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New RVer asks: What fifth wheel hitch position for tow?


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Folks new to the fifth-wheeling game sometimes have a little catching up to do. Sometimes even us ‘old dogs’ learn something new. For example, I know plenty of fifth wheel owners who’ve never had the need for a “sliding hitch” because they’ve always towed with a long-bed truck.

sliding hitchFirst, what’s a ‘sliding hitch’? Specially designed for short-bed pickup trucks, a sliding fifth wheel hitch temporarily allows the actual hitch to slide farther back in the bed of the pickup—the “maneuver” position. This is helpful when making really tight corners–as when maneuvering in or out of a camp site. With the hitch “forward” in the truck bed, in the “tow” position, a tight corner could actually cause your trailer to impact with the truck cab–not a happy situation.

So, can you tow with the hitch in the maneuver position? Technically you could–and some people erroneously do. But towing in with the hitch back puts the weight of the trailer’s kingpin far behind the axle, compromising the pickup’s suspension, and great endangering road-worthiness. Never tow with the hitch in any position other than the proper forward “tow” position.

photo courtesy Reese Hitch


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