Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Marcus Lemonis is back on TV, but not for what you expect


Marcus Lemonis, best known as the owner of Camping World, is striking out in a new direction: home improvement! Yes, his newest venture is all about transforming lives as he transforms homes in the new HGTV show, “The Renovator.”

The first episode of “The Renovator” aired October 11. In it, a couple with four young children approach Mr. Lemonis for help. They not only need Lemonis to redo their home, but the troubled couple also needs help rebuilding their marriage. In a short one-hour time frame, Lemonis successfully transforms both. He not only manages to rework the featured couple’s home so that it better fits their needs, but he also simultaneously mends their broken marriage. This is accomplished by direct heart-to-heart discussions with both the husband and wife, who admit they struggle to find quality time for themselves. The pseudo-psychology pays off, and the show draws to a close with a happy ending imminent.

But wait! There’s more! To top it all off, Lemonis gifts the now-happy family with all of the decorator furnishings he’s placed inside the renovated home: sofas and pillows, beds and linens, tables and chairs, drapes, rugs, tchotchkes. The whole shebang! “It’s all a personal gift from my wife and me,” Marcus explains at the conclusion of the show. Wow!

Here’s a look at The Renovator:


You can catch new episodes of “The Renovator” on Tuesday nights on HGTV. Let us know what you think. If you have Discovery+, you can stream the episodes here. Check your local listings.



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T. Hudson
1 month ago

I’m surprised you gave Mr. Lemonis free advertising. Ignore him.

1 month ago

I know there’s a hook in the bait. That guy operates this way.

1 month ago

Meanwhile one week later the family finds their horribly upside down in a loan they didn’t realize they have, they’re part of some home repair club that used to be good but is now dishonest trash, and the only punch list that matters is the thug outside keeping them off social media.

Yep, ol’ Marcus can certainly put the LEMON in LEMONis. Glad I no longer have a TV.

1 month ago

Does he also help them out when they get the tax bill for the “free” renovation and the ”free” furnishings?

Ron Yanuszewski
1 month ago

What are we talking about? This is exactly what I would expect. A used car or used RV dealer spun into a real estate investor.

Douglas Stelma
1 month ago

I wouldn’t give him the time of day, kind of how “HE” has responded to me. As far as I’m concerned, Good Sam is nothing but a scam, and when he says…”..if you’re not happy, then I’m not happy..” , that is nothing but lip service. I sat on I 8 for 5 hours waiting for Good Sam to get a tire repair service to me. And only after my wife found a service, 55 miles away, that would come take care of us, then Good Sam contacted them to service us. They use second and third party vendors to contact services and to reimburse you for expenses, and then the reimbursement is up to their discretion, and not what they advertise. After emailing Marcus at least 6 times without a response from him, I will NEVER , Ever, sign back up for Good Sam services.
Doug Stelma

Rick Stephenson
1 month ago

I wonder if the homes he renovates has the same quality as the RVs he sells.

Paul B.
1 month ago

So, Lemonis has found a way to portray himself as someone with a heart. Hardly “reality” TV.

1 month ago

Marcus what a great, original idea! Wonder no-one thought of it yet?…..

1 month ago

You can count me out on watchiMarvus Lemonis do anything but going to jail. I did however get a laugh when the article stated that a couple approached him for help.

Tom E
1 month ago

Sticks & Bricks homes? I have a better program: He should start by renovating all those defective RV’s he’s sold (and made him rich) and at no cost to the RV owners.

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