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Oh, I am humbled. I meet my “look-a-likes”

By Chuck Woodbury

Many times I’ve heard that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks just like you. My brother once ran into a man in a train station in Europe that he thought at first was me. “I had to get up really close to him to realize it wasn’t you,” he told me later.

I’ve always kept my eyes opened, hoping to find my look-a-like. Well, Wednesday I got an idea.

I went to Google Images, There’s a little camera icon in the search box, and if you click it, you can upload a photo of yourself. Then you click and you are greeted with 16 photos of people who supposedly closely resemble you (if you scroll, you will see hundreds more). You also receive a search label. I did this twice with different photos: the first time my label was “senior citizen,” the second time “gentleman.”

But, oh. . . the photos! Really? I look like those old guys? There were even some photos of women! There was even a photo of President Trump. Here’s a screen shot of the first result, my “senior citizen” response.

As you can see, I don’t look anything like these people, at least I don’t think so. Nobody will ever mistake me for the President, I know that for a fact.

Next, I found a nice photo of Gail, which you can see here. I took it at a restaurant about a year ago. I pasted it into Google Images. The “similar” photos were of women generally younger than her and most of them attractive. Her label was “girl.”

I think my gray hair adds years to my age, although if I am honest with myself I must admit I ain’t getting any younger. I remember awhile back in an RV park in Michigan: Gail and I were out for an evening stroll. We passed by a half dozen beer-drinking, middle-aged guys. We waved as we passed. One of the guys smiled and yelled at Gail, who is three years younger than me, “You having a good time with your dad?”

I’m telling you, that hurt.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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BuzzElectric (@guest_41500)
4 years ago

Sorry Chuck. I blurred my eyes and looked at my cellphone with all of those pictures and yep, they are all you. ? Lol!

squeakytiki (@guest_41625)
4 years ago
Reply to  BuzzElectric

I had to squint and tilt my head sideways, but you’re right! lol

Astrid Bierworth (@guest_41430)
4 years ago

I have a totally different viewpoint on looking old or young for your age. It is my opinion that the “need” to look younger than your actual age, especially for women, is something created by the beauty industry to sell products and services. I am 67. I have some grey hair, as is expected at my age. I am not ashamed to be or look 67. I feel no need to look 50, or younger. If you are 80, what’s wrong with looking 80? is being old a bad thing? To me, being older should be worn as a badge of honor. Why be ashamed of being older? A lot of people die when they are younger and never get to live that long!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_41469)
4 years ago

You are SO right, Astrid. I LOVE birthdays because every time I have one, I know THOUSANDS of guys who would have been my age – didn’t make it. Trying to look younger than you are, especially with “products”, just doesn’t make sense to me. I always say, if you want to lie about your age, ADD years to what you claim. Then folks are astounded with how GOOD you look – for your age.

My wife tried to go to that Google link and got the “404”. She got creative and got there another way. She uploaded a really nice shot – and got matched with women waaaaaay older and of different ethnic backgrounds – and one baby! Forget it!

Jim (@guest_41394)
4 years ago

Hey Chuck are you related to Woody Woodbury? Not one of the photos looks like you, no mustache

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim

But you notice all of the shirt colors match Chuck’s. 😀 —Diane at

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