Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Okay to overnight in an RV at a truck stop?


Video from the RV Travel Channel. . .
Many RVers routinely stay overnight in truck stops. Some do it only as a last resort when an RV park is not nearby. Is staying in these places okay?

Jim O’Briant of says that yes, it is okay to stay at some truck stops, which he names. But there are ways to do it and ways not to do it. Learn more about Jim’s website, where he lists thousands of places to stay for free or nearly free in an RV including truck stops.

The RVers Friend directory shown in the video is available at



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6 years ago

Wayne we stay a lot in Flying J when traveling out west. I find them to be a good stop. Most all Flying J stops have not just gas or diesel but the dump station, propane, restaurant and laundry. Very handy when on the road. We use campgrounds very little, just does not make sense to pay 40 to 80 $ just to sleep for the night when there are many other options including casinos. Now there is another good place to spend the night, quiet plenty of security and sometimes many restaurant choices ok keep on traveling

Tommy Molnar
6 years ago

As a retired truck driver, I never park in truck stops, unless, there’s a spot waaaay in the back where NO trucks park because, well, there just isn’t any room. There’s a truck stop in Wells, NV (there’s three of them at the same exit!) with a big dirt area across the street and we regularly stay there when headed east or west on I-80. Never any trucks around us.

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