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National Park Service comments on temporary end to shutdown


Statement from the National Park Service, late afternoon January 25, 2019

Following the enactment of the ending of the federal government shutdown, the National Park Service is preparing to resume regular operations nationwide though the schedule for individual parks may vary depending on staff size and complexity of operations.

Many parks which have been accessible throughout the lapse in appropriations remain accessible with basic services.

Visitors should contact individual parks or visit park websites for their opening schedules and the latest information on accessibility and visitor services. Some parks which have been closed throughout the lapse in appropriations may not reopen immediately, but we will work to open all parks as quickly as possible.

We appreciate the support of state and local partners nationwide who stepped up to offer support to national parks. We are grateful to have the dedicated men and women of the National Park Service back at work, serving the American people and welcoming visitors to their national parks.

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Diane Kenny
3 years ago

I’m not camping at a national park, but my husband, some friends and I are camping on national lands- the BLM lands for long term visitors outside of Quartzsite, AZ. It is probably inevitable that it has been “open for business” since the shutdown started, as there are folks here who paid for the entire season months ago. I have been grateful for the way in which campers here have conducted themselves- like grown-ups- courteous, friendly, fairly tidy, responsible. As is always true, this is a fun area to visit, and the townspeople depend on their winter visitors for their livelihoods. The shutdown has been a nightmare for far too many people, and I’d love to thank all the campers here who have conducted themselves admirably.