year ago

Still love my 94 Starcraft 29-foot front kitchen. Bought it new in November 94. Love the layout. The foam in the seats is starting to wear out and the carpet needs replaced. One day I want a smaller camper and the next I want to keep this.

John Koenig (@guest_197851)
1 year ago

LOTS of things I like about my RV (2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB Super-C). Sadly, Moe, Larry & Curley built the “house” part & there was virtually NO Quality Control before my unit shipped. I’ve been back to the factory multiple times and ALL of the issues never got resolved. I have gone to a several independent shops but each had their own problems. The M2 Freightliner cab-chassis IS heavy duty and provides a HUGE safety factor that other RV platforms can’t even come close to.

DebB (@guest_197846)
1 year ago

We love our Itasca meridian 36G, it is a 2007. Basement AC, so it cools well and evenly. We have re-done the interior, changed out the furniture. Painted the valances and the walls. Took out the horrible carpet, added vinyl plank. Took down the headliner and replaced with foam planks. It is a fabulous RV. We retired 5 years ago and that is when we purchased it.

DJenson (@guest_197843)
1 year ago

Ours is a small fifth wheel. We can still camp in forest. It is a 4 seasons 21-5 Nash and very well made. The booth and couch are at the rear so we usually have a great view where we sit. We have replaced the original flooring with LVF as after 10 years it was time. Love our Nash

John M (@guest_197833)
1 year ago

Not very happy with our current motorhome, had more problems than with any of our other units. Most items have been lousy workmanship.

TScott (@guest_197818)
1 year ago

I bought my RV, mainly, for 2 reasons, to get me where I want to go and a place to sleep when I get there. I have to say, I’ve gotten more out of it than those 2 things (meals, entertainment, independence etc). No, it’s not exactly what I wanted but yes I love it! I’m glad I have it and will use it for years to come!

Leslie P (@guest_197813)
1 year ago

We absolutely love our truck camper! We are full time in it and in 100 square feet we are very comfortable. I love the freedom it affords us. We can go anywhere! We have 1080ah solar so plugging in isn’t a necessity. A generator if we need it. It’s roomy with 3 slides so we have learned how to work with each other to get around in it. The best part is our dry bath, with a shower big enough for my 6’ tall husband. It’s rustic living but it works for us. After having a Class A, 2 fifth wheels, we have evolved to this.

Dennis G (@guest_197800)
1 year ago

Love 90% of our vintage 30’ Flair. Love the layout, colors, massive bathroom and twin beds.
Most of the older technology was replaced with a modern LED TV, DVD player, Multi-stage converter, and dash board instrumentation.
What I’m not perfectly happy with is the built in dinette. We have thought about adding a table and chairs, but we’d loose a massive amount of under seat storage. This is where we keep our thick feather duvet.

Spike (@guest_197783)
1 year ago

I have a love/hate relationship with our 43′ Newmar Mountain Aire.

The list of features to love are long. Beautiful all wood cherry cabinets. Porcelain tile 3-zone heated floors. Bath & 1/2. Hydronic heat with continuous hot water. Full length Girard awnings. Dishwasher, large residential fridge, outside TV and fridge. Quiet in travel. Built like a fine home…no laminated walls. Comfort-drive steering and long wheelbase with tag means great handling…no wind whip.

On the downside, it takes advance planning to find good sites that are level (long wheelbase creates leveling issues) and without low branches (13′ height). RV and toad require a 65′ pad minimum to park which restricts us. Lots to maintain. Those big awnings are giant sails, so can only be used in calm weather & never left out. Insurance & licensing are costly.

Bill (@guest_197780)
1 year ago

Our 2005 Newmar Dutch Star has most of what we want and little of what we don’t. Of course, at 17 years old there are things that need to be replaced and maintenance is key in keeping things rolling smoothly. We always buy used, but haven’t seen anything newer we like.

Gary G (@guest_197779)
1 year ago

New to us 2006 Country Coach, 39’ long triple slides. Gives us lots of room, only had on three trips about a week each, but absolutely love this rv. Cat C9 engine pulled the Willamette pass in Oregon avg speed 45 mph towing a F150 Limited. Not a hot rod but does very nice cruising at 62 mph on the freeway. Only thing I don’t particularly like are the doors outside, lift up type not barn door.

Jim Stringer (@guest_197777)
1 year ago

We love our 2018 Newmar Dutch Star, Model 4018. Had it built to our specifications and we live in it for six months each year from November to April. We both worked hard for over 40 years. Being in the military allowed us to travel, so after retiring we continued to visit places.

Coach ownership is not cheap. Between maintenance, insurance, fuel, and other things, the annual operating costs are in the thousands of dollars. 40 year high inflation and unnecessarily high fuel prices are starting to impact our ability to travel.

Dawn H. (@guest_197776)
1 year ago

Still loving our Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH after more than 5 years. Has everything we need, and with a little tweaking by turning the dinette into a sofa it is perfect for the two of us. Lower bunk area is also a pack n play for travel storage, and an extra “reading nook” with a screen we made for the hatch way for extra light and air circulation. Top bunk is our “loft” for gear and an extra bed if our grandson joins us. If he brings friends, the tents get set up for them. Happy travels, everyone!

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