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New RV aims to save you from doomsday

It even comes with a Geiger counter to measure radiation!

Man’s fascination with—or dread of—the destruction of human civilization is growing. In the decade of the 1990s there were 39 movies based on the theme of apocalypse. In the first decade of this century, it ballooned to 67. From 2010 to 2019, audiences were offered 107 films on the subject.

Are you fearful of the future? There’s an RV for that! RV builder Mammoth Overland now offers its ELE model travel trailer, a veritable doomsday RV. Bear proof and bullet proof. If you get trapped inside, “RVers” can breathe pure air. Surrounded by intruders? There’s a button for that. This is not a drill—and it’s not a fantasy, the ELE escape RV is coming soon.

Not your ordinary family teardrop trailer

ELE (pronounced “Ellie”) is an acronym for Extinction Level Event. This is not your ordinary family teardrop trailer. This is not your ordinary RV manufacturing firm, either. Mammoth Overland is an offshoot of a Woodinville, Washington, aircraft manufacturing firm, Vashon Aircraft. The folks back in Elkhart might learn a thing or two about construction that can take a bit of road shaking. Promotional video footage shows ELE being towed through a rocky track that would challenge a lot of serious off-roaders.

“If you’re trapped inside, “RVers” can breathe pure air. Surrounded by intruders? There’s a button for that”

What makes ELE so shake-proof? No “stick-and-tin” walls. No fiberglass composites. Mammoth Overland goes back to its aerospace roots and uses an aluminum sandwich system (with R-20 insulation) for sidewalls. Down below, the company has engineered its own steel chassis, and holds it up with a Timbren suspension system.

Doomsday RV with sealed cabin

What sets ELE apart from the other trailers Mammoth Overland turns out is its ability to perform as a doomsday RV. Concerned that the smoke from those burning cities might interrupt your vacation plans? ELE features a medical grade air filtration system. The rig pumps outside air through the filters, and into the cabin. Even stinky stuff (decomposing bodies?) won’t make it to your nostrils. The cabin is sealed, and access is via a bolt-down submarine door. The system keeps the cabin atmosphere positively charged at a quarter PSI, ensuring that smoke, gas warfare, even radioactive particles will be kept outside.

Even ready for zombie attacks

Doomsday RV
Push button inside, pump bear spray outside.

Of course, to ensure your peace of mind, what doomsday RV wouldn’t come equipped with certain, shall we say, security features. In case a dirty bomb (or worse) were to go off somewhere upwind, ELE comes equipped with a Geiger counter. Zombie attacks? While safely secured in your “command center,” you can run up a boom-mounted camera and take a look around. If those nasty zombies—or even a less-threatening bear—were to approach, flip a safety cover up off a switch and blast bear spray from both sides of your apocalypse machine.

Perhaps the potential threats are too far away to spot with your boom camera. This doomsday RV is ready to meet the challenge. Again, from the safety and security of the command center, your control board will allow you to launch a roof-mounted drone. Up and away, once aloft, you’ll be able to get a much better view of the territory. Oh, and you can access the roof from inside, again with a secure bolt-down roof hatch, available only on ELE.

High tech systems in a doomsday RV

Disaster RV
Gun rack, medical grade air filtration, UV water filter, Starlink internet, even a Geiger counter.

Other handy systems? Assuming the internet is still up and running, this doomsday RV is ready for action. Tucked away in a storage compartment, accessible from outside, a Starlink satellite system. And for keeping in touch with fellow survivalists, a dual-band ICOM transceiver system. ELE’s creators cheerfully report they’ve successfully tested the system up to 88 miles. Aside from that bear-spray system, inside security also boasts of a gun rack, and “secret compartments” to store—what—gold? Since a promo video has already shown where those compartments are located, we’re not sure just how secret they are.

Of course, it’s not much good to be locked up behind those submarine doors in your doomsday RV’s command center if … If somebody outside has bad intentions and is armed with weaponry. For a few thousand extra dollars, ELE can come equipped with an optional bulletproof array. That includes 1” bulletproof glass windows. And if the bad guys shoot out your tires, hopefully they won’t notice that you have not one, but two spares mounted on the back!

Doomsday RV
Click to enlarge.

When you’re sure it’s safe enough to venture into the great outdoors, ELE, like her sister trailers, comes with a swing-out rear galley. A two-burner stove, instant water heater system, and refrigerated food storage box are handily available. In the same compartment (sealed off from the cabin), is a special UV/charcoal water filtration system that allows you to refill your fresh water tank. That tank, by the way, is wrapped in a heated blanket to allow for apocalyptic escapes in below-freezing weather.

And one shortcoming that really stinks!

Disaster RVSad to say, ELE does have one drawback that many teardrop trailers also have. In our apocalyptic vision, our heroes in their doomsday RV have escaped many perils. The special air filtration system has kept them safe from smoke and ash, poison gas, and nuclear fallout particles. Refugees from fallen cities have been successfully thwarted by the clever use of bear spray. The sees-all drone has helped them to plot a course to safety (?). Now the only question is, where’s the bathroom? Oh yeah, it’s outside in that clever, standard equipment “privacy enclosure.” But rats! The Geiger counter says they’ll have to keep their legs crossed for at least another 100 years.



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11 days ago

i dont want to survive doomsday. ive read THE BOOK, it all ends well for some of us.

Judy S
13 days ago

THIS is why I have those vertical frown lines between my eyebrows.

Are we sure this trailer wasn’t an April Fools joke?

11 days ago
Reply to  Judy S

it has a bear spray nozzle on the outside. im presuming they think bears will survive doomsday. or is it for zombies?

13 days ago

That is a whole lot of thinking “inside the box”. “Bear, slow down, let me get inside.”

Kent Cunningham
13 days ago

When the Zombies remove the wheel chalks, you’ll be rolling down the hill off the cliff to your demise!!

Charlie Sullivan
13 days ago

Or being pulled away by a Zombie with a truck that decides he wants to take you elsewhere!

Gayle V.
13 days ago

Just in time, I read yesterday where soon you can get a bullet proof Ford Ranger.

13 days ago

…and when exactly will the outside kitchen be in use? What about food, can’t store weeks, let alone months (100 days). You’ll need one of these for each member of your household, lol! The drone will guide you to a safe path, pulled by a RAM, F-150, GMC right, haha!

Bob P
13 days ago

Dependents of the people who built bomb shelters in the ‘50s will love these, what’s the sense of being the sole survivor of an apocalypse. It’ll be 50 years before you can take a breath of air outside, I don’t think your filter will last that long. A true marketing gimmick that will sucker a whole bunch of people into buying this pos.

Real Patriot
13 days ago

They should have named it the “Q-Pod”. Perfect for the nutbag fringe.

13 days ago
Reply to  Real Patriot

That’s pretty funny RP. The Q-Pod, LOL. 😅🤣😂 Omg, Real funny.

13 days ago

Last feature is if the zombies, radiation, mutated grizzlies, or toxic smoke do get you, or you explode from crossing your legs for too long, it’s about the size of a coffin, so no added funeral expenses! 😉

Seann Fox
13 days ago

Here’s your challenge… Go out and spend 10 days in this RV without going outside. Much less the next 100 years.
As Jeff Foxworthy would say, “here’s your sign”

Bob P
13 days ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

You’re confusing your comedian, it’s Bill Engvall with the “Here’s you sign”, Jeff Foxworthy is “You might be a redneck”

13 days ago
Reply to  Bob P

Think you are both right. “Sign here, redneck.”

Scott R. Ellis
13 days ago

Utterly, utterly silly. Will probably sell like hotcakes.

Steve Minor
13 days ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

There is a better way, His name is JESUS!!!

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