Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Millennials and “boomers” differ on summer travel plans. How about you?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Where do your travel plans take you this summer? Will you pack up the RV and head out for the wide-open spaces far away? Or will you take the tag-along to an RV park or public campground close to home? A recent survey shows that most Americans – not specifically RVers – plan on sticking close to home.

The National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) poll indicated 54 percent will stick close to home, driven by COVID-19 pandemic concerns. Driving the figures in this direction came especially from millennials. Sixty-one percent of them say they are more likely to pick a vacation spot close to home. Also driving up the “stay close” figures were parents. Sixty-six percent of parents registered their vote to stay near the home stomping grounds.

Whose plans for summer travel might need a GPS? The group least likely to vacation close to home this summer: baby boomers. Less than half (48 percent) of baby boomers say they’ll pick a vacation spot close to home, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“With local parks and recreation, families and individuals don’t have to look far to find fun, safe and affordable summertime activities close to home, even during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kevin Roth, an NRPA spokesman. “Local park and recreation professionals and their agencies work hard to provide communities with year-round activity options that engage and inspire people of all ages, and right now is no exception. We encourage everyone to explore the innovative ways their local parks and recreation is addressing COVID-19, and how they can safely participate in the activities they enjoy during the pandemic.”

In a news release, the NRPA hit a few notes on recreation and safety. They recommend everyone follow these health safety recommendations: See their Joint Statement on Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Physical Distancing.



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Montgomery D. Bonner
2 years ago

Hmmm, well we are staying close to home for several reasons of which I will outline here.
Chuck agree with your new policy, if I’m one of them, kick me off, it’s ok I get it. But some people are too stupid to own RV.

  1. Don’t want to plan trip, arrive at place, and find Government has shut everything down or because I am from another state, I am in quarantine for 14 days.
  2. I have lots of projects at home which can keep me busy most every day.
  3. The social unrest around the country causes me to at least not go through any large cities for sure.
  4. The economy is to say the least uncertain, especially with the Government spending money it does not have, and the Federal Reserve doing the same. The piper always gets paid.
Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

Staying close to home until Labor Day. Then heading out for several weeks to see things within 400 miles of home. Want to wait until kids are “back to school” or “back to home-schooled.”

Bill Fisher
2 years ago

We are Boomers and currently RV’ing 2,000 miles from home. Too hot in the east coast of Florida to stay home, so we are currently in Colorado and will be heading to WY, MT and the Dakotas tomorrow. For the most part every campground we have been in is practicing distancing, masks, etc., and so are we.

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