Luxury motorhome comes with helipad and helicopter!


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Now, this is not your everyday motorhome, not by a long shot.

You won’t find too many RVs with a retractable helipad — and helicopter to go with it — a roof hot tub, and a smart toilet that can determine if you’re planning to go #1 or #2 so it can adjust its lid accordingly. 

It’s made by tech company Furrion, and called the Elysium. The concept model was introduced at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Owners of most large motorhomes tow a car behind for short trips and sightseeing once they’re set up in a campground or RV park. But owners of the 45-foot Elysium don’t need to worry about traffic. No way! A two-passenger Robinson 22 helicopter can take off and land from a helipad on the RV’s roof! When it’s time to hit the road with the RV, the helicopter lowers into the bedroom to ensure it doesn’t get smashed by a low bridge or overpass (actually, just about any bridge or overpass).

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And don’t worry about watching your favorite movie or football game: This RV comes with three 75-inch televisions!

Think maybe this is the RV you’ve been waiting for? Watch the two-minute video below for a tour.


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Tommy Molnar
Tommy Molnar

Of course, having a helo on your roof doesn’t necessarily mean you can FLY it. Add in the cost of learning to fly, and then maintaining, a helicopter. All cool stuff, but a tad out of my price range – ahem. Oh, and that hot tub didn’t look very deep, so it’s just there so you can SAY you have it.

Ray Danet
Ray Danet


Unbelievably, My question is, I have to wonder what the bridge clearance would be on a rig like that.