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New ‘chain’ of RV parks could be a game changer

When the pandemic hit, RV manufacturers saw a huge demand and began cranking out rigs at an unprecedented rate. Yet, even before the pandemic, RVers were crying out that finding a place to “put in” at day’s end was getting harder and harder. Too many RVers, not enough RV parks. Now the company that’s catered to long-haul truckers since the 1960s is turning up the gas on attracting RVers and their money. While they call them “RV Hookups” and “RV Stops,” think of some of them as Love’s RV parks.

The parks, all conveniently located along major highways, are much needed, and could be a game changer.

Love’s “RV Hookups” versus “RV Stops”

As of March 9, the Love’s network has 29 travel centers with sites specifically dedicated to RVs. Among those locations, there are 357 “hookup spots,” as Love’s terms them. But look out: By the end of the year the big fuel stop company says they’ll add 30 locations to the list, with an additional 1,000 RV-dedicated sites. That’s a 287% increase of available RV sites.

Love'sBut just what can you expect in the “present incarnation” of Love’s RV accommodations? Right now there are 26 “RV Hookups” in the network. If we had to describe them, we’d probably call them an afterthought arrangement. Typically these Hookups are back-in sites. All of them provide a safe place to be off the road, and 30/50-amp electrical service. Happily, most appear to be fairly far away from the truck parking areas, so listening to the roar of a reefer truck is not likely to be an issue. Some locations include full hookups, including water and sewer.

Today, Love’s has three “RV Stops” in the network. These are certainly up the scale from the “Hookup” offerings. Look to see both back-in and pull-through sites, and full hookups standard. We asked Love’s for a comment on amenities, and were told users could look to see “sports courts—basketball and pickleball for example—communal picnic areas.” Love’s added, “Premium RV sites with personal pavilions/pergolas, playgrounds and other amenities” could be found, but, of course, “vary by RV park.”

The other shoe drops

Image credit, right half,

Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, then, let’s talk about rates. The current average rate for a back-in site across all Love’s locations is $36.70 per night, including electric. Drilling it down to specifics, you could stay at the Drayton, North Dakota “Hookup” and back in for $32 a night. Go “whole hog” at Love’s Normal, Illinois, RV Stop and you can get full hookups at a back-in site for $37.50. Make that a pull-though site for $41.50. Compare this to the nearest KOA, in Casey, Illinois, a couple of hours away. For a full-hookup site you’ll pay $52.95 for a back-in site, and $69.95 for a pull-though. True, you won’t have the amenities like a swimming pool at Love’s, but for those who are looking for economy, not frills, it’s something to think about.

Example of one of the larger parks

What about discounts at Love’s?

The rates we talk about here are nightly. There are discounts by-the-week, and for 28-day stays. At the Normal, Illinois, RV Stop, that night in a pull through we talked about for $41.50 translates down to $37 per night for a week’s stay, and just $22.64 per day if you stay a full 28 days. Some of the Love’s sites can be occupied for more than 28 days; it varies by location.

And what about the real “thrifty of heart” among us? We asked about what this means for “non-hookup parking.” The official response was this: “Love’s also has RV parking spaces at its locations that are no cost. These spaces are meant for customers staying 1-2 hours while they are in Love’s Travel Stores or its restaurants.” Evidently, if you’re looking for a free “pavement park” overnight, Love’s is not the place to go.

Making a reservation

While you don’t need to make a reservation, if you want to ensure a spot at Love’s, their reservation system is simple. You can make a reservation by internet at, where the entry for each site has a “Reserve” link. Or you can phone Love’s customer service line at 1-800-OKLOVES (1-800-655-6837). Option 5 will get you to a representative who can take a reservation.

Love’s RV offerings certainly can’t be classified as “resort” quality. But if you’re looking for a place to spend the night and run your air conditioning, with 1,000 more RV sites coming online this year, you may find one in your corner of the RV universe that works.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our publisher, Chuck Woodbury, will write more about this tomorrow with his thoughts about these parks.



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Bob Walter
5 days ago

If you build it, sheep will come. $40 per night for a truckstop parking lot? No way! @@

5 days ago

Why would I pay $35-$40 just to stay overnight for five days of travel from Florida to New Hampshire when I can use the $150 towards the purchase of diesel for the trip each year. I will continue to use all of the FREE resources I have in my “playbook” just to sleep overnight for one night. If I need any electric, I simply fire up my 10K generator.

5 days ago

I don’t need power, sewer or water hookups when I am traveling from “point to point”.
We’ve seen these at several Love’s but they were all “back-in” sites that I can’t use due to my toad….and they were poorly located near the “gas” pumps (not diesel) making it even more inconvenient for the DP that we drive.
I usually park in the same lot as the truckers. I ask the Love’s fuel desk for permission (I’ve never been refused) and have talked to *many* truckers that have voiced their opinion that it’s “ok” with them if we park next to them. Several have been apologetic for the noise that they create (not an issue for us).
$36/night seems high to me for only a “parking spot” that is otherwise free – and – based on my experience and discussions with Love’s /truckers is not necessary. I pre-plan our travels and don’t need FHU at my refueling point.
Kudos to Love’s for adding FHU spots for those that require it. It’s an added revenue stream if it catches on. Now? Just a cost?

4 days ago
Reply to  Rodger

As an owner operator I stay away from the box brand truck stops and go to the mom and pop stops, usually better quality and cheaper prices. The big brand stops want an arm and a leg for everything

8 days ago

I like the idea… over night parking with hook ups. It’s getting harder to find spots for a short over night stay. Charge everything up get gas and continue on to our destination!

Nibble Nomad
8 days ago

We’ve seen one of these. We’ll stay in a loves lot overnight anyway, so this serves 2 purposes, one for us (reasonably priced hookups) and one for loves (why not make a few bucks too). Add that there’s a shortage of inexpensive overnight options, this is great!

8 days ago

Labeling this article as chain of RV parks is a bit misleading as they are just overpriced, overnight hookups.

10 days ago

I would like to see them do a no frills overnight spot with no hookups. Just a place to pull off the road. I would pay $10-15 for that.

8 days ago
Reply to  Vanessa

Great idea

11 days ago

Okay that worked. So the last time we tried to pull into a Loves thinking truck stop lots of room, I couldn’t line up on a gas pump barely managed to get out of the place. I couldn’t park around back, nasty signs saying semis only. Managed to cross the street to a BP where I could at least fill up and use the bathroom. Nice to see they are starting to think about RVers but maybe they should start with accessibility first.

Diane McGovern
11 days ago
Reply to  MIKE

Glad it worked, Mike. Welcome aboard. Now your comments will appear automatically, unless they include a word that our filter doesn’t approve of, or if there’s a link in it (gotta check for spam, etc.). Take care. 😀 –Diane at

11 days ago
Reply to  MIKE

Nasty signs saying semis only?? It is first and foremost a Truck Stop for Big Trucks who by Federal Law are mandated as to how many hours they can drive. You think finding an RV spot is hard? Try finding a parking spot every night youre on the road in a big truck.

10 days ago
Reply to  Brian

IMO all camper vans, B, B+, and C’s should park with the cars. I have seen too many of them parking with the big rigs. Many times there are few to no parking spots left for the trucks, and the car parking is empty.

11 days ago

Why can’t I comment

Diane McGovern
11 days ago
Reply to  MIKE

Who says you can’t comment, Mike? Everyone’s first comment gets held for approval so we’re sure the commenter is legit. So, have at it. And have a good night. 😀 –Diane at

Douglas L Roberts
11 days ago

Stayed at a brand-new stop last September near Cordele, GA. Place was immaculate, had lots of grills and covered picnic tables. But the clapboard fence did not keep out the noise of the reefers in the truck lot next door. I thought the price was a bit high, $60 as I recall.

Brad Wartman
11 days ago

An overnight stop after spending a week or more boondocking? Sure, sounds like a good deal to be able to stay a night, do laundry, empty tanks, fill with water, etc. Spend a week…or a month? No…thank you, but no. A concrete pad at a truck stop is not my idea of a destination vacation…and if people do start staying longer than overnight, where are those who just want a place to stay overnight going to go?

11 days ago

This is a great idea and shows that somebody with the ability to see business potential is still at the wheel at Love’s. With the number of campsites in major attractions like national parks not likely to increase anytime soon, these RV sites can serve as a sort of RV motel/hotel place to park the rig at night to sleep and eat while taking in nearby sights during the day using your tow vehicle or “toad”. Sure, they’re nothing fancy, but they don’t have to be if you’re not spending the whole day there looking to be “entertained” by resort-type accommodations but out looking at the local sights, instead — all you really need is a place to “crash” at night, and maybe a diner to eat at or a laundromat to clean some clothes… At the very least, it’s a good fallback for when the preferred accommodations are all booked up or you’re just passing through.

Last edited 11 days ago by Cal20Sailor
Sven Yohnson
11 days ago

More available RV sites is a good thing, but I’m not a fan of their extended stay policy. Allowing multiple night stays will be abused by those attending local events. They promote themselves as a “Travel Stop”, and their RV stay policy should cater to those who are traveling (24 hour stay max). I don’t see LOVE’S as a destination, but as a convenient rest stop along the way. But they are a privately held company and can do as they wish.

Don B
12 days ago

I love me some Love’s. One day in Arizona my old VW Westphalia decided to not start after
I pumped some gasoline so I went inside and asked for help. Immediately three employees sprang up to help me push the vehicle away from the pumps to where I could apply some TLC to the old girl. So now I stop at Love’s every chance I get, even without the VW.

12 days ago

We just stayed at the Cordele, GA RV Travel Stop. It is an excellent full service stop!

We reserved a “Premium” full hookup, back-in site that was level, had a picnic table with a nice timber frame structure roof and fire pit. The site was a bit narrow but for an overnight stay it was great! It was a nice distance from I-75 and the truck parking…separated by a fence.

We simply entered our PIN at the gate and we were in! (received via email with reservation confirmation) There is a separate Exit gate which makes it super easy to navigate the park. The sliding exit gate opens automatically but just know that you have to pull RIGHT UP to the gate for it to open! They really need a sign that indicates this.

All in all we will use them often on travel days…if we can get a spot…these will be insanely popular! I might even buy some Love’s stock!

Roy Davis
12 days ago

I prefer the RV overnight stop like the one someone built just South of Saint Louis. It is all automated with full hook up, long pull-thru sites, your cost is premised upon how many hrs you want, and no semis allowed. There are no restaurant or store, just a quick access place to stay.

5 days ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

What’s the name of this mystical place?

12 days ago

I think in a pinch if I needed to run the AC I might consider it? However I think the pricing is a little high should be $25 max, especially since they’re gonna make some money off you in snacks, drinks and food. It’s not hard to find quite budget fhu parks enroute for around $40. I’d pay a little extra for quiter bit nicer park for a night.

Tina W
12 days ago
Reply to  Gary

Right. Unless they are all booked. The problem has been getting reservations. I hope this opens more up.

But I personally would prefer quieter too. I just hope others don’t, and those willing to drive a little further off road discover more availability as some choose the convenience of these sites.

12 days ago

These would interest me even for a week or more. We don’t go for the all frill campgrounds anyway. As long as they’re close to where I want to visit I would stay there. If people thinks it’s noisy at a truck stop try camping in the infield at the 24 hours of Daytona, ear plugs in for 24 hours, sleep like a baby!

12 days ago

As I’ve commented before, I think the time has come for this type of rv accommodation. Although we don’t travel long distances anymore there are plenty who do and need this type of place. Above everything else it can serve as a safety spot for weary travelers who’ve already been on the road too long and they’ll provide food and restroom facilities in a safe environment. Hats off to Love’s and all the rest who have broken ground with this concept!

12 days ago

I’d be happy to spend a night at one rather than some parking lot somewhere, especially if it’s hot out and need the A/C.
If you don’t like the idea don’t stay at one.
The one time I had to stay at K.O.A. it was horrible, but my wife needed the A/C….

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