Beware of RV gas pains!


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

When RVers think of gas pains, they may think about the price they have to pay for a fill-up in California. Ah, but there’s more to gas than gasoline.

RVers are rightly concerned about having enough battery power. But with batteries come dangers — some not easily recognized. Charging batteries produce hydrogen gas, a highly explosive byproduct. Hydrogen is not something to fear, but respect.

To keep safe:

  • Always have plenty of ventilation in the battery compartment. Make sure that hydrogen gas can easily vent to the outside atmosphere.
  • Never operate RV batteries inside the coach. The living quarters of the rig is no place for an explosive atmosphere.
  • Don’t set up equipment in the battery compartment that could spark — that includes power inverters.
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