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Need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Make a movie!


By Chris Guld,
Do you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift but don’t have the time or can’t get to the store? If you use Google Photos, it will take you no more than a minute to make a delightful movie with photos of you and your love.

Here are the steps

1. First check that Google Photos has been grouping photos of you and of your love. Open the app on your phone and tap the search icon on the bottom, or go to on your computer and click on Albums. Either way you should see faces. Click on your face and see that many photos have been collected there. Do the same for your love. If you don’t see any faces, check your settings and make sure that Group Similar Faces is ON.

2. Select Utilities (computer – in left sidebar; mobile app – bottom), then click on Create Movie, and choose Valentine’s Day Movie. You might also try “Love Story.”

1. Click Utilities,
Create New Movie
2. Select Valentine’s Day Movie 3. Select 2 people

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is movie.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is valentines.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is select.jpg

That’s it. You’re done. Google Photos does all the rest. It finds all the photos that have both you and your love in the same photo. It puts them all together and adds music to make a movie. When it’s done, you’ll find it in the Utilities section. View it and then click on Save.

Now you can use the Share button to send it directly to someone else who uses Google Photos, OR you can make a link to share anywhere, OR you can download it as an .mp4 file that you can then embed on a webpage like this:

If you want to change something – delete a photo or add a different one – you can do that by editing the movie on a mobile device.

Tutorial videos to learn more:

Chris Guld is President and Teacher-in-Chief at She and her husband, Jim, produce a free weekly YouTube show called What Does This Button Do?  They have been Fulltime RVers, popular seminar presenters at RV Rallies, and regular contributors to, for many years.


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