Marcus Lemonis explains sometimes slow service at Camping World


In this video Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis talks with a Camping World technician about why repairing a customer’s RV can sometimes be frustratingly slow. Providing service on an RV isn’t like working on a car, they say, because there’s a “house” to maintain as well as a chassis and engine on motorized units.

In the video, Lemonis and the never-identified technician look at the service issues with RVs to shed some light on how it works and why the process is not as easy or fast as with an automobile.

The video, which was originally embedded here has been blocked, hummm. . . wonder what company might have done that? But you can still watch it on YouTube, although that, too, may disappear at any time. Click here.

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Terry Ferguson

I presented my opinion directly on the you tube video.

Tom Piper

How can anyone with that much money and business experience be so absolutely clueless when it comes to the non-existent after-sale service from Camping World?


Good job of BS!


I missing the point. Telephone has been around a long time. And yes it has change the world. The problem is CW doesn’t know how to use it. Give them lesson on calling back the customer.


Notice the bearded technician works for him!!

John Koenig

Was it just an illusion or, did his nose get longer, the longer he spoke?


A leader always knows what to do. A deceiver always knows who to blame.

Vanessa Simmons

He said they need to be right from the beginning…doesn’t he OWN many of the brands that CW is servicing? So he is saying they put out CRAPPY products and will change! LOL LOL LOL LOL

P Corder

What a load of crap. We took our MH in for body work. Three months later we finally were able to “force” them to get it done and when they brought it around a side door was not properly fixed. They had the audacity to suggest we bring it back and leave it for a week and they would fix it! Really???? We were told lies from the beginning and heard every excuse in the books. Never again will use a Camping World…..NEVER!

benny kentz

thank you Marcus, I had no idea that my RV was a home on wheels.


I’ve had good and bad experiences with CW. About a year ago, the Tucson, AZ store did a timely job re-packing my wheel bearings. At the same store, maybe 4 months ago, a couple employees were very helpful. However, about two weeks ago I went there with plans of buying an after-marking roof vent cover and a hard-wired electrical management system. They did not have the vent cover I was interested in on their showroom floor. Therefore, I went to the parts desk to ask about both items I was seeking to purchase. There were two employees at the counter. Both were consumed with doing something on the computer. I stood there close to five minutes. Another gentleman had been standing there longer. Neither employee looked up or even acknowledged our presence. I finally thought to myself, “to hell with this” (i.e., being ignored) and walked away. I asked their front “greeter” (who sits in a kiosk) about the parts. He told me I should go ask the employees at the parts desk. I told him I already tried that. All he said was that is what he recommended I do. I walked out. He didn’t try to stop me. Sale missed. I purchased the items through Amazon at a lower price. Should have done that in the first place and will in the future. Much easier, and cheaper. Too bad, because I like to support local businesses when I can. Of course, I feel less concerned since CW is a national business.


Nobody is buying this video. His comment about the “a little bit of a secret” is pure bull. If I spend 250,000 on a motorhome, no matter how many floor plans may exist, there had better be a part number and the item inventoried and supplied based on the number of units built, the likelihood of failure or obsolescence, and or actual failure rate. My 250,000 motorhome (just an example) is like buying a Lamborghini and I deserve the same system and treatment from both the builder, parts supplier, and service repair. The industry is a rip off period and maybe for one very good reason, lack of regulation.

Kevin in MN

Here’s the interesting thing about this discussion and vehemently anti-Camping World comments. They could easily apply to any business (mostly corporate) in America. Take 15 minutes and read Yelp reviews and you’ll soon find there’s not a restaurant, auto dealer, HVAC service, handyman, etc that’s worth a damn. People have evidence that every customer-service related provider they do business with is awful. Personally, I could give you oodles of evidence that Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco are the worst retailers in America and Ford, GM and Chrysler (or over whoever they are today) make the least dependable products. But it goes beyond that – I left the corporate world 2 decades ago to go solo as I couldn’t stand the incompetence, laziness and general worthlessness of many of my co-workers. If there was a meeting that involved 10 people I can guarantee you that no more than 2 or 3 needed to be there as they were the ONLY ones who contributed to any effort. Until we stop allowing individuals to “fail upward” (particularly affects white males like me) we’ll be met with lousy outcomes more and more. That Service Manager, technician, parts department, etc isn’t Marcus, those are guys who should be fired or demoted. I’m guessing few commenters are willing to go to work tomorrow and call out co-workers who are low-functioning, therefore expect this to continue.


Camping world the big scam

Mr. Lindblom

I have been hooked on the Profit. Have watched every episode, and for some reason Marcus misses the problems at Camping World entirely. The tech’s where I live are so incompetent that they actually told me to take my rig down to another store 50 miles away. I use a gravel lot RV mechanic to fix everything promptly at 2/3 the cost. Never have any problems that happen at Camping World. I mean a part is a part, right? It costs x amount of money right? It has to be delivered and then installed correct? So you are saying that Camping World managers and personnel are horrible. I sadly agree. Marcus you need major, major surgery, not band aids, and it starts at the top. No excuse for the current situation. Too many good talented people are out of work.

Andrew Hyman

He has No Clue whats going on And How Bad some of his Dealers are First year we Had our Motor coach was in the shop 250 plus days All because dealer Push it out the door They knew there was problems with it But still sold it . This is a fact

Alan Warren

This is laughable. Marcus should run for political office. Wait. He did that already (and lost). One lesson many politicians learn is to PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE. CW makes a lot of promises. I know that Marcus follows this great newsletter. One can only hope that he will take some of these comments (most of them, actually) to heart. By the way, Marcus. You still have an open invitation to join me Live in the Studio on The RV Show USA. You emailed me and said you were still interested in doing the Live interview. Please let us know a date/time when you are passing through the San Antonio area and we will make it happen. In the meantime, if CW spent as much time actually fixing their problems as they do in making explanation videos, we may see an improvement (just one man’s opinion).


All this whining about CW and their Gestapo like business tactics makes us old f****s want to give up on RV’s all together. I too got burned by a CW in Cedar Falls,Iowa a few years back and have not set foot in a CW since.Look people…just stay away from the crooks if you don’t like what they do…sooner or later they will get the drift when their bottom line is affected.


Pure Dee- Ol BS! **(2 points made at the end)

I have dealt with many RV dealers in the past, mostly Winnebago. Four dealers in particular, 2 in North Carolina – Tom Johnson RV, one in the Lubbock, Texas, Billy Sim’s Trailer Town, and one in Amarillo, Tx Jack Sisemore Traveland. All great dealers — that is until Camping World bought them out, — And then it all went down the drain. These 4 dealers and I”m sure numerous others over the nation, did not have the flood of complaints or other problems (lack of parts and trained service techs included) that CW has. With with 6 motor homes and close or over 500,000 miles over the past 25 years,I have had my share of service needed — and parts have always available and I have never never sidelined for lack of parts of my coach for more than 2-3 days — never for months!

Regarding Parts unavailable for timely delivery –
– assuming parts are timely ordered: Makes me wonder if CW pays their parts bills and treats their vendors like they treat their customers!

Lack of trained service techs: This is no one’s fault but that of CW. The dealers that CW took over were all profitable and had trained service techs. If CW had treated them like valued employees, most probably they would still be with CW. Those few carry overs still with CW service department are there because of the difficulty of making a change at their advance age, and the attendant security their continued job provided.

These predecessor dealers to CW’s purchase – had great reputations and good service. CW took them over but didn’t continue the same service. The predecessor dealers were locally owned and managed, not managed like CW — by far away corporate greed oriented folks that obvious know very little about “people” , RVs and/or their RV owners/Customers.

A short story that says it all about CW’s Corporate Run Business / Management style:
In an interview for possible continued employment, ahe service manager of one of the dealers that CW bought out, was asked what was the most important thing for the Service Manager position. He replied essentially that his job was to service the customer and fill their needs promptly and keep them happy. The Interviewer said” “no, the job of the service manager is making and increasing profits”

Now Unfortunately, Winnebago and any other manufacturer whose dealer were bought out by CW are taking the hit for Camping World’s deficiencies and inabilities.

back to the B.S.:
House on wheels:
Do RV’ers bring their unit in and ask to address and fix the “whole house” – Sometimes it is primarily for for 1 or 2 main things – things that have to get fixed before they can get on the road.

Making cabinets to fill a parts order — what a crock! — that is not a normal part to be replaced that folks are complaining of and should not be needed, unless it is repair of a wrecked unit. – hardly a typical item being ordered.

The above is not based on speculation. My comments come from personal observations and experience, and from personal communication with employees and service techs of dealers who were bough out by CW, and some direct experience with CW’s service (or lack thereof) for my RV. – both techs and service writers, as well as phone conversations with off site personnel for CW.

Mark Laney

Steven W. Browning, Sr.

Easy to say and your company doesn’t seem to back up your conversation.