Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Move your travel trailer by remote control

By Eric Brotman

Power trailer movers can make an RVer’s life a whole lot easier — if certain criteria are met. The mover should be powerful, not too greedy with battery power and, as rolling backwards on a hill ranks high on the RVing nightmare list, the mover must hold position when your trailer is stopped on an incline.

Purple Line’s e-go power trailer mover claims all those qualities, and more, so I was curious to hear what Paul Liner, the company’s managing director, would say when asked, “What makes your mover different from the ones manufactured by the competition?” He gave an unexpected answer. “It fills the objective,” Liner said, “of doing something for you.” Meaning, he explained, it makes life easier for the RVer in the following ways:

• Once installed, the e-go is a permanent fixture — no hassles with storing and retrieving the mover.
• Adjustable roller pressure on your tires results in secure traction under various conditions.
• Its “soft start” allows for steady, gradual motion — there’s no lurching.

Hitching and unhitching also looks easy with a cleverly designed handset remote control. Six buttons let you move forward, forward right, forward left, backward, backward right and backward left. Holding down buttons simultaneously in various combinations allows for tighter turns. The e-go maneuvers a trailer out of, or into, a sloped driveway safely and provides the control necessary to park in spaces where clearance on both sides of your rig is tight.

One of Liner’s customers told him, “The e-go makes parking my trailer between my 4 x 4 truck and the house a breeze.”

The e-go can be purchased for either single or tandem axles. The Safe Working Load (SWL) provided by two motors on a flat, dry surface is 5,000 pounds. On a 25-percent incline, its SWL is up to 3,300 pounds. With four motors, the SWL on a flat, dry surface is 7,800 pounds; and on a 20-percent incline, up to 5,500 pounds.

In addition to the introductory video, above, the Purple Line website has an installation tutorial video and a comparison test video. (NOTE: The videos were produced in Australia. Aussies call all trailers “caravans,” so don’t mistake their use of the term as endorsement of a particular brand.)

The e-go can be purchased at Purple Line’s website and elsewhere online, including Amazon.


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