Wednesday, September 28, 2022


NFL star Dan Marino joins RV Advisor as RVer advocate

RV Advisor, an online resource that provides RV enthusiasts with helpful information, services and protection, announced this past week that football legend Dan Marino has joined its ranks as brand ambassador and RVers’ advocate.

“During my 17 years of playing professional football, from fans tailgating, teammates owning them, to traveling myself, RVs have always been present in my life,” said Marino, the all-time fifth ranked NFL quarterback touchdown leader.

Dan Marino –Wikipedia Commons photo

Marino will help spread the company’s message of protecting RV owners’ rights, their property and their cargo. RV Advisor offers a number of valuable services and discounts, including roadside assistance, extended RV warranty, insurance, and much more. Part of Marino and RV Advisor’s CEO Gigi Stetler’s initiative is to set up an insurance fund to repair or replace every lemon RV.

Gigi Stetler has long been a passionate advocate helping to protect RV buyers’ and owners’ rights and hold dealers accountable to their customers’ needs. RV Advisor provides an important level of security by verifying and certifying dealers and service providers and guiding its members to reliable businesses nationwide that put customers first.

For more information about The RV Advisor visit its website.


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3 years ago

I guess he got tired of doing the Weight Loss Commercials?

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