Lightweight trailer is made with chicken feathers


You read that right, a new teardrop-type trailer is being developed by a New Mexico company that uses a composite material made with chicken feathers. The Earth Traveler’s weight is less than 300 pounds, meaning the little RV can be pulled by just about anything with an engine. It will sleep four.

Once at camp, full-length gull-wing panels rise up like a phoenix, creating standing room and a surprisingly spacious, breezy interior intimately connected to the surrounding outdoors.

The pint-sized RV will come in two versions, with the top of the line model’s projected retail price of $30,975 (ouch!). The more affordable model, the T300, will be more affordable at $10,000, thanks to the most unlikely of building materials: chicken feathers.

Feathers are quite famously lightweight, but according to the manufacturer, the feather-based fabric offers strength close to that of carbon fiber when set in resin. And since farmers are eager to give the feathers away, the material is far cheaper than other composites.

Learn more by clicking here.

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Lee Wenk

I say horsefeathers. Actually this is some neat design and engineering work. I like it but I could not live in it, too small.

Tommy Molnar

I took the link to the website. If you want the “Pro” model with the add-ons (like DOT approved running lights and some other must-haves . . ), you’re looking at $30,975. What?!?!


I can’t get any links to work.