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New Dometic RMD 10 fridge now available to consumers

First introduced in 2017 to RV manufacturers only, the cutting-edge Dometic RMD 10 refrigerator with innovations like a patented double-hinged door, an elegantly designed controller and the best cooling performance on the market, is now available to consumers.

The Dometic RMD 10 is the first model in Dometic’s new refrigerator generation for motorhomes and caravans.

The patented door hinge on both sides of the door allows the RMD 10 to be opened from either side, offering maximum convenience and flexibility. The intuitive door handle extends across the entire height of the refrigerator and enables easy opening at any height. A new and elegantly designed TFT display ensures optimal readability of refrigerator settings and is easily controlled with an ergonomic knob.

Fitted with an improved cooling unit, the RMD 10 achieves the best cooling performance in its class. The freezer can achieve temperatures as low as -20°C while operating in 32°C heat and, with additional vacuum panels and fans, an impressive -18°C in 43°C ambient temperatures.

Moreover, the RMD 10 is the first RV refrigerator on the market which is prepared for integration with the CI-BUS (Caravanning Industry BUS) system. This allows convenient operation from a central control unit inside the motorhome or caravan.

Further boosting convenience, the RMD 10’s interior space can be flexibly arranged with an accessory package of smart dividers and containers. While maximizing storage volume, this helpful accessory also promotes better organization and improved visibility of refrigerator contents.


  • Double-hinged door – opens left and right without the need to change the hinge
  • Best-in-class cooling performance – tested and proven in the Australian outback
  • Standard-depth cabinet with two separate doors for fridge and freezer
  • Ease of use with intuitive TFT soft-touch controls recessed into the door
  • Elegant aluminum door handles extending over the complete fridge height
  • A two-point locking mechanism on either side for increased safety
  • Flat door with customizable decor panel and variable thickness (1.2 mm – 3 mm)

Learn more on the Dometic website.

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Al & Sharon
3 years ago

You kind of left out if the fridge is a compressor or absorption type. Since this is a “new” fridge, it could be a compressor, which are becoming standard in some new Class C RV’s.
I did find out it is an absorption fridge by going to their website.

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