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New Stacker LEDs offer variable intensity and direction


What is the Gregg Wilson designed Stacker-Bulb™?

LED bulbs or Electronic Lighting Devices or ELDs are like lawn sprinklers but instead of directing water they direct photons or light beams just like a flashlight. If the little “flashlights” are not pointing in the direction where the light is wanted and in the intensity wanted, then the ELD will have to be replaced with another ELD thus wasting money. The Stacker-Bulb™ is the only upgradeable ELD in the RV industry.

The Stacker-Bulb™ replacement bulbs are built with the finest LED lighting technology and materials available and are the only bulbs in the RV Industry that incorporate the new Stacker Technology that allows you to use Base-Stacks™ that work in conjunction with Top-Stacks™ and Top-Caps™ to more tailor the light projection and lumen output of the bulb.

All Stacker-Bulbs™ use aluminum cages and not FP-4 fiberboard to better control the heat and give long life to the bulb. All Stacker-Bulbs are readily dimmable with your current dimmer. The Stacker-Bulb™ comes in the following bases: BA15s, W2.1×9.5d or BA15d.

Each Stacker-Bulb™ has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours or more, which is many times longer than a standard bulb it replaces. which saves money and time, especially in those hard-to-reach places where replacing an incandescent bulb can be difficult. This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The Stacker-Bulb™ is manufactured to high standards to allow it to withstand the daily shaking and vibration of a modern RV without failing.

A statement from RV LED Lites:

At “RV LED Lites” we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and their needs and most importantly providing excellent service. The products are designed in the USA by “GREGG WILSON DESIGNS” who has been designing state of the art LED products for the RV Industry for years, with some becoming Industry standards. The company goal is to use our years of experience and the incorporation of the latest technologies to ensure that RV LED Lite customers have the best products at a competitive price point. Please contact us if you have any questions about a product or about the ordering process, our customer service staff will be happy to help.

Learn more on the RV LED Lites website

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4 years ago

MOST LED “automotive” bulbs are not approved for on road use. I’m not sure why this is, but perhaps someone should comment on the liability issues if you’ve outfitted the rear of your RV with an array of bulbs “for off-road use only”.
I do think most of these ELD bulbs are actually brighter so why aren’t they approved?

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